July 29, 2021

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Celine and hoffman. Chapter 36

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Chapter ????36❤
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.

(Star queen)


” why are dressed like this ?”,Mr Hoffman asked

” she is the…. misser “, gretel shouted while scratching her hair.
” what ?.
” the missing finder “, danny said
” what ?.
” she is the finding misser omg what am I saying “, gretel said.

” somebody say something serious?…
” dad ; she finds missing stuffs that’s her work.
” no wonder she is dressed like a muskateer ,what are you searching for right now misser ?
” well….

‘ my SIM “, danny and Gretel shouted at once
‘What ?
” our SIMs and phones “, they shouted again.

” nice work missing finder “,Mr Hoffman said.

” I love what i do sir .

She started acting as though she was searching for something

Mr hoffman walked into his room and both Gretel and Danny hieved a sigh of relief as danny walked back into his room

” hey lina are you ok ?.

CELINE lay flat on the floor just then Mr hoffman walked out again she instantly started searching the ground he walked past her then she stood up and walked into Gretels room .


Maids room.

Celine rushed into the maids room

” hey missing finder”, mary said
” how did you know?..
” we watched from the door “, Emily added
” so what did Danny say ,did he say thank you ?”, Abigail asked
” well…

Just then the phone rang it was Danny Abigail rushed like a hungry lion

” hello sir

” please give the phone to the missing.. sorry I mean cover… what’s even her name anyway

” ok sir

She handed the phone to Celine while Emily and mary struggled to listen

” hello
” hy cover.. sorry I mean missing oh my God what am I saying …
CEline laughed .
” am realy grateful to you, I have had insomnia for quite a while now and you are the first person to take a step i am realy thankful

” its nothing

Mary and Emily smiled carelessly and Abigail was so annoyed

” so I am just asking how did you afford that tea
” well my ……, I mean it was free, from promo, promo yes they were doing promo.
” oh that’s nice i will Drink it carefully “,thank you.
” you are welcome drink it religiously everyday and if irritation occurs or you encounter any kind of problem don’t hesitate to consult Celine .

” ok I won’t hesitate to consult… wait is your name Celine ?

” yes that’s my full name
” wow same name same character
” what?
” nothing good night
” ok sir .

Danny dropped the call

CEline lay on the bed Emily placed her head on her tummy while Abigail placed Celines legs on her lap

” I told you he would be grateful”, emily said “, mary said
” no you didnt I was the one that did
” what did he say when you told him your name “, abigail asked

” nothing special, why asking ?..
” nothing just asking”,.


simeon was about entering his car when Gretel and keila walked into the compound

” hey leaving already ?
‘ kinda
Just then his phone rang it was his father simeon picked the call

‘ were are you ?
” I am about coming ….

Gretel snatched the phone from simeons hands

” what are you doing ?..
‘ hello
” hello u
” why do you want simeon to go with you he’s safe now right and secondly my father’s hospital is good for his treatment just let him stay

SIMEON smilled as he lay back on his car Mr Stafford was realy surprised he hadn’t seen anything like this in his life

” hello sir, you won’t speak ?”,..
” pls allow simeon to stay we are missing him in school “, keila said.

” which one of you is Gretel Hoffman ?
‘ that should be me…
” what’s your relationship with simeon
“:what, well he’s my ….
” boyfriend “, keila said
” boyfriend”, gretel completed

” oh really.
” yes sir and separating them is really heart breaking “,keila said.

” little lady please return the phone to the owner “,..

GREtel gave SIMEON the phone

” hey dad am really….
” you can stay back there son your girlfriend is really missing you
” realy?
” I don’t like breaking relationships so just stay there.
” thanks dad
” am in contact with doctor Jude so take your drugs religiously
” ok
” give the phone to your girlfriend

He gave her the phone

‘ hello
” what are you going to do I just released your boyfriend maybe you should tell your father to sign the documents I sent to him since last week ?..
” done I will, thank you so much
“we have a deal?..
” sure thing sir
“we love you ….”, keila said

Gretel tried covering keilas mouth
SIMEON cut the call

They enterred their car Gretel drove to her fathers office Mr hoffman was really busy when gretel walked in

” holy mary who let you in here
” oh me? I came on my own “,she placed the snack bowl on Mr Hoffman’s table as he took one from it

” you really came to visit me,no strings attached.

” yea I have been missing you
” ok darling “, He continued his work and Gretel used her eye to look for Mr Staffords file until she saw it was the last on the table where her father signed from she knew it would take long before he gets to it

” omg isn’t that a load of files to sign dad …
” yea it is
” did I just see Mr stafford written here
” where
Gretel instantly slipped out the file
” yes it is
” that’s sooooooo cool “, she placed the file on the top and Mr hoffman instantly signed it Gretel smilled as she stood up and took her bag

” bye dad
” leaving already.?
” love you …

She ran into the compound and drove off


Danny picked up his phone and called Sandra .

” sir were are you your outfit arrived at the penthouse I thought you were here

” don’t worry am on my way there
Danny stood up and walked out of the room he ran into the compound and drove off


the setting of Mirabels party was lit. everything was being organised and arranged mirabel was already getting dressed the press everyone was present the red carpet was being organised


Mr Hoffman called Gretels room Gretel picked up

” are you getting ready for the party ?
” yes dad
” don’t forget to take a maid and a guard.
“ok dad”.
“what about Danny?..
” he is at the penthouse he will go from there “,…
” cool send the missing finder to my room “..
” ok dad .

Gretel dropped the call , she called the maids room and Celine picked up

” hey lina
” do you want anything?
” Mr Hoffman is calling you
“what ?
” better go “,…
CElINE dropped the call



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