June 14, 2021

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Let me love you. Episode 5

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Author Becky
Next day at Williamson high school.
Valentine’s pov.
All i could think of since last night was Kim she is always in my mind i so much love her i just want to see her and hug her i miss her already. I saw her at the class entrance i rushed to her hugging her from behind and planting kisses on her neck she smiled and kissed me i took her to my sit and we began making out in class. You guys should take this somewhere i heard someone say we stooped and turned to see Valerie boiling in anger. Valerie i think it’s time you get yourself a boyfriend you are too jealous i said then turned to Kim and told her we should continue in the garden.

Valerie’s pov.
Those words really hurt me Val has never talked to me like that what has Kim done to him i remember her saying something about using love portion on her future boyfriend before i hope she didn’t use it on valentine. Am gonna find out soon.

After school ????
Valerie :bestie can we talk?
Val:about what?
Valerie :let’s talk in private please.
Val:anything you have to say do it here now and be fast i wanna drop my gf off.
Valerie :Val what has come over you, what did i do eringy? Why did you hate me all of a sudden.
Val:i don’t care about you anymore only Kim matters to me now get that into that thick skull of yours.
Valerie:okay I’ll stay away from you from now on but i have to clarify something first can i look in to your eyes?
Val:go on and be fast please.
Valerie :goodbye val
Val:like i care, go to hell for all i care. (picks his bag and storm out).
Kim (hahaha) Valerie, valentine is all mine now you can’t do anything about it.

Valerie’s pov.
I was hurt by valentine’s word but what shocked me most is what i saw in his eyes, Valerie has beautiful blue eyes but what i saw now is a set of blank eyes like someone under a spell. I have to break whatever spell Kim has cast on him real quick I’ll be needing Jason’s help to accomplish this.

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