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Celine and hoffman. Chapter 33

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Chapter ????33❤
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.

(Star queen)


Danny turned and was directed to follow the other route which he followed out he got to his chair and his guards walked out with him he took his car and drove off soon he got to his father’s hotel which was the closest ….

Maids room

” and I thought these kids were playing I didn’t know they where Waiting for him to come closer”, celine said
” Danny is going to be so tired”,.. Emily added

” if i win the music award I would wish for a night with Danny Hoffman”, Mary said grining.

“but where did he go to?…
” he went to change the hugging was much he should be all sweaty anyway “, abigail said .

” the kids started loving Danny after that movie he acted “my little Lara…
” I just loved that little girl “, Mary added

back at the competition the hip hop challenge was going on it was prestigious highs hip hop crews turn and they were doing wonderfully well

Meanwhile danny was done bathing and resting. He instantly changed into the next designer outfit which was a black suit he wore his diamond earing with silver necklace then he poured his hair and grabbed his jacket and instead of rushing into the compound Danny sat on the couch
” sir the voice challenge will start soon
” am really tired this kids have finished me …

Sandra brought in an energy drink which Danny took from her as they left


The hip hop chalange was over and people whispered within themselves the reporter’s faced the home viewers

Which school will carry the hip hop best award I must say queens high did excellently well
But so did prestigious high lets watch

Soon the judges where done and the result was out queens high won their lead dancer came out and collected the medal

Danny’s car arrived again his guards helped him get through the press he Still held the energy drink in his hands he came back to the hall and sat back in his normal chair

Soon the singing chalange was on only 10 singers contested from the beginning they all tried but none realy impressed danny so he pressed his phone….

Just then someones voice got Danny’s attention the 8 contestant she was as beautiful as her voice her name was christabel junior .she was 17 years old and a student of star choice high school she had the voice to kill for and she sang Danny’s first blues ….she was Danny’s perfect choice out of all other singers Danny listened carefully till she ended the song

“wow perfect “, danny said

Soon they other contestants where done and the judges started on the result soon one of the judges stood up with a paper in her hand

” the best voice award goes to christabel junior .

All the students clapped for her as she walked back to the stage and received the medal

The m. C took the Mic

” Danny Hoffman you won’t want to miss this one

This time Danny stood up again and the organisers directed him through another route then he got up to the stage and took another Mic while christabel held the later

” you have a beautiful voice “, danny said
” thank you”, she said smilling carelesy she couldn’t believe she was standing with Danny Hoffman
Danny moved closer to her
” so tell me what can I do for you
She smilled for few minutes then she turned to Danny

” maybe you could just be my boyfriend ?

This anwser made Danny laugh everyone laughed including the girls parents and even Mrs hoffman laughed back at home

“realy ?”, danny asked
‘ well for now you aren’t really old enough honey and my girlfriend is watching “, danny said reducing his voice to whispers.

Everyone laughed again and christabel smilled

” ok give me something of yours then
” that’s easy “, danny replied
he walked closer to her and removed his silver necklace which he placed on her neck then he carefully brought out her hair

The whole crowd was shocked and surprised as every one clapped and shouted


” keep it up dear “, danny said
“thank you “.

He hugged her and both of them walked down the stage

Just then the 5 mystical queens walked in and sat Down with the judges

” wow the ballet chalange is about starting “, gretel said
” wow every where is so tensed up “,…

The reporter turned to the tv

” viewers at home It’s time for the most important challenge of the year the ballet challenge …..

Danny picked his jacket and left

All the dancers ran back stage.

” well finally its the ballet challenge as it was recorded last year 2 people where recognised as the best but this year it has to be one person just one man standing …..

” From prestigious high school ????we have
KeilA Williams and
Susan George*

” From queens high???? we have
Matilda Jones and
issaBella jayman *

“From universal high???? we have Melissa Daniels *
And emeldah Jerry *

“From star choice college ???????? we have
Anna James *and
Christiana Alex *

“And from Julianas ballet school???? we have
Sharon Donald * and
Victoria king*

He returned the Mic to one of the judges

” it will be wrong not to recognize the 5 mystical queens who are present here

We have Mrs Kariana
Mrs kimoni
Lady Tatiana
Mrs miliana
And lastly Mrs marisol

Everyone stood up and clapped as each of the queens waved their hands

” I can’t believe Kariana came “, gretel said
” what’s she doing here no one can do her dance it was banned right ?.
” I wish KeilA good luck “, amanda said

” ok the first two to go would be
Christiana Alex from star choice

Christiana ran out she was dressed like a maid in the
Olden days she wore a hat she bowed to the crowd and to everyone’s surprise a blue light circled her on the stage Floor but she had more than enough space

” the second will be emeldah Jerry

Emeldah walked out she was dressed up in a short ballet gown it was very short and flair he thighs where visible but she had her host on she was dressed like the swan princess

” Christiana which dance would you do is it any of the mystical dances ?

“I am doing a circular titled ” the maid as queen “.

” ok good luck, what about you emeldah

” am also doing a circular the Swan queen “,..

” all right lets go there “..

The judge sat back and a ring of light Circled the floor around both dancers.

” wow they have quite a lot of space the last chalenge I did my space was realy small”, gretel said

” I don’t understand why is the light circling them “, tanya asked

” a good ballerina should be able to manage her own space so you can’t step out of the circle “, gretel said

” that’s easy the space is even much compared to Gretels own last year “, tasy said

” KeilA is looking so nervous
” Anna looks like she already won

” all right lets see you Christiana!! “, the judge said

Christiana danced perfectly well and so did emeldah.

