July 26, 2021

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Doctor Vs Nurse Vs Patient. Part 14

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“Oh no, your husband is around!!! I am dead,
I am doomed, chaai!!! My life, oh my life!!!!”
“Calm down dear” she said….
“Whaaaat!!! You are telling me to calm
down!?!!?!! Your husband is an air force
officer, I have now been indirectly sentenced
to the firing squad because of my Randy
But as I was ranting, the sirens stopped, and
there was pitch silence all over again….
“You see dear, that siren belongs to the
deputy commissioner of police. We are
practically neighbours, so don’t worry, my
husband is in faraway Sudan for a peace
mission, once he lands I’ll surely be notified”
I was confused, happy, sad, angry and
bewildered, all at once…..
She stood up and walked to the mirror,
checking herself out….
“Baby am I Sekxy?? Are my brèasts saggy??”
“No dear, they are still firm and soft, but not
I walked up to her, touched and rubbed her
arrrssee, and made way to her brèasts…..
“I thought you said your Randy dîck has put
you into trouble” she squirmed..
“No, it just causes trouble” I said with a
“Babe, bend down” I commanded
“Why” she asked surprisingly
“Just bend down”
“Okay sir, your wish is my command” and
she bent down, holding the mirror in front of
She didn’t notice that my rattlesnake was
harder than a policeman’s baton. And I didn’t
hesitate to slide it into the vault made of milk
and honey….
“Ooooohhh bbbaaaaabbbeeeyyy”
And I started hitting her from behind. I first
held her waist, positioning it while slamming
the perineum, then I started slapping the butt
“Hmmm, naughty doc..”
“Yeah, you’re the naughtier doc” I bellowed….
I played with both nîpples and her cl!t as I
was jamming the merchandise…..
“Ooooh, baby please, oooh, yeah, gimme
more, gimme more”
And I gave her lots more….
I felt her have an orgasm, but I knew she
wanted more….
So I carried one leg and gave her sideways….
She was literally screaming, shouting,
And we both came together in an orgasmic

She turned around to kiss me passionately….
“Sweetie, oh, you don’t know what you have
done for me, and I owe you alot for this”
Her name was bisi, light-skinned, a bit short,
nice boooobs and yansh to match her
stature, but she was still in secondary
Hmmmm, am I going to slam a minor??
I just had to keep my head straight…..
I was ordered to be her personal doctor; to
check her blood glucose four times a day
and give the insulin shots when need be, and
also report all abnormal findings to the not
sadistic registrar I have ever met….
So me and the mother became very close, in
fact, she took me as her “son”, as we shared
life experiences together.
And that was where she confessed that she
has two daughters, the elder is awaiting
I wanted to find out the younger sister’s age,
so I asked: ” mommy, I hope your daughter is
not having boyfriends ooo”
“Hmm, if not for her slow pace in school, I
believe she is old enough to marry, because
she is 19yrs old…”
I was a bit surprised, because she looked
more 14-like than 19. And to me, she is still
young to get married, but old enough to be

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