June 8, 2021

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Angel Of Success. Episode 6 and 7

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Angel Of Success. Chapter 8. Final episode
Angel Of Success. Episode 4 and 5

Chapter 6
Since Stephen left Joyce for a side chick. He also put her in pains. Her tears ????alone sweared for Stephen. Things go off side for him. He even use his house???? to obtain loan from bank ????to import goods. The ship⛴ carrying the goods sinked and he fainted when they annouce to him on phone????. All his side chicks all left him when he is now unfortunate. Stephen go to church⛪ when things have kick the penalty to throwing for him. His pastor???????? blamed him for his stupidity to be so blind and daft to have hurt his Angel of Success. He was rich???? coz Joyce loves him. Things go wrong for him coz he hurt Joyce ????so so badly. Only if she look for Joyce and Apologies to her. If Joyce forgive him and pray for him. Things will change for good again. Stephen go to lucy’s place to ask of Joyce and Lucy lied to Stephen that Joyce is married ????and happy now. Stephen cried for long that Joyce is married. After Stephen left. Lucy laughed at him wella????. Joyce goes to Austin’s house buh he have packed out of the apartment???? to his house he built. Joyce still keep looking for Austin. Austin as well wanting to see Joyce again.

Chapter 7
Joyce and Lucy went shopping then when they got to Lucy’s house ????. They jam Stephen at the Gate. Joyce ????angrily came down from the lexus Roland bought for her.
Joyce: What the hell are you doing here
Stephen: Plsss bby, i want you back. My life have being so misrable since i left you in pains. Pls am sorry for everything
Joyce: You want me back????????‍♀?, oh common thats ????????????not imposible. My heart❤ belong to someone else who value me and who love seeing smile on my face.
Lucy: (laughed at him first????????????) plsss Joyce forgive him. He has realise his mistakes. Plssssss
Joyce: i forgive you, to be sincere you are forgiven.
Stephen lying down and holding Joyce leg as Joyce pray for him. Stephen standa up and Joyce hugged him. Stephen was very happy he is forgiven and he go back to church that he has done what pastor asked him to do. Few days later. Joyce going out and her car ????develop fault. Austine on his way going home from work sight a lady struggling over a faulty car. He got down from the car and saw Joyce. He was so so shocked then he …………????????????????

Angel Of Success. Chapter 8. Final episode
Angel Of Success. Episode 4 and 5

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