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Celine and hoffman. Chapter 31

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Celine and hoffman. Chapter 32
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Chapter ????31❤
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.

(Star queen)


Miranda read the test results her doctor gave her

” what ,am not pregnant but I want to be pregnant
” miranda you are not pregnant and i dont understand you are a super model, you are just 23 you are not married and you want pregnancy don’t tell me you want to tie down a man with that
” well i have no choice

” Miranda that’s the lowest level a woman can stoop
” I don’t care doctor I must get Danny
” fine try getting the person to sleep with you again you are pretty it shouldn’t be hard

” he’s kind of avoiding me recently
” that’s not on me but whats important is that you are sick your malaria is increased you will break down very soon

” ( she smilled ) doctor Jane you are so smart
“;am lost
” I want to break down in like the next 40 can you give me any drug

” but madam you have a shoot”, her assistant said
that would be after the shoot

” I can’t give you that Miranda

“don’t you understand doctor you are a woman too right Danny is avoiding me but I know that Danny is very emotional and being sick Is the only way I might get him to be with me after that I will seduce him again and get pregnant for real

” all right fine I will give you the drugs but i will also give you drugs that will reduce the effect of the sickness you need to take them before this game becomes serious
” ok

The doctor prescribed the drugs to Miranda and injected some drugs to Miranda

” all right once you want the effect to start you have to take this red tablet don’t forget
” ok

She stood up And Elaine ran behind her

“:madam I don’t understand you
” I want Danny by my side and I will get him did you get the drugs I asked for
” its in your bag
” good if Danny won’t get seduced by me I will have to drug him
” hmm be careful

They entered the car and took off .

Danny and Victoria still sat waiting when Mirandas car arrived and Miranda ran towards Victoria and they hugged each other

” oh Victoria am so sorry am late
” ave heard its your habit

Miranda laughs as she looked at Danny where he sat looking at his Nail and sandra stood beside him pressing her phone

I want to be around you Danny all the time even if I have to become your personal assistant or your maid to do so I am ready to be anything you want me to be, I realy envy you sandra she said to herself

“Miranda hello”,Victoria said
” oh sorry I was lost in thoughts .

Just then Sandra saw Miranda

” she’s here she’s here omg I love Miranda so much I need to get a picture ( jumping up and down )
just as Sandra tried rushing towards Miranda Danny drew her back with the belt of her gown this made Miranda smile as she walked towards them

“sir,leave my gown.
” will you stop embarrassing me am a celebrity too you should be crushing on me sily “, danny said

“well it’s enough that am crushing on you Danny”,Miranda said

” oh hey welcome “,…

Miranda drew Danny up from his chair

“come on lets do a good job “, she said to Danny.

Danny walked behind her soon the make up artists started their work the custume designer’s where up and about and the shoot was in process

Maids room

Celine brought the tea out of the bag and placed it on her cupboard when Mary carried it

” jeez celine you bought this tea for Danny
celine looked at emily
” yes, kinda.

” I really pity Danny too am sure he would be grateful”,mary said .

Just then Abigail walked in and headed for her bed

“hy Abigail”,celine said
“Celine hy ,did you go to the market with Emily “.

“yes I bought chocolates for you .

” thank you Gretel is back you might want to know how she is doing .
“oh thanks .

Celine left the room Soon Emily left then Abigail walked out with Mary .
Minutes later she returned alone she picked up the tea .

“Insomnia tea my foot ,she wants Danny to keep loving her while he keeps hating us I better throw this out the window .

She took the tea pack in her hand and just as she tried opening the window she felt the door opening so she instantly hid it under the bed
Mary walked in
” come on Mrs hoffman calls you
Mary sat down and Abigail walked out.

Gretels room.

celine walked into Gretels room Gretel was smilling

” hey what happened
” you where right Celine its good to treat people right
” am still lost
” I did it I did karianas dance and it was a nobody who helped me it was a commoner Celine I will never belittle people again
” wow finally
“am so happy all I need right now is simeon I need a Prince
” then call him
” I called him
” don’t worry he would come so tell me where is your custume

” here it is , gretel said smiling

Danny and miranda took the last shot and Victoria shouted

” guys it was wonderful thank you all

She walked about in other to organise things

Danny walked into the changing room where he was done changing he was busy trying to wipe his eye off the eyeliner that the make up artist applied on him

meanwhile Miranda sighted Danny from her dressing room then she instantly picked up the drug and took it while Elaine handed her water after which she ran towards Danny

” stop trying to clean them they made your eye realy sexy
“really, well maybe I should leave them

He walked out Miranda ran after him and drew him back

” Danny
” Miranda I realy need to go
” I was just hopping we could talk
Just then Danny noticed the amount of sweat on her fore head he touched her forehead with his hands and it felt so hot
” hey Miranda are you okay ?
” am fine
” are you sure ?
” mm yes
” all right I will be going

Danny walked towards Sandra and as Miranda stepped a foot forward she felt to heavy to carry herself this Made her fall to the ground and Danny came rushing back to her

Danny instantly dropped his bag to the floor as he carried Miranda up Sandra took the bag

