August 3, 2021

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Kiss. Chapter 24

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Kiss. Chapter 25. End of season 1
Kiss. Chapter 23


.????ON GOD????

.????BY LICIA TIFE????



‘Mum ,how did all this happen?’ I asked my mom who was crying as soon as I got home with Cheng

‘Your d….da…dad and I were in the car ,we were on our way to an important business meeting, then we were stopped by some goons …they abducted him, forced him into their car and drove off with him ‘she said as tears rolls down my eyes

‘What the hell…mom we have to do something about this Asap’

‘There is absolutely nothing we can do about it because the police are currently in search of him
…..I just hope they find my husband ‘she said while crying

I hugged her very tight also crying

What the heck is all this

Cheng and I spent the night consoling my mom

The next morning my dad walked into the mansion beaten beyond recognition

‘Dad ‘I shouted as I ran towards him with mom

‘Yoebo ‘my mum shouted as she ran towards him

Cheng also helped

We sat him down on the chair

‘Honey, you have to tell us what happened ,why you like this ‘my mum asked my dad with tears in her eyes

‘Dad who did this to you answer’ I yelled

‘I…it……it wa….was…was c…che…..Cheng’

‘WHAT!’my mum and I shouted

‘Who sent you’I asked after have been badly beaten up

The man phone rang and he picked his calls

‘Hello sir Cheng ,yes we finally kidnapped the old man and we have beaten the day light out of him….am sure this will teach him a lesson ‘the man said as he disconnected the call

‘I…it was…it was Cheng that sent you to do this’ I asked looking so weak

‘Yes ,it was Cheng, your daughter’s boyfriend sent us,this is just a warning…you have to stay away and don’t try to interfere in their relationship or else we won’t hesitate to end you …master Cheng just has to order us to do so’he said

I never knew Cheng will go this far

????……. CHENG POV……????
Immediately Mr finished his story he passed out and the rest of the family rushed towards him

I didn’t expect this to happen

Me kidnap him


What the hell

This is a lie

I didn’t do this

????…….HAIZE POV…… ????
I walked into kris room and I was shocked to see him on bed with another girl entirely

They weren’t doing anything but they where sleeping naked covering their body with the bedsheets and cuddling each other on bed

They must have had sex through out the night

So he was serious

He really did use me

I moved back wards as I knocked over a fancy vessel by mistake

The sound of the vess breaking woke them up as they both stared at me like I was nothing

‘Kris’I called his name as tears rolled down my eyes

‘Do you or do you not believe me now’ he said

I wiped my tears as I ran out of the room crying

Kris betrayed me

I can’t believe he did this to me

I couldn’t stop running

I just kept on running non stop

I ran out of the building crying

This is not fair

I love him so much

I love him so much

I ran so fast until I got to the street and stopped running

I wiped my tears and started having flashbacks of kris words to me

*Haize ,I know am not perfect, and maybe am not yet your ideal men ….but haize just take me for my imperfection and flaws, make me whoever you wish to make me ,teach me everything about relationship, make me your perfect man because I do not want to spend just a single day away from you anymore ….make me yours haize *

*haize I love you so much and in fifty years from now I want to love only you and no one else*

*haize if you look in my eyes you see you ,if you tear my heart you still see you *

I dropped down on my knee and buried my face in my hand

I cried nonstop

Kris why

It shouldn’t have been you

????………CHENG POV……????
Rose father was rushed to the hospital

‘Am sorry ma’m but your husband suffered a severe heart attack and he is currently in coma now we do not know when he is going to wake up’the doctor said and immediately Rose mum fell on the floor

I rushed to her to help her up but rose pushed me away and slapped me very hard across the face

‘Rose’I called her name softly as I held my cheeks

‘Don’t you dare,don’t you dare call my name Cheng ‘she said looking very angry while pointing her finger at my face

‘I can’t believe I loved you ….I can’t believe you once meant the whole world to me ….I can’t believe I was willing to go against my dad because of you ….I can’t believe you did this to me Cheng it shouldn’t have been you at all…so jisoo was right with what she said that day and I didn’t believe her
…are you so obsessed with me that you were willing to do that?’ She asked

‘Rose I didn’t do….’

‘ don’t say a word,I will consider the fact that I once care about you so i won’t report you to the police but If you don’t leave my life permanently now I will do something very bad ‘she said

‘Rose you have to trust me I didn’t…..’


That was it

That was the last word

I looked at jisoo and she smiled at me deviously


A ball of Tears rolled down my eye but I wiped it as I turned my back and walked away

????……….ROSE POV…….????
I couldn’t help crying

Few hours later I walked into the girls bathroom

I saw jisoo talking to someone on the phone so.i decided to eavesdrop

‘I told you not to call me right….do not call me…if the people here find out what I did I won’t spare you…they must not know that I payed you money to kidnap rose dad and frame Cheng for it so I can finally create a rift between their relationship….okay fine I will send your money ….5 thousand won that too much……fine I will give you more,I will give you ten thousand won don’t call me again ‘she said as she disconnected the call and turned back

She was shocked to see me

‘Hey ro…rose what are you doing here’ she said smiling nervously

I walked closer to her and immediately I slapped her

‘Yaaa!’she shouted

‘You raise your voice like that and I will kill you now ‘I said and she immediately calmed down

