July 23, 2021

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Venessar High School. Episode 69

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Venessar High School

Episode 69

(Nothing must happen to my brother)

Kimberly’s POV

I suddenly heard a loud bangs at our door while Sean and I were watching the television. We were chatting and having fun. I was placing my head on his la-*ps

Autumn isn’t around , though I was wondering where she went early in the morning before we woke up without informing us.

But I trust her though, she will be coming home soon.

I raised my head out of fear to the directions that the sound was made.

Five men entered ,they were all on mask. They approached us and dragged Sean roughly from the sit.

They forcefully covered my mouth with a toxic nylon that I did not know when I lost consciousness.

“Wake , Kimberly…wake!” I heard the sound coming repeatedly and I opened my eye. I suddenly recollected the last thing that happened

I rose up fearfully and saw that it was Autumn that had being calling me.

“Autumn…where is Sean?” I asked looking around

“I was about to ask you that. I came back just few minutes ago only for me to see you on the floor covered with this toxic nylon. I had to remove it and wake you up , is everything alright?’ She asked

” No! ” I said and narrated all that happened to her.

She furrowed her brow and paced around the room.

“The person behind this should be no one else but Stephen…yeah…it’s Stephen” she said and ran out.

“Autumn! Where are you going?” I shouted and ran after her but by the time I got outside ,she had drove away.

Does that imply that Sean had being kidnapped?

Oh no! I do not want to believe that. Stephen! I know you are behind this and sooner or later , what happened to professor Lucas will soon befall you.

Few minutes later , Stephen and Autumn entered. I was surprised.

“What in the world is wrong with Autumn…imagine that she came to our mansion to accuse me of kidnapping Sean” He yelled angrily.

“What did I want to kidnap my own brother for? If I want to…I would have got him kidnapped since ” He added.

“Kimberly did not love and will never love me , I have accepted that and moved on with my life , why accusing me?”He yelled angrily again and my face dropped into that of serious surprise.

With the way Stephen is speaking , I do not think he is the one. He might really love and want to have me by all means but to go to the extent of kidnapping his own brother. No

” Stephen , calm down. We are not sure who kidnapped Sean and you are the closest suspect, that was why I came to accuse you directly , turns out you may not be the one. So who could be after Sean?” Autumn asked

All of us were still standing. Not to far from each other.

“How can I be the closest suspect? What of professor Lucas? Even though he is in prison , he still have a way of communicating to his thugs , he might have ordered them from there ” Stephen said.

“That’s no true. The cops told me that professor Lucas had not being allow to speak with anyone since he has being imprisoned ” Autumn said.

“His bodyguards knows Sean and they will surely take revenge ” Stephen added

“That may be true , so are we suspecting Professor Lucas now?” Autumn asked.

“Of course yes! and as a matter of fact , we must do everything to find Sean…have you reported to the cops already?” Stephen asked.

“Not yet” Autumn and I echoed together.

“Let’s do that right away while we find other means to get Sean back. Nothing must happen to my brother ” Stephen said and walked swiftly to where his car is while we followed.

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