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Celine and hoffman. Chapter 40

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Chapter ????40❤
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.

(Star queen)


She looked up to Danny on stage as he smiled while flipping his hair backward

“ok fine am game “, danny said

They brought out a nice chair and Danny smiled as he walked down to Celine he pecked her cheek and slipped his phone into her hands then he walked away back to the stage and sat down

” wow every girl wants a night with danny hoffman but may the best bidder win ….

Mirabel sat down and sipped her drink smilling

M. C : ok people may the best bidder win

Just then mirabel flagged up
The camera turned to her

” 50 million

M. C : 50 million
Miranda flagged up

70 million for danny
M. C : 70 million

Diana flagged up.
” 120 million

M. C : omg is it 120 million or what
Jennifer flagged up.
” 150.

” M .c : is that our best bid

“Celine you need to win Danny”, gretel said
“what !!!
” yes .
GREtel lifted Celines hand with the flag in it
The camera turned to Celine

” 160 for my boyfriend

Danny smiled on stage

” 180 for danny”, Miranda said

” 200 Jennifer said

Celine kept quiet.
” Celine talk “, gretel said.
” its obvious these two ladies are in love with danny so lets wait

” are you sure, your plan might backfire on you?
” I don’t think so

” 250 million for danny “, mirabel said
M. C : jeez 250

” 300 million for danny”, Miranda said
Mirandas assistant tapped her

” madam you are going to far
Miranda smilled
” i will keep taking it higher till no one else can afford it
” what if by then you are left alone and you too can’t afford it
” I don’t think I will ever be left alone mirabel and Jennifer are so eager

” 330 for Danny”,Jennifer said
“350 for danny”, Amy said
” 400 for danny”,mirabel said

” 500 for my boyfriend

M. C : 500 and battling

“550”, Miranda said.

” madam your spendable income is 600 for a week remember you signed it yourself.

” that’s true but no problem I will keep taking it high till no one can afford it , non of us.

” 600 “, Jennifer said

M. C : is that our best bid

” 650 for danny mirabel said

” 680″, Victoria said
” 700 “, Amy said

M. C : 700 is that our best bid

” 750 for Danny “, miranda said

” come on Celine “, gretel said

” no I have a feeling someone wants to keep taking it higher

M. C : 750 for danny Hoffman going

” raised the yellow flag meaning she was out
So did Victoria, Amy and all other women
” 780 “, Jennifer said
” 800 “, miranda said

With this Jennifer raised the yellow flag too

M. C : ok 800 for danny Hoffman is that our best bid
There was no response

“come on Celine”, keila said
” shhhhh”,..

M. C : that’s our best bid Miranda just won Danny for the night

Everybody clapped
Danny stood up from his chair

Just then the woman at the stage raised the yellow flag signalling that she didnt receive any money

Danny sat back down

M. C : Miranda what’s wrong

” Linda do it through my savings account
” it won’t work you signed all this yourself

M. C : we are sorry Miranda if you can’t afford this your bid is canceled

With this Celine raised her flag

M. C : omg its Danny’s girlfriend

” 900 “, celine said
M. C : and that’s our best bidder

Miranda got so angry
Danny stood up

” gret how much can you spend this today .
” 300 u
” 400
” its not complete

The woman on The stage raised the yellow flag again

M. C : what’s going on is it network issues

With this Miranda instantly placed a call to her account manager

” remove my account limits
” now
” yes now
” all right you will receive an alert in few seconds

“what do we do
” Danny’s account
” so smart
They took the phone from Celines hand

Miranda held her phone while she awaited the alert

” dannys password, what’s his password “, keila asked

” Jennifer “, gretel said .

Celine turned to look at them
Gretel opened it

” his ex is still his password
” Danny doesn’t really have time to Change stuffs secondly he barely uses this account

” or he still loves her
” I doubt that
” he might still do

Just then Miranda received the alert
” the limit is out send the money “, miranda said
” coming “……

” come on gret send the money
” coming

Just then the woman at the stage raised both two red flags at the same time

M. C : its a tie, two women sent the money at the same time who owns Danny for the night

Gretel shouted

” lets check the time!!!!
M. C : nice idea

They woman on the stage stood up

” did you hide the name of the account ?”, keila asked gretel
” don’t you trust me.

The woman on stage smiled .

