July 25, 2021

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He and her V. Episode 65

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He and her V

Episode 65

(Began to feel dizzy)

Camila’s POV

7:03 AM

I dressed well , my heart was still troubled because of the scary dream that I had.

I put on my small beautiful and exorbitant hand bag and walked to where my car is.

I entered and drove straight to Tucker’s place. I stepped down and entered , I noticed that the parlour was disorganized, it was like some sort of kids had played rough there.

I ignored that and went straight to Tucker’s room. The door was locked from the inside and I can’t but wonder why Tucker could still be sleeping at this hour.

I planted a knock on the door , I did that several times but no one was responding neither was I hearing any sound of people inside.

I was disturbed. I picked up my phone from my purse and dialed Tucker’s digit. It began to ring right in the living room.

I walked to where the direction of the phone was sounding. I saw Tucker’s phone right beside the chair.

I bent gently and picked it and that was when fear engulfed me the more ,I was scared of what has probably happened to Tucker.

But if Tucker is outside or somewhere , his door shouldn’t be locked from the inside.

I went to the door and began to hit it with my petite hand but it wasn’t giving way.

I was wondering if he had mistakenly drank himself to stupor or something…but why would he? The Tucker I know doesn’t drink

After a while , I sank to the chair at the living room tiredly hoping that wherever Tucket is or wherever he had gone to , he will definitely meet me here.

8:0 Am

It’s almost an hour now and I still didn’t see any traces…what could be happening?

Just then , I noticed some steps walked in, I turned my head to the direction of the steps and two men entered. They were dressed in suit , One is Tucker but I have no idea whom the other man is.

I referred to Tucker as a man because , although his face looked like a Tucker , his physic and walking posture does not in any way look like that of Tucker

I stood confused.

Those two men walked towards me without saying a word , they suddenly carried me outside , I was struggling but was too weak for their strength.

They bundled me inside the booth of the car and after a while , the car began to move.


12:0 Am of that night.

Tucker’s POV

Grace finally sat on my gbola and her thing rapped around my gbola , she began to raise her @** up and down , clapping it on my gbola.

I was enjoying every bit if it and around that time , I had forgotten Camila , this is not my wish ,this is a lady se-*ducing me because of the deal I had made with her

As much as I want it to stop ,I’m now willing to continue it. Her thing taste so sweet that I pushed her to the floor myself

I separated her legs and centered my gbola at the center of her thing. I inserted it there gently at first but the sweetness made me increase the pace

She began to scre-*am and she was obviously enjoying it. I was th*ustiN-g in and out so bad that at some point , I began to sweat.

After a while , I pulled out when the white stuffs were about to come out. She pulled me closer and insist that I release those white stuffs inside her but I refused.

“This is dangerous….I can’t risk my future. That we are having this thing is enough , please don’t let me release those white stuffs inside” I said after I had poured those white stuffs to the floor.

“We made a deal here Mr. Tucker…you have to do it ” She said while stroking my gbola.

After few seconds , my gbola rose again and I turned her to the other side while I lay behind her.

I centered my gbola at the entrance of her thing from behind and pushed in so deep , I began to push and pull while I opened my mouth and m0a-*n in so much pleasure.

I began to feel dizzy all of a sudden , I have no idea what is happening to me

That was the last thing I remembered doing before I faded off into the dark

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