The way I looked so angry currently I can definitely kill her

‘Y…you did this….Cheng did nothing…I blamed him for nothing…you framed Cheng…you bitch why’

‘Cas I love Cheng ….I want him to be mine …I was jealous of you relationship…I tried so many time to ruin it but I couldn’t….but now I managed to with this brilliant plan aren’t I a genius ‘

’15 years friendship …you betrayed 15 years friendship just because you jealous of cheng… when you had multiple boyfriends back then and I had none,I was never jealous of you…you were my bestfriend…my one and only friend….you meant absolutely everything to me ….I trusted you over the only man in my life …how could you’i said and she suddenly looked sober

‘It shouldn’t have been you …shouldn’t have been you jisoo’

Immediately my mind went back to Cheng

I remembered something he said days ago

*****Rose am yours ,we still have lot of years ahead…am not disappearing again although I might if you tell me to go away on the 200th day which is just a few days away’he said

‘What do you mean by that’I asked

‘If you ever have a reason to tell me to leave your life on the 200th day …then am gonna disappear forever ‘he said****

Today is the 200th day

I told him to leave

No not Cheng

I ran out of the hospital leaving jisoo and into my car

I drove off immediately

Where am I gonna find him

I tracked his cell phone and I finally got his location

‘Cheng ‘ I shouted as I got down from the car

He was standing at the tip of a high cliff with a big ocean below

‘Cheng’I ran towards him and hugged him tight

‘Am sorry Cheng am such a fool…I should have known it was jisoo and not you…I am so sorry dear’…I cupped his face in my hand as tears rolls down my eyes

He was just staring at me not saying a word

‘Cheng talk to me what wrong…tell me is anything wrong ..
Am sorry please forgive me am so sorry ‘I pleaded

Tears rolled down his eyes as he stared at me

I was shocked

I have never seen his tears before

Two Things have never seen in Cheng

His tears and His anger

‘Cheng talk to me…why you crying…why so silence’

‘Rose am sorry’he said

‘Sorry for what I should be the one saying sorry’ I said

He showed me his hand and it was slowly turning into rock

I felt like my whole life was turning into rock

‘No no no Cheng I apologized right…I want you to come back so why you turning into rock …I told you am sorry what is all this ‘I said unable to control my tears

‘Rose am sorry … too late’he said

‘What is too late Cheng, what the heck is too late ….do you want me to die or something…don’t do this Cheng ‘I said as I held his collar

‘Rose sorry…It too late,it just too late …you said it already now I have to go’ he said

‘Okay go…but am going with you…come on let go together…I going with you anywhere you going’I said

He cupped my face with his hand ‘I promise I will be back rose ,i don’t know when but I will definitely come back ‘he said

‘No what the hell are you saying, dont come back I want you now …I want you here…let me go with you ….you can’t leave me Cheng’I said unable to handle the tears

‘Rose …goodbye’

‘Cheng I love you…i love you so much….I love you so so so so much….I love you Cheng please don’t leave me I love you…i love you ‘I said

That was my first time saying that word

Cheng was also shocked

His left hand is now pure rock and it was affecting his right

He pulled me close and kissed me passionately like he was never going to kiss me again forever

I couldn’t control the tears

Neither could he

I kissed him still crying

I wrapped my hand around his neck and kissed him like my life depends on it

We were still kissing with our tongue involved in a never ending battle

He mad his way with my lower lips

I slowly broke the kiss and stares st him

His whole body was almost rock now

I looked away unable to see all this

‘Rose look at me’he said and I looked into his eyes crying3

‘I love you ‘he said as I cried even more

‘I love you too Cheng, I love you so much please don’t leave me ..please ‘i said

‘I will be back , that my promise’he said ‘I love you ‘he added on form of a whisper and he turned into pure rock

‘Cheng’I said touching the rock

The rock turned into pure dust as it blew away

He is gone

I fell on my knees looking dazed

I started having flashbacks

The day I kissed him as a rock

The first day I saw him in my room

The day he dressed like a girl to fool my parent

The day he said the word I love you

****50 years from now, if we are still alive, we will celebrate valentine like this again right ‘I said and he smiled

‘Ofcas we will ……everyday is valentine for us rose ‘he said and I smiled ******

******I want to be your girlfriend, your real girlfriend this time ‘ I repeated

‘Is this some kind of joke ‘he said

‘No am damn serious Cheng ‘I said as I moved closer to him , held his hand and placed it on my face ‘will you take me as your real girlfriend ‘I said as he caressed my face with his hand I placed earlier on it

‘Have always been yours rose ‘he said *****

******You seriously asking me what wrong, you always with Jisoo and you treat me like I don’t even exist to you anymore, like am a nobody just tell me why you doing that….i do not like it when you get close to other girls like that…i do not like it……..’

I couldn’t not even finish my speech before he pulled me close and kissed me *******

He held my wrist and pulled me back making me fall sitting on his laps

‘Jisoo is my friend,trust me when I say such thing can’t happen between us , but you rose ….you are my world ‘*******

I remembered how he helped me with the art

I remembered how he kissed me countless time

I remembered how he touched me

I was still looking dazed unable to believe cheng is truly gone



Kiss. Chapter 25. End of season 1
Kiss. Chapter 23

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