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Celine and hoffman. Chapter 35

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Chapter ????35❤
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.

(Star queen)


Dance KeilA dance!!!

KeilA suddenly remembered Gretels statement

*Sometimes when I fall I don’t* need someone to help me stand up rather I need someone to *finish what i started *

With this KeilA withdrew her leg and and started dancing her mother smilled and Gretel nodded at her

After the dance the judges were speechless

” KeilA congratulations you just won the ballet challenge

KeilA instantly ran over to where Gretel sat on the floor and hugged her then she whispered into her ear
” thank you
” i love you k, i really do.

Both of them stood up and KeilA received the medal then her mother rushed out and hugged her

after the competition simeon was about entering his car when gretel ran towards him

” hey thanks for coming
” I really can’t refuse you gret
” are you going back
” yes I should be returning tomorow
Gretel hugged him.


Abigail was busy looking at Danny’s pictures on line when she came across the picture of Danny hugging the commoner

” this commoner sure looks like celine all though i cant see her face

Abigail suddenly rememberred when celine said she recognised danny abigail was so shocked

Could this realy be celine “,she said to herself

Just then the maids rushed in
” Celine “, abigail called
” yes …
” wel… never mind.

Why should i help her I should separate them she said within herself

she noticed the gown on the picture she really wanted to confirm if it was celine

” Abigail we are looking for the tea “, Mary said
” oh I will help “.

She walked into Celines cupboard in pretence and searched for the gown then she saw it and instantly Abigails heart beat changed

It is really Celine , danny Wrote I love you c on his mirror so If that ‘ c” means celine then danny is in love with celine but what about me ?,..i must make sure the truth never comes out “, She thought within herself

” Abigail you are so quiet “, Celine said
” oh sorry the tea is not here .
“where could it be ?.

Just then the line rang it was dannys room abigail rushed and picked the call

” hello
” anything cold
” ok
She rushed out

” Abigail is acting weird”, mary said
” who checked under the bed?”,- Emily asked
” that’s true “, celine said .

CElINE checked under the bed and saw the tea she picked it up

” I wonder how it fell in there”, celine said.
” go on go and give this to Danny
and don’t wear that cover all he needs to see the face of the person showing him kindness”, Emily said.

” yes

Mary walked towards her and arranged her hair

CEline picked up the tea and just as she opened the door Abigail walked in Abigail looked at Celine who was trying to walk past her

“have you served Danny?, Emily asked
” yes”, abigail replied
” cool
” celine where too?.. Abigail asked
” Danny’s room..
” without her cover all?..
“its not needed “, mary said

Abigail walked towards her bed

” well i over heard Mrs hoffman talking about sacking some maids since we are many and Danny was in support

” really?”,celine asked

” yes and they would start from those whom Danny might have called dirty before so if I were you Celine since you have not had any issue with Danny before just maintain it who knows he might see you and call you unkept today, Just suggesting …

” Abigail is right celine your work here is more important anyway”, emily said

Mary picked up the cover all

” all right celine maybe you should continue wearing it “, mary said.

Celine please wear the cover all Danny can’t find out who you are just yet “,Abigail said to herself

” all right after all Abigail is right”, celine said.

Celine dropped the tea on the bed and started wearing the cover all just after which she saw Mary and Emily designing a gift box they had already written dannys name on it

” whats that?
” its better in the box you can’t just carry the tea ,let him guess “you are right “,She took the box
” better return early Mrs hoffman might look for you”, abigail said.
” ok “.

Celine walked out of the room carrying the box she knocked on Danny’s room

” one moment please “,..

While waiting celine turned the box around only to find stuffs written on it like

????Because I love you????
????My love for you ????
????Accept my gift of love ????
????Love, love, love ????
????My everlasting crush ????

” I will kill Emily and Mary today”, she said to herself and just as she tried turning back Danny opened the door she instantly hid the box behind her .

” good evening sir .
” oh its the cover girl
” sorry wrong room

she tried running out but Danny drew her back
” I don’t think it’s the wrong room ” its realy the wrong room
” what do you have behind you
” well , nothinnnnng .
” I think you are hiding something
” no its not yours
” but I just saw my name
” did yoooooouuuuu, hahaha it was a slip of hand.

Danny chuckled he turned Celine around and took the box from her he walked into the room Celine ran behind him as he closed the door celine tried snatching the tea from Danny, but Danny hid it he didn’t let her touch it so Celine left him Danny turned the box around and smiled

” to Danny Hoffman
My only love, My crush, Accept my gift of love, because I love you”,Danny smilled as he opened the box he brought out the tea Danny was so surprised

” I bought the tea sir but , the whole love story I didn’t write them it was uhhm Emily and Mary who designed that stuff and I just bought that tea because you sleep late at night so I wanted to help you sleep early because sleeping late can really really be dangerous to the health. I realy didnt write all that it was realy emily and mary i didn’t even know they wrote it that’s the truth sir … she took a deep breath as she shyly covered her face with her hands

” come here
” what !!

Danny walked closer to Celine and hugged her then he whisperred into her ears “thank you ”

CEline was so surprised and when danny finally let go off her he dropped the tea on on the table Celine was still busy thinking of the hug
Did Danny just hug me
Omg Danny Just hugged me
Did he slip, is he drunk

Celine walked in thoughts she didn’t see herself getting to the door she hit her head and fell to the ground again. danny started laughing celine was too ashamed to stand up she decided to crawl out of the room she opened Danny’s door and crawled on both four like a dog out of the room then she locked Danny’s door

” What a character”, danny said as he picked up the tea and read the pack that was when he saw the price …

” Holy heavens how did that cover girl afford this , did she use up all her savings”, he said to himself

CEline crawled into the passage she was about standing up when she saw masculine shoes standing in front of her Celine slowly looked up and omg it was Mr hoffman Celine suddenly caught a fever

Danny opened his door to ask celine about the price and on seeing the situation he held the door speechlessly

Gretel thought of meeting celine since she had been sleeping all day she instantly opened her door and on seeing Celine she held the door speechlessly

“My great grand fathers come and rescue your child Mr Hoffman’s face is not funny “, celine said to herself

” what are you, crawling on all fours around my house are you a dog ?.

” no am not…… well..

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