July 30, 2021

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Celine and hoffman. Chapter 37

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Chapter ????37❤
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.

(Star queen)


celine walked into mr hoffmans room
” present sir
“I need you to find something important for me its our secret
” no problem sir
” am looking for my wedding ring and our anniversary is very close you need to find it before then
” what !
” did I speak Latin
“no problem sir
” you may leave you have enough time to do your work
” of course sir

Celine walked out and headed for Gretel room

she dragged celine into her room, the room was littered with cloths just then KeilA arrived too
” eeww gret what a mess
” hey meet lina
“I can’t see anyone
CEline instantly removed the cover all
” hey hi
” ave heard a lot about you
” really good or bad
” good
” wow you would tell me later
” I dunno what to wear
” I like your maid gret am gonna kidnap her she is so pretty i would practice all my make up lessons on her
” well you can just start now because we are going to mirabels party together
” so cool
” what about Mrs hoffman
” my mother won’t even know and if she does its not her business you are my friend
” hmmm

Hours later
gretels and keila were already dressed they looked too pretty to be described they looked amazing

” wow love it
“so what about lina”, gretel asked
” are you thinking what am thinking
” that trouble gown
” totally

They two of them pulled out Gretels last box and brought out the gown it was the only gown that occupied the box the both of them spread it on the bed Celine was wowed the gown was amazing it was a show back gown and the thread was laid with diamonds the back opening was much that it was extended down to the the lower waist then it flaired out like a ball gown the flair was was full and long the gown was dark red in colour and from the Breast down to the where the flair started was laid with diamonds the gown was so gorgeous

“oh my God this is nice”, celine said
” Gretel used up all her savings and even stole from her father’s account to buy this gown because someone competed the price with her she wanted to prove that she was richer ….
“how much ?..
” 150 million dollars.
” Jesus Christ of Nazareth, holy Mary , whaaaaat
” but Gretel has not worn this gown for one day
” why
” she hates long stuffs and she doesn’t want her parents to find out where all that money went to

” I told them it was for charity
” nice its pretty
” good because you are wearing it to the party
” who ,me ?.
” yes
” what if I get kidnapped this is too costly
” you said you haven’t been to a party before right and secondly you have been kind to me all this while so let me do this little thing for you
” come on lina
” ok fine am game

KeilA was done and celine was so beautiful they stretched her hair couldn’t believe her eyes

” here is our masks
” wow this one suits Celine
” I know right i carefully chose it
” is it a mask party
” yes remember you must never take off your mAsk so the reporters won’t find out who you are
” what about her shoes
” got that covered
She brought out a box and keila brought out the shoes
” Cinderellas shoes “, celine shouted
” carefully molded diamond laid glass shoes
” wow will it fit
” lets try
Celine put her leg and it totally fit
” Celine you look so beautiful
” thanks
Gretel placed a diamond anklet on Celines leg then she placed a diamond laid waist bead across Celines waist which coupled with the gold one Celine wore already she placed a diamond bracelet on celines hands and on her ears she placed diamond ear rings .

Celine turned her back to the mirror

” Jesus Christ my back is so open only my Breast is covered part of my tummy is even showing
” that’s the style
” hmmm
” you are looking good you have a nice figure and your skin is spotless come on
” realy
” totally, lets wow them .


Danny rushed out fully dressed

” am not late am I
” you are, but you look good
” thank you
Danny wore a red suit with a white shirt inside he packed his black natural hair behinD AND PLACED his diamond ear ring on his ear he wore his silver bracelet and his silver necklace his shirt had diamond stones as buttons and Danny had unlocked the two first buttons exposing his spotless skin and the necklace.

his trouser was pencil fitted and not long like the normal style it maintained a distance from his shoes .

Sandra took off Danny’s suit jacket and held it in her hands as she gave Danny his mask and he held it in his hands .

They took only 2 black cars Danny walked with only 3 guards and no maids they drove off

The girls ran down to the parlour and Mrs hoffman thought Celine was one of Gretels rich friend

” Emily!!! Mary!!!
Two of them rushed out
” yes madam
” wear your uniform and go with them
” ok madam

The two of them rushed back inside Mrs hoffman stood up

” Gretel go to the 5th building and take 4 more maids send two back to the mansion

” cool mum

Mrs hoffman walked out Emily and Mary ran out and they wore white checked gowns with flat shoes and their hats they followed Gretel into the compound

On seeing Gretel four of the 6 door guards followed her .

