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Celine and hoffman. Chapter 39

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Chapter ????39❤
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.

(Star queen)


Meanwhile KeilA got to Celine

” hey lina you forgot, you are with my phone
Danny turned
Celine gave KeilA signals to close her mouth
“my phone please”, keila said

” li what , wait lina “, danny said

Celine gave KeilA her phone and slowly started removing her shoes incase of escaping

Danny looked at Celine in awe

” oh my God it’s the missing finder , whaaaaaat the heeell, how did I get fooled
” no no its not my name is realy issabel
” ahhh cover girl really ?
” sorry for fooling you sir I was just practicing my acting talent “,. she faked a smile
” mrs Isabel , base in Paris, your boyfriend went to the state’s to cut his hair ,Jesus Christ cover girl !!.

” got yoooou “, celine said and started laughing carelessly .

” you can’t be laughing I am still going to punish you
” what ?.

danny raised his hands to move his hair Celine thought he wanted to hit her so she instantly ran off holding her shoes in her hands

” hey cover girl
Celine ran walked faster
Danny chased after her as he looked around
Ahhh this girl will kill me today he said to himself

” stop please before the press notice us
” no you want to hit me
” no I didn’t want to hit you

Celine laughed as she ran further , she liked how frustrated danny looked .

” please stop nah
Celine turned
” say it again
” please stop
Celine stopped at the distance

” say madam, please stop”, celine said

Danny looked back and everybody watched them
” madam stop

Celine laughed so much she didnt see danny catching her

He held her hands

” why do you always run away ?.

Danny looked down and celine was bare footed as she held her shoes on both hands smilling

” I really thought you will hit me
” imagine as rich as you are miss issabel on bare foot
Celine laughed
Danny bent down and wore her shown for her.

Just then the paparazzi sorounded the area

danny Hoffman’s girlfriends is realy a play girl so cute

I love couples like this

Every one outside chanted kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss,

Just then Miranda ran out and looked
everyone looked at them as Celine stood balanced on the wall and Danny stood in front of her

” what are we going to do now ?
” what to do, maybe I should just faint .
Danny smilled
” its helpless we just have to kiss each other , with our mouths closed .

CEline instantly covered her mouth with her hands this made Danny laugh

“what are you doing ?
” no way my first kiss is reserved for my true……
just then Celine realized what she was saying, waaaaiiitt, did I just tell danny that ave not had my first kiss yet ahhhhI feel so embarrassed she said to herself
As she shyly tried covering her face
Danny smiled
” wow she has virgin lips.
” no i dont
” i think you do
” i realy dont, it was a slip of the tongue
” then I guess no problem I can easily kiss you

Celine looked around and the press everybody looked at them from behind as Danny backed them , even the paparazzi took pictures

” if they couple don’t do anything intimate at this moment everyone will know it’s a set up

” they should just kiss then whats there
” lina didnt bargain for this she will kill us

Danny smiled at Celine and tried kissing her ..as Danny moved closer to Celines sparkling pink lips he stoped and looked at her eye Celine had already closed her eye tight that it was visible how tight it was ..

Danny smiled as he gently placed one hand on under her jaw and lifted her face upward moving her lip closer towards his direction ….he looked at her eye again it was still closed danny he came closer to her lips , he saw her bite in her lower lips …Danny chuckled… she finally let go of the lip it was wet Danny felt a strange strong desire to kiss her lips… he moved closer to do so but he recalled when Celine had covered her mouth and said her first kiss was reserved for her true love
So he moved close enough to her lip then stopped and held the position for few seconds .

the paparrazzi took pictures everyone thought they were

celine had waited for the kiss to happen for a while so she opened her eye and Danny smiled as he withdrew his hands from her jaw and hugged her then he said to her ears

” don’t worry
Celine smiled as she held him tighter

” wow this is the star couple of the year I am so touched
Pictures where taken of them and it already went viral

KeilA just saw the picture on line in her phone while she chatted inside the hall

” jeez Danny kissed celine
” wow so cool
” I wish it were me, Danny is such a good kisser
” what has he kissed you before
” that movie he acted with
Jennifer” I choose you”

” that’s because they where a couple, u know apart from clara Danny loved Jennifer more than all the girls he ever dated

” I wonder why they broke u
” she cheated
” bad news

Miranda was so pissed
Whoever you are enjoy it while it lasts because I won’t let any woman have Danny
Miranda angrily ran off

Danny took celines hands

celine felt so much for danny that her heart couldn’t control it anymore she looked at danny and suddenly tears fell Danny looked at her eye

” hey why do you look so teary suddenly ?
” no its nothing my eye just gets wet
” I thought pretty girls don’t cry

Celine smilled “,I don’t know why I feel like tearing up too she said to herself

” come on lets go inside
He took her hands and they walked back into the hall

The party went on.

