July 26, 2021

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Doctor Vs Nurse Vs Patient. Part 11

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“Doctor, this patient came in with bleeding
from her private part, she confessed that she
used some drugs given to her by a nearby
chemist, what do we do”
She was fair-skinned, slim, average body
curves, but very beautiful, drop dead
“We shall do a serum PT, FBC and yes, a
scan. Meanwhile get her ready for an
As the big-assed nurse was busy prepping
her for surgery, I quickly took history and did
a brief examination, then the nurses came
and told her to change to theatre wear…..
She wanted to take off her clothes when I
“Habaa nah nurse, lets get a screen for her
now, we always have to respect our patients
at all times…..”
And that was one of the rarest moments I
behaved like a gentleman….
Anyway I called my registrar, and I assisted
him in the evacuation. But this lady was not
only gorgeous, but also spotless!!! With her
yellow arrssee and orange-sized and orange-
colored boooooobs…..
Well, as a ladies man, I always visited her
after the procedure, and we exchanged
contacts when she was finally discharged….
We chatted pretty well, and fixed a time to
meet, at her place….
She stays in a single room and offered me to
sit on her bed. Reminded me of my early
days as a medical student…..
She told me alot of things. She said she is a
pre-degree student who was raped by cultists
and got pregnant in the end, which made her
to buy drugs to terminate it….

Thereafter she started crying, and I had to
pet her and allow her to lean on my
But I noticed she was coming closer to me, in
fact, she was practically hugging me. I
couldn’t start slamming her now. She was
raped, and just had an abortion, fücking her
now would make me look and feel like a
But a message came in from my married
“Baby where are you now, you have been
avoiding me for sometime, what have I done
wrong? Please I need you, please come
tonight, the nights are cold for me. Can’t wait
to see you honey”
She didn’t read it but she asked “your
I was about to answer her when the second
message came in, from shade, the lady in
love with me;
“Hey handsome, I’m coming to your place,
I’ve missed you and your big, long dîck, and
the way you handle me from behind, love you
Oh boy, what do I do now…..

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