July 26, 2021

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Doctor Vs Nurse Vs Patient. Part 15

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After a week, we had new house officers, so I
wasn’t the only one anymore….
A lady joined me, and dare I say, one of the
prettiest doctors I have ever seen. Most
female docs don’t take care of themselves
because of the demanding job and the time in
school, but this doc really took care of
herself. Dark skinned but gorgeous, tall (if
not taller) with a masculine stature, and nice
front and back to match….
“Hello, I’m the new house officer, I’m Dr ola”
“Hi, I’m Dr lagusta”
“Hey, are you a nairalander, that opened a
thread for medical students and wrote a diary
“Errr, yes” was a bit embarrassed….
“Wooow, nice meeting you, keep up the good
I don’t like too much talk, but I like sweet S
The must slam this doc too….
And as usual I was on call in the wards….
I had to take care of that woman’s blood
sugar before it causes more damage….
After the shots, I tarried for a while to keep
her company, and I noticed her daughter
wasn’t there….
Well, we said our goodbyes and I went back
to my room, and on my way, I met her
washing her mom’s clothes…
“Hey there, well done, I see you’re washing
mama’s clothes, nice one”
“Thanks” she said with a little innocent
As I wanted to walk away….

“Sorry sir, please can I have your number, in
case mommy wants to talk to you”
I was wandering why mommy didn’t ask
herself, but I dictated it to her anyway….
After 30mins, I heard a knock on the door,
and it was my patient’s daughter….
“Hey what’s up, hope no problem”
“No sir, please I want to ask something”
“And that is…..” I always like speaking
authoritatively, give me the manly feeling….
“Please sir, the nurses don’t allow me to stay
in the wards, and its terribly cold outside,
with those mosquitoes. Please let me sleep
in your place please sir, I won’t disturb”
I hesitated for a while….
“Okay, but just for the night….”
I allowed her in, entertained her and went to
take a shower. I asked if she also wanted to
shower, and she obliged, so I gave her my
When she stepped out of the bathroom, I
took a glimpse of her spotless body. Damn
she was spotless….
She looked at me and smiled a little, then I
knew there was a greenlight….
I walked towards her and kissed the back of
her neck. She hesitated at first, but I kept on
kissing, and she finally fell for it….
The towel fell off her chest, leaving her
mango-booobs bare, and my hands started
squeezing and caressing them

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