Just then a woman walked out and sat in a chair facing a table which had a red and green flag on it She sat on the stage

” wow open bidding will soon start”, gretel said
” cool am ready
” I thought they won’t do it.
” as long as personalities are here it can’t be avoided it’s how the gain back the money lost…

” all right people what’s a party without a little bidding “, moderator said

Just then a yellow carpet was rolled down and everyone sat up with their drinks in their hands

a model walked into the yellow carpet she held a silver box in her hands when she got to the middle she opened it exposing the diamond and ruby laid crown as she spinned around for all to see. the stage was in the middle and the crowd sorrounded it

” wow its so beautiful”, celine said
” you like it ….
“yes ?..
“do you want it?
” no i mean am way bellow that..
she smilled

Soon the bidding flag was shared amongs everyone

Just then a lady raised up the flag and the camera turned her

” 10 million for the crown

M. C : all right first bidder says 10 million

KeilA raised her flag the camera turned to her

” 15 million

M. C : 15 million is that our best bid
Susan flagged up

“20 milion

M. C : 20 million and going

GREtel flagged up

” 30 million

” Gretel Hoffman 30 milion is that our best bid

Beauty flagged up
” 45, million

M. C : 45 million and going

MIRANDA flagged up
” 60 million

M. C : wow I have a feeling this is our best bid and no other person…………. all right the crown goes to Miranda

Just then Danny raised his flag

“what are you doing sir ?
The camera moved over to danny
” 95, million for the crown

.M. C : that’s it Danny Hoffman got it .

People whispered within themselves Miranda was so annoyed

the model walked down to Danny and handed him the box but Danny opened the box in her hands and brought out the crown he then placed it on Celines head everybody clapped

” you are not below anything
CEline couldn’t believe it
“thank you”,she Said.

“thanks for the tea too”..
CEline smilled

Just then another model walked out she wore a hand bag which was very beautiful

M. C : best designer hand bag of the year

Jennifer raised her flag and light moved to her

” 30 million
M. C : 30 million its leaving

Susan raised her flag
” 40 million

M. C : 40 million and going

Beauty raised her flag

” 50 million

M. C : 50 million seem a like that’s our best bidder

GREtel raised her flag
M. C : gretel hoffman

” 70 million
M. C : who else….. no one ok the bag goes to gretel

the woman at the stage lifted the red flag signalling that she recieved the money
the model walked down and handed the bag to Gretel

” wow this is so cool
” yea it is

They bidding went on soon Mirabel walked out holding a paper in her hand

” because this is just for fun Danny please do not decline
Danny looked around

“what ?

” ok ladies its time to bid on the most attractive guy in the room, lets bid on danny Hoffman !!!!

All the ladies stood up shouting and clapping

” the best bidder gets one night with danny
all the ladies clapped they were so happy
Danny stood up and walked out he took the Mic

” Am sorry ladies but please not tonight my girlfriend will break up with me

” ok fine the paper is 3 sidded
” lets see what’s the next option
” you have to unmask your girlfriends
” but it’s a mask party
” everyone is curious
” tick tock tick tock make your choice
” whats the last option
” the guys will bid on your woman
” what no no no no that’s not happening “, danny said

Danny was really confused on which choice to make

Salvador David sat with his assistant he was the owner and founder of perfect white skin options he wore his mask and sat quietly no one not even the press recognized him

” I hope he exposes her identity I need her to complete the beauty hunt she’s just perfect for the commercial

” that’s right sir she is what we are looking for .

CElINE sat down on the chair realy confused as pictures of her were still being taken

Danny stood confused on the stage like a pack of sexiness.

he didn’t know which choice to make meanwhile Gretel and keila ran towards Celine

” I wonder what Danny would decide
” I don’t know too
” why would they want to bid on a human being?”, celine asked.

” consequences of being strikingly handsome
” and unavoidably sexy
“ok I heard “, Celine replied She looked up to Danny on stage as he smiled while moving his hair back.

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