August 4, 2021

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Last Love. Episode 14 and 15

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(Ghost meeting)
Episode fourteen
Kendra’s POV
‘Don’t take to long at the market,’ Mrs Lisa warned.
‘Okay mum,’ I said and left.
I took a cab and went to the mall. It was tiresome walking inside picking the stuffs. I started walking out of the mall when I notices I was being followed.
Rynal’s POV
I walked inside the mall and met a ghost.
‘Follow her and bring her to me,’ I commanded my boys.
‘Who sir?’
‘I think you just miss your daughter, but its not her,’
‘I didn’t ask for your opinion just follow her,’ I commanded. The started following her and I sat in my car. I just want my daughter. My instincts are telling me that my wife and daughter are alive and I will confirm it today.
Kendra’s POV
I turned left and they turned. I ran outside and took a cab. I told him another route.
‘Please be fast, they are following me,’
‘I can’t drive higher than these,’
I took the steering and drove until I was sure we had lost them.
‘Why are they after you?’
‘I don’t know, I noticed them following me at the mall,’
I paid the fare and strolled home.
Rynals POV
‘Sir we followed the car but on getting it no one was in,’
‘You are lying to me,’
‘No sir, I think you met a ghost,’
‘Get out all of you,’ I yelled at them.
I just want to be alone. I didn’t even fulfill my promise of protecting my own family.
‘Don’t torment my life, it’s already a mess,’ I yelled at the picture of us.
Ivy isn’t my daughter her mom is the reason to my miserable life.
Kendra’s POV
‘Did you recognize them?’ Flavian asked after I narrated everything to her.
‘No, I didn’t. They were two men dressed in black suits. They look like someone’s bodyguard,’
‘You should be more careful,’ she suggested.
‘I just hope they didn’t see where I came to,’
Am so worried right now.
‘Don’t go anywhere again,’ she said.
Flavian is funny at times. She is too strict and over protective one would think she is my mom.
‘What if Mrs Lisa sends me?”
‘What the hell is wrong with you? This is your life we are talking about. Tell her you are busy,’ she yelled.
‘Lower your voice someone will hear you, ‘

(Cause of his death)
Chapter fifteen
Rynal’s POV
I took my car keys and left the house. I need to find out the truth. I went to the hospital alone I don’t need bodyguards who can’t follow a small taxi.
After talking to the receptionist she allowed me to talk to the head doctor.
‘I wanted to talk to Dr. Steven. He took care of my wife and daughter two years ago,’ I said to him.
‘What’s the name of your your wife,’ he said checking the computer.
It was hard convincing him but thank God he accepted to help. He had said they don’t give information concerning their doctors.
‘Daniella Leonard and Zirah Leonard. They had been involved in an accident,’
‘Am so sorry. Our records show that the doctor died two weeks after the supposed death of mother and daughter,’
‘What was the cause of his death?’
‘Unfortunately as per now we don’t have that kind of information. The investigators assigned for the job are not there,’
‘What do you mean are not there?’
‘Two of them died and the other four resigned and we haven’t heard from them,’
‘And do you think my wife can be alive?’
‘She may or may not be alive. This is because on the day of their crenation two bodies of a mom and daughter who died in a fire accident went missing. Or maybe its just a coincidence since the family didn’t ask for the bodies,’
Things are getting complicated. I think there is something fishy going on. Ever since my real wife died. The one I loved dearly, I never remarried. She was my last love and she went with my heart. I became heartless. Ivy is trying to fill the gap of my daughter in my heart but she can’t. Zirah and Ivy are like day and night they will never be alike. I left the hospital hurt broken. I just wanted to meet Dr. Steve then confirm if my family is truly dead then leave but I got something else. Am going to get the bottom of this. Am sure their is someone behind all this. For now alcohol is my only companion.

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