” from Miranda Millbert 10 pm and from the next person 9:58

Miranda was late by 2 minute so she will recieve her money back the best bidder is Danny’s girlfriend thank you

She walked out of the stage just then gretel hieved a sigh of relieve

Danny stood up he took the Mic

” wow and I felt like I will sit forever

Everyone laughed

M. C : all right may the best bidder walk up to her price

Celine walked up to the stage smilling she got close to Danny and Danny whispered

” hey
” you are really smart
” I know right
Danny smilled as he took her hand

Everybody in the hall chanted kiss her, kiss her, kiss her, kiss her, kiss her, kiss her

” ah not again
Danny looked around he knew there was no running from this one because they where sorrounded
” ahh what to do ?
” its fine its not a big deal
she smilled
The paparazzi took pictures of them
” are you sure ?
Celine nodded
Danny moved closer to kiss Celine he noticed that Celines eyes were closed again and her face was still up straight he smilled as
CEline opened her eye
” mm
” what ?
“your face

With this Celine smiled as she turned her face then danny kissed her , first his mouth was closed more like a peck….

Just then celine opened up and Danny deepened the kiss, their Tongues met , their salivers mixed.

Danny gently withdrew .

Danny kissed her neck and hugged her

Everybody clapped as Danny walked down with Celine

” all right the couple will be directed to their place of abode

” this people are serious ooo
” didn’t you know ?

Just then a lady walked towards them

” please follow me

He took Celines hands and the walked down into the room which was very close to the party hall the bed everything was designed with red roses the room was so beautiful Danny turned to the lady

” hey the party has not even ended
” it has, its the biding rule you both will stay here for the night someone is outside you can’t escape
” what?
She turned to CELINe
” make sure to enjoy your money fully
” what!!

She walked out and the m. C took the Mic All right guys dance away the rest of our while to celebrate mirabel and celebrate her indeed

Danny took off his jacket and threw it on the bed

“this feel so weird “, he said as he moved with his hands on his waist .

He removed his mask and the band from his hair.

his hair fell freely as he scattered it more with his hands then he turned to celine who still stood by the door he looked at her for a while and walked into the bathroom he washed his face and walked back out and celine still stood there by the door
Danny walked towards her he stood closely in front of her .

” hey are you going to stand here

Celine instantly covered her chest with both hands and closed her eye tight

” hey what are you doing
” well we can’t do it , infact we wont do it
Danny laughed
” seriously do what?

” I know guys like you smilling so I can fall into your charm but it won’t work, I am pretty good at resisting charms it won’t work, it won’t do it, I don’t want a night with danny hoffman
Danny smiled

” really you don’t want a night with me
” no
” are you sure you are good at resisting charms ?
” yes
” very sure
” am sure

Danny placed his hands on both sides of the door trappping celine in between them
” am still not falling “,she closed her eye tight

Danny smiled as he moved closer to celines as though wanted to kiss her …. he watched her move her lips closer to kiss him unconsciously.

He smiled and gently moved backward ….she still moved her lips closer with her eye close.

Danny watched her smiling as he kept moving back.

CEline opened her eye and just then then his hair fell covering a part of his face
Celine was lost looking at Danny she stopped breathing as she looked at his shirt which had 3 first buttons open and the silver necklace looked more attractive she looked at his lip which sparkeked pink CEline looked at him from his lip to his nose to his eye she suddenly felt the urge to kiss him stronger.

” are you still good at resisting charms
CEline didn’t talk because she already lost her resisting strength while she looked at Danny so she just closer her eye tight again
Danny smiled
” i thought as much

danny removed his hands freeing her then locked the door above her head
celine then took a deep breath with her hands on her heart

” I came close to lock the door stop having dirty thoughts
Danny lay on the bed
” oh ok
” hey, are you going to keep standing
” what
Danny : take of your cloths …
” what, I told you am not ready am not ready
She instantly covered her chest again
” ahhhhhhhh that’s not what i meant
Danny was really frustrated he scratched his hair

” just stop thinking negative I don’t even want to have sex with you
” neither do I, i have alot of people who I have sex with anyway

” no you are still virgin
” no no i am not
Danny laughed
” you are
” ok fine You won

” so I was wondering why, I mean why are you so chaste You are very pretty and a lot of guys should be after you or are You a ghost

” well actually when You are poor there are so many things You don’t have time to think about
Danny laughed

Just then celine realized she still covered her chest so she slowly removed her hands
Danny smiled

” take off you shoes and your mask just try being comfortable if the gown is too heavy wear the towel jacket in the shower , am not a rapist lina, I can’t touch you against your will, unless of course you wish to , but once the party is cleared I will call my assistant to help us sneak out quietly, there is no way we can sleep here my mom will catch you in the morning

” ok sir

Celine was still standing by the door she removed her shoes which stressed her the most then she tried removing the mask from behind but she couldn’t she kept trying she didnt understand how it was locked then she suddenly felt someone’s hands so she withdrew her hands
” hey hold still
” oh ok
Danny carefully opened the mask from behind and held it his hands


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