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Celine and hoffman. Chapter 34

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Chapter ????34❤
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.

(Star queen)


” all righ we have just four contestants
Christiana .

“all contestants should go back stage and get ready “…

After few minutes

” lets welcome the following contestants

Anna James
And susan george

They 3 of them walked out leaving KeilA behind

” the winner will challenge KeilA and the competition will come to an end

Just then Christiana walked into her ring
” which dance will you do
” I will do titianas dance

” ok I will like to see

Christiana started dancing and she played the dance it was perfect

” please step forward

Christiana stepped forward she was already shaking

” what about you Anna
” i will do kimonis dance

Everyone in the hall started whispering within themselves

“are you sure ?

Just then kimoni stood up and took the Mic
” are you sure you want to try my dance dear”,…
” I know I can do it “, anna said

‘ ok .

” reporting life , anna James wants to do kimonis dance this means good bye to her competitors because if she nails it the competition is over .

Anna walked slowly into the stage and started dancing she did every step perfectly and when she nailed the en pointe kimoni stood up in awe Anna maintained the position for 15 minutes then slowly did a courtsy
Everyone shouted in awe

” wow anna James am so proud of you ….
” thank you

” Susan George and keila you guys you should just quit because no other dance can beat this other than karianas dance of course which has been banned and rated impossible

” am dropping out of the competition “, Susan said.
” I expected that”, anna said

” someone else will represent me”, Susan said

She walked out of the stage

” all right who is representing susan who wants to challenge Anna James, Mrs KeilA do you still want to try or would you just quit

Just as kiela was about standing up Gretel walked in she was already in her costume
KeilA looked at her in surprise

” I will represent Susan George in this competition

” wow Gretel Hoffman shows up from nowhere this just got interesting

” reporting live , this challenge just took another turn Gretel Hoffman wants to challenge Anna James , what are her chances of winning

” which dance do you want to do Gretel.
” karianas dance “….

The judge was shocked the next judge took her Mic

” Gretel Hoffman the last student who did that dance landed in coma”,the first judge said
” that dance has been banned and rated impossible “, the second judge said.

” its impossible for them doesn’t mean its impossible for me”, gretel said

” i will not support this suicide”, kimoni said

” every dancer has the privilege to chose their dance ,so let her be.”, kariana said

” let her do it “, Anna’s mum said
” it will be easier for Anna to win if she falls “,she said within herself .

” all right Gretel Hoffman karianas dance it is .

KeilA watched Gretel in surprise as she moved back into the stage and placed the rock carefully on the ground in the other of dance video and she made sure she placed it in an other in which KeilA was directly behind her

even if she does it she doesn’t have a Prince Anna said within herself

I can’t believe Gretel fooled me KeilA said to herself

The reporter turned to the screen
” wow we are about to witness the biggest turnover of history today ….

Gretel raised her hand above her head as she jumped into the stage in a grand adage the judge recorded the first difficult step, then she spinned and mainted the position of an en pointe which she slowly transformed into a grand jete the judges where wowed Gretel spinned around like a flower then she jumped on the first stone she spinned again and landed on the second stone with her left leg all the judges stood up, some even covered their eyes

” I don’t think Gretel can nail that landing those rocks are slippery “, tasha said

” she might fall “, amanda shouted .

Gretel still stood on the second stone she suddenly felt so nervous

” wow Gretel Hoffman is in the middle of her own ocean she could just quit ……

Gretel suddenly rememberred what Angela said to her then she said to herself.

don’t look at the stone, don’t look at the stone ..with this Gretel did a tripple back spin as she turned she looked at KeilA and not the stone .

then she successfully landed on the rock with one leg .right in the center of the rock all the judges shouted everybody was shocked and Kariana was so happy just then Gretel spinned around and did a courtsy

People murmured

*The dance is not complete*

*What about her Prince *

The judge took the Mic.

” Gretel u nailed the dance but rules are rules , it can’t counted as as perfect because you didn’t complete it , where Is Prince Andre.

Just as Gretel was about walking further to the judges she heard a voice

” princess Kariana I knew you would come for me

Gretel turned and the person walked out from back stage it was simeon she was so surprised and He was already dressed like the Prince

Gretel took her Mic as she walked towards him

” not even the widest ocean, or the biggest fire can separate me from you even magic is too little

“I so much love this part when Kariana what met the Prince , reporting love , Gretel Hoffman is indeed full of surprises .

