August 2, 2021

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Kiss. Chapter 22

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.????ON GOD????

.????BY LICIA TIFE????



‘But why the heck did Cheng do this ,it so unlike him…did you do something to annoy him ‘rose asked while dressing my wound

Time for plan 2

‘Well rose i dont know if you will believe me if I tell you this but you should be careful of Cheng…actually he came to meet me today and he told me that I should help him think of a way to get rid of your dad so he can get to you but when I said no he got really upset and he tried to use viol…..’

‘Enough’ she said cutting me short ‘the only reason I defended you in front of cheng right now is because I believed he was wrong…maybe he made a mistake by pushing you away but when you try to accuse him of things like that I won’t take that from you ….I trust Cheng and I know he will never think of hurting anyone ,most especially my dad …never ever ‘she said

I knew this bitch wouldn’t believe me

‘Whatever you say rose,but I believe a word is enough for the wise …just becareful ‘I said

‘Thanks’she said as she walked away looking pretty upset

I understand you have a deep love for him bitch

Now am gonna crush that love

I deliberately cut myself with a razor when Cheng pushed me

But it seems that not enough to create a doubt in your mind

No problemo

There are thousands of way to get myself in that little head of yours rose

????HAIZE POV????
I was walking towards my own table with my food but kris collected the food from me and dropped it on his table


‘What, can’t you sit next to me’he asked

‘I can but’

‘But what ,come on pop a squat,’he said and I sat down next to him

I just hate the looks those girls give me whenever am close to kris like that

What exactly is their problem and when will they get over him

Kris is mine for crying out loud

But today am not gonna give a damn what they think

Infact am gonna show them he is mine and mine alone

I sat down next to kris on the table ignoring those girls glaring at me

‘You should know I have no problem sitting next to you kris’I said and he smiled

I picked up the fork and directed it towards his mouth

‘Come on open wide’I said and he smiled at me and opened his mouth

I fed him with the food and used my thumb to wipe his mouth

The girls around me got angry and they stood on their feet and walked out of the cafeteria

I smiled to myself looking totally pleased with what have just done

Unless they want to see love scenes they better stop paying much attention on me and my boyfriend

????……NAMJOON POV……????
I got really angry seeing the scene between haize and kris just now

I was gonna use kris to get to haize cause I liked her so much

But now they have fallen in love with each other

He has totally forgotten about the bet

I do not want to do this before but it seems am gonna be forced to do it now

I hate you kris

You stole haize from me

????……KRIS POV……????

‘Hey man you wanna see me ‘I said as I walked towards namjoon

‘We need to talk ‘


‘About the bet’he said

‘Look man …am over that now.

I have no interest in using haize she means everything to me,okay i will give you the money okay’

‘Do i look like I need the money have to break up with haize ‘he said

‘Wait a second ,this better be a joke ,what the heck is your problem I already told you am not breaking up with haize ‘

‘Am not joking so you better break up right now ‘

‘Or what ‘

‘Or this’he said as he showed me a picture of haize and I sleeping so close to each other on the bed

What the hell

‘Too bad I wasn’t around to capture the real thing but at least I was able to capture you guys sleeping in the morning so close to each other….Haize parents are very influential, have any idea what this will do to their reputation once a picture of their daughter like this being so close to a man is posted on the internet…it will spread like wild fire and affect their business,they will loose many partners like this and no one will be willing to work with them and haize reputation will be ruined beyond repair…think about it if you truly love her you will know just what to do my dear friend ‘he said as he grinned

What the hell is going on here

This is absolutely confusing


Kiss. Chapter 23
Kiss. Chapter 21

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