” isn’t it much ?”, keila asked

” that’s my father for you .
” no wonder Danny ran away from home …

KeilA sat back in her car with her driver and the second car was where her guards sat

Gretel took four cars she sat in one and 3 maids with 3 guards sat in the later

Celine also sat alone in one car with the family driver and the 3 maids with four remaining guards sat in the last car they had a convoy of 6 cars
Two white in front, black in the middle and red lastly .

they took off ,celine felt like she was in wonderland she couldnt believe this was her.


back at the party everyone had their masks on but most celebrity only wore their masks when they walked out of their car so they could be recognised the red carpet was on and people where interviewed

soon Jennifer arrived with Kevin the press took pictures of them then they walked in minutes later miranda arrived she walked out her car she looked very pretty and pictures were taken of her she looked around in style then she wore her mask and walked down the red carpet before she got there the press already rushed her and threw questions




MIRANDA ignored all questions as her guards carefully walked her down till she got to the red carpet and someone already blocked the entrance as she interviewed each person

” welcome
” am glad
” wow nice outfit
MIRANDA spinned around
” thank you
” come on Miranda where is your date
” my date will show up Soon
” all right we know who it is

Miranda smilled as she walked into the party with her guards the hall was big and all the ladies wore beautiful gowns with their masks and danced around as they waiters moved around with drinks
Light opens back outside as Danny’s car arrived

The press magically knew it was him Mr king just walked out of his own car as he just arrived the party as danny stepped out he looked around then he wore his mask the press took pictures of him he looked awesome

” alarming Danny Hoffman shows up without a date again “, another reporter faced the screen
” Danny’s love life needs to be looked into something is wrong “, another reporter said
” how can our city’s sweetheart have a mysterious love life”, another reporter added.

The paparizi took pictures of Danny as danny tried walking down to the red carpet with his guards mr king ran to him

” Danny are you okay
“I think so
” how could you show up here without a date
” did you forget that am single
” omg Danny those nosy reporters will start doing a background check on your love life and we all know your past can cause a rumour
” they might even bring up the old rumour again the one about you being gay
” I told u Danny as a celebrity you life is not real every moment is an act you would have told me earlier I would have hired a model like we did last time
” but I thought you were dating Miranda
” am not
” but miranda can still pretend right
” Miranda is a celebrity she has access to the press if she gets this Priviledge she might use it to blackmail danny into anything
” I am going ahead I will just tell them am gay ( he laughed )
” you are laughing
” am going

Danny walked out on them his guards followed him

” Mr king why don’t you chose any of these models all of them will be glad to be Danny’s date
” ave not seen the class I need, I need someone of Mirandas class or even higher
” what to do
” if they press looks into Danny’s past his enemies will surely use Clara incident to make danny feel bad every day and you know Danny is very emotional
” that’s true we need to make sure he’s love life is always perfect so they won’t look into his past
” but Danny showing up in this kind of big party without a date is really bad for us these reporters will surely look into Danny’s past

” then lets manage Miranda she is not a bad person she can’t possibly blackmail danny

” maybe we should do so

As they where about to turn Gretels convoy arrived

” who could that be?”, mr king asked
” who likes showing off more than Gretel hoffman….
” 6 cars is much jeez . ..

Gretels guards opened the door and Gretel stepped out her maids and her guards walked out with her the paparazzi took pictures of her halter skelter

” reporting live , Gretel Hoffman is at it again , she just arrived .

GREtel smiled with one leg inside her car and one leg out she looked around and then wore her mask just then keilas guards opened keilas door and keila walked out she wore her mask already they both walked forwards and they guards opened the door to Celines car and as Celine stepped out one foot pictures of her shoe was taken Celine had already wore her mask in the car one guard gave her a hand and celine stepped out fully everybody wondered who she was it was already making the news her picture was going viral the paparazzi sorrounded Celine like Gold they couldn’t stop snapping

” reporting live , Mystery girl shows up wearing glass diamond shoes and Victoria cotores hand designed finale gown laid with diamonds
( trouble gown) she has a spotless skin and a body to die for the question is who is she ?

Comments came flooding online

Wow from hair to toe this girl should be worth like 900 bill dollars who is she

She’s wearing the trouble gown too

She’s wearing micaras diamond laid glass shoes

She could be a model

Omg this girl is expensive and beautiful

Who is she she has a nice figure She looks like a goddess

The press couldn’t stop talking about Celine Gretel and keila walked towards her

” you must never take off your mask so they won’t do a background search on you, you get
” ok
” yea come on

Meanwhile danny was on a hot seat as he got to the red carpet

” wow Danny can I get a hug
” don’t ask
He hugged her
” I hope your girlfriend won’t bite me
Danny smiles
” we are glad to have you
” thank you
” so who do you owe your outfit too
” thanks to my designer
” so what do you expect from this party tonight

LMr king just saw Celine

” who is that goddess?
” exactly what we need

” height check, figure check , colour check, skin check , hair check, material worth check, check check check perfect “, Mr king smiled as he hieved a sigh of relieve

” and luckily they are both wearing the same colour of outfit
” I hope she agrees

Gretel and keila with celine were about walking closer when king rushed towards them

” hey gret
” hey meet lina and keila my friends
” wow lina you look beautiful!!

Mr king had to shout because the press wouldn’t stop throwing questions at Celine everywhere was so noisy

Who are you

What’s your name

Are you a model

Who are your parents

What’s your relationship with Gretel hoffman

Are you the current miss world

Mr king dragged Celine to a corner and Gretel with KeilA followed him

” wow the press can be scary
” how may i help you
” can you act ?
” of course thats one of my many talents”, she smilled
“why are you asking?”, gretel asked

” we don’t have time can you act as Danny’s girlfriend

“whaaaaat!!!”, gretel
” whaaaaaat!!!”, celine
“whaaaaaaat !!!”, keila

“whaaaaaaaaaaat”, chidinma Jerry .m.

T.b.c .

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