July 31, 2021

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Doctor Vs Nurse Vs Patient. Part 12

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Okay, I thought about it…..
I’ll first slam shade before meeting my oga,
but would I have the stamina for the night
I had to take something, bit that will be after
the shade runs….
And shade didn’t dull, as I met her in front of
me, and as I called my name, she jumped on
me like she had never seen me in years…..
I didn’t even have time to entertain her, we
kissed vigorously and nearly tore off our
clothes. And she brought out my dîck and
started sU-Cking it with force….
“Babe, slow down, take it cool” because it
was quite discomforting….
“Baby I have missed you, I love you, don’t
you understand??”
I felt like snapping her neck right in front of
me, but what could I do??
After the sU-Cking she turned around and
held the centre table to show me her cute
arrrrssse, and as a sure guy, no fillings….
I started by doing a little fingering, using my
thumb and second finger to focus more on
the cl!t, as I made it more erect……
” ooohh babayyyy, aaahhh, ooooohhh
When I found that she was on highway 66, I
slid in the USB flash drive, and it logged in
immediately, as she gave a loud
“mmmmmhhhh” with the logging….
I positioned her waist to the level, and the
pounding started
I made sure I pounded her seriously, I hit her
harder than before….
But yeah, she enjoyed it!!!
“Ooooohhh, uuyeeeaaahhh”

And I have her my best style: I carried her leg
and fired her from the side….
And I felt her glory hole contracting, pulsating
and secreting everything within her….
Then she la!d down on the table, with her
orange-sized booobs facing me….
I started tickling the Tips with my fingers, as
if I was turning a knob. She giggled and
laughed with the pleasure….
Then I sU-Cked them one after the other….
She couldn’t take it again, she looked for my
prick and she put it in it…
And I fired her while sU-Cking her left
She was breathing hard and holding me tight,
she carried my head and started kissing me
as I was hitting her hard. She looked at me,
stared at me in the eye….
And she came again….
But I kept on firing and firing and firing…..
And the “cold water” feeling entered my
brain, as I offloaded all my cargo into the
raincoat I was wearing….
She stood up, kissed me, smiled and went to
clean herself…

Doctor Vs Nurse Vs Patient. Part 13
Doctor Vs Nurse Vs Patient. Part 11

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