” this was indeed a challenge but lets see what our judges have to say ….
He stepped forward and collected th paper from the judges

” the finalist here is Christiana thank you emeldah but you have to leave the competition

Christiana jumped up and emeldah just left the contest .

” lets give it up for Sharon Donald from julianas ballet school and Susan George from prestigious high school and
IssaBella jayman from queens high

They 3 of them stepped out
Susan was dressed like a shepherd girl

” Susan looks nervous”, Mandy Said
” am sure Susan can get to the second half she beat you once before right gret ?”, tasha said
” I hope she won’t be sent home”, gretel said
“am so nervous “, tania added.

The competition started Isabella and Sharon Donald took the stage
They both did perfectly well then Susan performed lastly and minutes later it was over To the judges

” Sharon am sorry you have to leave the competition and there is tie between Susan and issabella thank you
Sharon left .Isabella and Susan went back on stage

” i will do one of the mystical dances I will do titianas dance”, Isabella said.

” oh no Susan can do only millianas dance “, gretel said

” but titiana dance is above milianas dance .”, tasha said.

” that’s the problem “, gretel added

” what about you Susan ?, the judge asked .

” millianas dance
“:I hope you know titianas dance is rated above millianas if issabella nails it you are out
” I know .

Just then Susan moved back to her stage and started dancing she did millianas dance perfectly well And issabella took off from where Susan stopped issabella was dancing with so much pride she suddenly miss stepped and fell to the ground her guards rushed towards her and took her out of the stage

” well we have a winner no one else but Susan George “, …

Susan was so happy she returned and sat with Christiana in the finallist position

” congrats susy
“thank you

The judge picked up the Mike again
” all right lets welcome on stage
Anna James from star choice VS Victoria king from Julianas ballet school …

Anna walked out with so much pride and so did victoria

“they are both award winners”, gretel said
” Anna will beat her “, tash said
” will Anna do a mystical dance?. Mandy asked
” I don’t think so she would save it for the second half “, gretel said..


” Anna which dance will you do
” am doing a circular the cow girl
” nice custume
” thank you

” what about you Victoria

” I want to do titianas dance

” wow Anna are you sure you want to challenge a mystical dance with a circular ?”, judge asked Anna

” it depends on the dancer “, anna said.

” what do you think gret ?”, Mandy asked
” Anna would win “.
” but she’s doing a circular…
” that’s one thing with ballet it depends on the dancer and Anna Will never do a simple circular , she would edit it and add difficult steps to it.”, gretel said.

Victoria walked into the ring and the music was played Victoria did the dance excellently well

Anna took the stage and she danced very well the circular Anna did had 5 difficult ballet steps all the judges stood up she took every one unawares

” wow ave not seen a circular such as this “, the m.c said

Just then Anna finished her dance and the whole crowd stood up

” and Anna was right it depends on the dancer am sorry Victoria but you have to leave the competition and Anna James congrats you are one of the finalists for second half …

Anna smilled as she sat beside Susan who who smirked at her

” wow it keeps getting interesting as it keeps getting hard

” All right lets welcome Melissa Daniels from universal high

” Matilda Jones from from queens high

” KeilA Williams from prestigious high

” they are the last competitors.

” God KeilA can’t go home “, gretel said
” Matilda Jones omg she might do titianas dance “, tash said .

” no that should be her weapon to win the second half …..”, gretel said
“If she does a circular KeilA might beat her “, Mandy said
” omg am so nervous “, gretel said
” I don’t think keila can compete with Matilda using a circular too , Matilda is an award winner.

KeilA walked out she was dressed like a princess she wore a white gown then she was made up and a black mascara was lined down her eye as if she cried black tears and her crown was maid of thorns

Her custume was the highest all the judges where wowed

Matilda Jones on her path wore a wedding gown and she was dressed like a bride

While Melissa Daniels wore her ballet suite she wore no extra costumes

” keilas custume is awesome, awesome “, gretel said
” she wants to do “the sorrowful princess “,wow that circular is pretty hard..”, tash said
” she can do it she won the dancing shoes with it”, gretel said.
” I pray Matilda does a circular too , if not keila might go.”, tanya said.
” even if mathilda does a circular , I don’t think “sorrowful princess ” will beat her circular.. she is going first and she has seen keilas costume.

” all right Melissa Daniels you go first “, judge said .

Melissa did her dance it was just perfect and simple

” Mathilda which dance are you doing
I would have done a mystical but since keila is doing sorrowful princess I Better save my mystical for second half …I know just the circular I can use to beat her. Mathilda thought.
‘ am doing a circular the parting bride
” lets see you

Mathilda instantly ran into her ring and danced wonderfully well
It was perfect the judge turned to KeilA

” which dance will you do keila

Which dance do I do if I do a mystical dance I am sure to beat Mathilda since she is expecting me to Do a circular and i am dreased to do a circular I need to take them unawares .

” KeilA we don’t have all day “, the judge said ….

” I will do one of the mystical dances, Marisols dance .

Keilas mother smilled mathilda was shocked

No no no KeilA has fooled me she was dressed like she would do a circular and she made me do a circular while she actually wants to do a mystical dance. had I known I would have done titianas dance, oh no i hope she doesn’t do it right. Mathilda thought

” wow KeilA Williams your custume confused your opponents

KeilA ran into the ring and did Marisols dance spotlessly

” out of the 3 dancers only one will graduate to the finals she did an award winning dance compared to the circular every one else did give it up for keila williams

All the students from prestigious high stood up and KeilA walked up and sat with the finalists

” congrats k”, Susan said
“we are just starting”, keila said
” you know if you hadn’t tricked Mathilda you could never actually win “, anna said
” well i guess being smart is part of dancing “, keila said .

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