August 6, 2021

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He and her V. Episode 64

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???? He and her V????

Episode 64

(Angrily grabber her @**)

Tucker’s POV

…when I suddenly stood up. I was surprised at my reaction. Even though I was h0rny , I still had to do something to help myself. I just can’t watch her jeopardize my conscience.

I would live with guilt conscience till forever if I end up having something with Grace.

I stood by the entrance of the door hoping Grace stops her seductive act , but instead , she strip*Ppd herself nAk*-ed before me.

“Grace , can we change the deal to money ,this is not right? How about your friend? Thought you loved her ” I said and she just smirked as she cat walks towards where I stood majestically.

Her b00-*bs are firm and the hair around her thing were so tiny and sexy ,my gbola keeps getting hard and I can only keep praying that I will overcome this terrible temptation.

She finally get to where I stood and I did not know what came upon me , I suddenly dragged her closer and placed my mouth on her b00*-Bs and began to sU-ck it like my life depends on it.

I lay her down angrily right there and then and took my middle fingers to her v@-*g*Na , I began to twist it making her quirk in so much pleasure.

I couldn’t think straight at the moment , then suddenly , I remembered Camila…Camila would never cheat on me and she would never believe I’m cheating on her.

Worst of it all , with her friend.

I rolled from her to the floor, my gbola was still standing eR-ect and my body was lusting so bad

She stood from the position that I had left her and she climbed me , she bent her head to where my gbola is and she began to sU*ck it like it was some kinda lollipop sweet.

I was enjoying it but feeling bad also. I’m scared of what may happen next , I do not want s3-*x with Grace. She could ask for anything else apart from that ,I’ll willingly give her. But it’s obvious she had made up her mind already.

Maybe I shouldn’t have made the deal with her in the first place.

I’m feeling so bad right now

After a while , she removed her mouth from my gbola and began to stroke it gently.

She was winking at me and later , she brought her lips closer to mine and planted a soft k1-*ss on me. Our lips were exchanging saliva passionately that I did not know when I grabbed the twin at her chE*st and began to press and play with it.

I angrily grabbed her ar*-sE and rubbed it gently.

She was moving her thing closer to my erected gbola , I was scared and nervous at the same time, seems what I had hope will not happen is about to happen.

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