” Miranda am taking you to the hospital “.
“no am fine i have my drugs with me I just came from the hospital “.
” all right then I will drop you home “,..
“no, no ones home “,..
“where do I take you?…

Miranda didn’t talk anymore
Danny carried her to his car and miranda had folded her hands around danny as though even death won’t make her let go when the got to the car Danny gently placed Miranda in
Sandra placed his bag in the car
” I will call Mr king
” all right be safe

Sandra left

Minutes later they arrived at Danny’s suite Danny came down and carried Miranda up again

“its ok I can walk
” you know I won’t take that Risk

Miranda loved the environment it was so romantic and qiuet and the pool was just inviting it was a couple suite so it had only one room danny carefully placed miranda on top of his bed
Danny he touched her neck and the fever wasnt going down

” Miranda where are your drugs you are still burning up

Miranda pointed to her drugs she was realy scared she knew she wanted this but she never new it would get so extreme but being with danny was worth it
Danny gave Miranda the drug Then he went to his fridge and got her something to eat after taking the drug just like the doctor Said the effect started wearing off and Miranda felt better but she still pretended slightly

” how are you now
” a little better but hot
” come on

He carried Miranda up when they got outside he placed her carefully on the chair Danny had not felt so guilty in his life he already felt like Miranda fell sick because he couldn’t be with her after sleeping with her
Miranda sat well and Danny sat beside her

” what about now, do u still feel hot.
” I feel better
” are you sure?
” yes this place is really beautiful you know
” and you are the only woman who has been here who is not my date you know apart from Sandra of course
” wow so this is a little love garden
” well this is my little world you know only few persons can be part of this world, come you need to see the ocean he carried Miranda up again Miranda was so happy within her as she smiled tears fell out I wish it was me Danny fell in love with it would have been the best thing that happened in my life she said within herself just then Danny noticed the tears

” hey are you crying ?
” no its the fever
“better close your eye here comes
Soon Danny climbed up some stair shaped rock at the back of place where the villa was built and then he dropped Miranda on the floor

” what do you think ?

Miranda watched the blue water as it struggled out of the beautiful rocks and filled the ocean
” lovely it its so beautiful

They stared for few minutes
” come on lets go your leg might pain

Before Miranda could talk Danny carried her up again and they went back into the bed room and as danny dropped Miranda on the bed he tried standing up but miranda kissed him …

” Miranda stop I thought you are not feeling fine
” I feel strong enough for this”, she smiles

Danny stood up he flipped his hair back ward with his hand and moved a little bit as he placed is hand across his forehead

” Miranda you are really confusing me , what do you want?..I thought we were clear.

She stood up and wrapped her arms round his waist

” is it so wrong to need you…
She tried kissing him again but he looked away ..

she sat back on the bed and started acting as though the fever was coming back

” are you ok ?
” why can’t you just love me instead I mean am pretty am pretty right, am good in bed, am fun to be with ,am real, why don’t you just love me, am good enough ……

She started shedding tears

” Miranda please stop you need to help me stop hurting you “,.

” but I love you so much
” Miranda i dont have feelings for you…i love someone else , I can only offer friendship …

Danny slowly removed Mirandas hands from his shirt and walked into the living room where he stood facing the glass wall and looked out into the river

Miranda wiped her tears I don’t know if I can leave without danny “;she said to herself as she walked into the shower…

Danny walked back into the room , he lay on the empty bed.he was really stressed..he wondered where she was .

. miranda walked out tying the white towel

” oh my bad “, danny said as he opened his cupboard and handed her his shirt.

” oh “, thanks.

Miranda dropped the white towel on the bed….

She walked closer to Danny she wore only a red pant bra-less.

Danny tried controlling his sight ..he didnt want to look at her, he really didn’t want to repeat that night’s mistake.

Miranda gently took the shirt from his hands, danny tried moving from the other side but she stopped him with both hands on his chest.

She looked up to him and kissed his lips again…. she felt disappointed until he finally opened his mouth and deepened the kiss.

She felt him brush his fingers all round her body ….then behind, her his fingers went down her pant as he kissed her lips….

Miranda deepened the kiss as she hastily unbuttoned his shirt..

When she finally dropped the shirt she pulled him on the bed and crawled up to him…kissing his neck down to his chest deliciously .

She ran her hands down his jeans and tried unzipping it but Danny held her hands ….

He gently turned over to the bed .and wrapped the bed cover around her.

” Miranda If we continue doing this we won’t stop, and I will just keep hurting you…this won’t make me love you Mira…if I do this am doing it just for fun…and I don’t want to treat you like that.. cos I respect you as a friend .”, Danny walked away .

She searched her purse and found the drug she carefully poured two glasses of wine and drugged Danny’s drink.she sipped her own and took both the cups to the parlour.

She recalled when Elaine told her that the drug will make danny fall into her hands without stress

Miranda walked into the parlour and sat by Danny she started acting very weak

“am sorry , i Will stop now
” its fine , are you ok
” a little I think the fever is coming back
” am realy sorry you have to get well soon
” I love that tv show
” really its my favourite too

She gave the glass to Danny he took it from her and sipped from it
she smilled as she acted as though she enjoyed the movie she placed her phone on the table

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