” I love you so much princess Kariana my love for you is what sustained me in this strange land …. even the goddess know you are the only prayer I know how to make…the only wish I ever made….the only dream I kept having….missing you was my nightmare….

SIMEON took her hand and slightly bowed

” I chose to leave my parents and all my people , because you own my heart ….. I came to this strange land to dwell with you… my name is kariana and I just Met my Prince.

They dropped the Mic and hugged each other people started crying already then the music played and Gretel spinned away from simeons arms and simeon ran behind her he cought her and both of them maintained the highest position of a grand jete they danced together for hours and then they dance which should have ended with a hug simeon ended it with a kiss then they hugged each other

All the judges where speechless

” this was amazing
” Gretel Hoffman you have changed history
” KeilA Williams do you think you can beat this because I don’t think so
” KeilA Williams should just drop out
” every competitor should be given a chance to compete”, keilAs mum said.

” ok the two remaining dancers may take 10.

as Gretel was about moving she felt a slight pain in her leg KeilA noticed this but she ignored Gretel untill the got back stage
Simeon had already gone to change ….keila walked to Gretel

” so this was your plan wow you should have told me earlier maybe I would not compete …
” KeilA listen to Me
” I don’t realy care what you have to say i know I can’t beat you but I would rather die trying, you embarrassed your best friend….they talked trash about…it’s all because of you…they said keila Williams should leave …everybody laughed at me…at my mom….and I thought you loved me gret.

She walked out and sat back down as her maids helped her undress most ballerinas where getting dressed too Gretels maids came to her they arranged her clothing and helped her undress into the next costume while others massaged her leg KeilA was also changing into her last costume soon some girls walked over to Gretel

” hey what’s the point competing with your best friend you should just let her win

” I won’t let her win this is war and am sure she’s a good dancer she can win on her own
” wow we were just suggesting

Gretel knew she wanted to let KeilA win but she DiDNT want those girls to know her plan to avoid criticizing KeilA, Gretel didn’t know how to tell KeilA her plan because KeilA was realy boiling up

Suddenly Gretel saw a picture which was folded on the wall

” hey who is that
” that’s the founder of the nationals
” I want to see him

Gretel stood up she ran torwards the picture she suddenly felt another slight pain in her leg she fell to the floor KeilA rushed towards her to help her the judges where already calling for them Gretel didn’t know how to tell KeilA her plan as all the girls and even other students ran towards gretel
As KeilA extended her hands to Gretel, Gretel didn’t take her hands rather she looked her in the eye and Said

” Sometimes when I fall I don’t need someone to help me stand up but I might need someone to finish what i was trying to do …

With this Gretel stood up and stood closer to the girls and keila carefully unfolded the picture the she walked in to complete her custume

KeilA I hope you understand what i mean “, gretel to herself.

minutes later Gretel stepped into the stage and so did KeilA

Gretels ring light sorrounded her and so did keilas

” you know the rules never leave your line untill you are done dancing if not you will lose to your opponent under no circumstances should you leave your line

” reporting live , two best friends are at war …. this is indeed a twist of fate

” Gretel tell us about your dance
” its a world rated circular, dancing princess .

KeilAs custume was so great she wore a white gown which she poured red paint on and she drew the black mascara again down her eyes as though she was in tears she wore a crown of thorns and stepped on the bare floor . camera men couldn’t take enough pictures of her

” KeilA which dance are you doing
” the sorrowful princess

Judge all right gret lets see you

Gretel spinned around and she started dancing she made sure she didnt step out of the line Gretels dance was so amazing that all the judges stood up Gretel spinned around and suddenly fell down in pretence as though she missed a step.

Keila you need to dance now.
You have To win.this is your chance .

the light moved over to KeilA .
What’s going on , I can’t dance when Gretel is in pain, I need to check on my best friend…Gretel is more important than this competition ….

KeilA instead of dancing ran out of her ring she was already one leg in and one leg out

” this is love will KeilA ensure her best friends safety by giving up on the competition or will she ignore her best friend and continue dancing , reporting live.

” remember KeilA its now or never if you step out you are done better dance and beat Gretel its your chance ..

KeilA dont come to me you have to dance this is your chance Gretel said within herself as KeilA looked at her

KeilAs mother already frowned her face at KeilA

KeilA maintained the position one leg in and one leg out as she suddenly shed tears

I need to know if Gretel is ok
KeilAs mother shouted

” Dance KeilA dance!!! “.

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