August 4, 2021

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Doctor Vs Nurse Vs Patient. Part 13

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“Baby I’m tired”
I brought out some yoghurt from the fridge….
We watched a bit of movies when I
remembered I had another appointment….
“Hey babe, sorry I have to get to the ward, I
need to check on a patient”
“Okay, no problem”
I was confused….
“Errr, its getting late dear” I didn’t want to tell
her directly….
“Yeah, i know, that’s why I’ll be sleeping here
All sorts of bells, both electrical and
mechanical were ringing in my head….
“What da f**k?? You didn’t tell me you’ll
spend the night”
“Must I tell my boyfriend everything”
I wanted to give her dirty slap, but I calmed
“Babe, I won’t be coming back home, cos I
have to be checking her blood levels every
hour, so its preferable to sleep in the doctor’s
call room….”
“You are cheating on me right” she looked
with a raised eyebrow
“Madam, why would I be cheating on
someone I’m not dating” I snapped
“What? You mean you’re just using and
dumping me? You mean you don’t love me?
You mean I mean nothing to you? You’re
horrible, I hate you, in fact it’s over!!!”
And she slammed the door….
I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, all I
knew is I had to go bang a milf soon, as I
saw her missed call…..
I quickly dashed down to her place. I rang the
bell and she came to open the gate within
seconds, as if she was waiting for me
She was wearing a see-through dress, and
she wore absolutely nothing under…..
She was cat-walking in front of me, and OH
That arrseee didn’t hesitate to wiggle, jiggle
and swiggle with the rhythm of the steps….
Chaaaiii, baba ibeji under was harder than
zuma rock….
We entered the room straight and she said
the magic words…..
“Baby, come to mama”
I went straight for her pucci, while also
playing with her right nîpple. She was terribly
wet, I mean dripping!!! That cûnt was ready
to be sliced….

However she was m0an!ng and groaning to
the tune. But she pushed me away….
“Baby no, I want this one” as she pointed at
my crotch…
It was bulging already, so I unzipped to allow
the load to drop. I wore rubber, raised and
parted her legs, and Inserted the USB cord….
And she shrieked
“Oh baby, yeah baby, ooohh, yeah, aaah,
nnmmhhhmm” were the ring tunes that
I cupped one bôob into my mouth, and sU-
Cked the tip like I have never sU-Cked before,
and she really enjoyed it as I was seriously
targeting her cl!t while the pounding lasted….
One after the other, thenips were raised and
darker because of too much sU-Cking….
We did different styles: she la!d on her side,
she la!d flat with her butt facing me, she
raised it up for the real dogggy, she stood up
to position the arse well, and I carried one leg
up again, and she enjoyed all of them….
And I noticed she had three orgasms, but still
wanted more….
And I didn’t hesitate to give her more and
Until I heard the sirens

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