July 27, 2021

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Last love. Episode 16 and 17

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(Let me help)
Chapter 16
Kendra’s POV
It has been two days and Allen hasn’t left his room. Flavian thinks am the reason for his change of behaviour but he was like that before. Ivy came but Allen chased her. I will try and talk to him that Julie doesn’t exist, he should just forget about her. I went to his room with some food. He hasn’t been eating for two good days. I knocked three times before he came to open. He stared at me for a while and welcomed me in.
‘I brought you food,’
‘Am not hungry,’ he said coldly.
‘For how long will you be locked up in here?’
‘Did you find information about Julie?’
He sat on the bed frustrated.
‘She doesn’t want to show up. Move on with your life,’
‘You don’t understand. All my life I have been sad but that single night she made me smile. Its like she brought hope in my life,’
‘I understand what you mean but you also need to understand her. She has reasons why she hasn’t showed up again,’
I could see in his eyes he seemed hurt.
‘He has everything, why must he look for me? He can get any girl he wants,’ I thought to myself.
‘All my life I always wanted to know how it feels to be happy and that feeling is nice. She knows what she did to do that. I just want to be happy, is that to much to ask?’
He was already crying. I understood him perfectly, I was once in his shoe until Flavian helped me out.
‘Let me help you as we continue looking for her,’
‘Are you sure?’
‘Yeah, what are friends for,’
‘First you need to be strong, eat your food,’
‘Leave it there I will eat,’
‘Am not leaving until you are through. I need to use the plate,’ I said and sat beside him.
He dipped the fork and took a small quantity.
‘It’s delicious,’
Delicious and he is playing with the food. I took a full spoon and fed him. That was the same thing Flavian did to me. He couldn’t talk and I didn’t even want to listen.
‘Freshen up then we go for a walk in the compound,’ I said and left.
I needed to clean the dishes first before Trizah scolds me like her daughter.

Chapter 17
He came to my room though I was ready.
‘I didn’t know you come this sides,’
‘Actually this is my first time. I didn’t get you outside so I came to pick you up. Where are we going to walk?’
‘I just wanted you to get out of the room, but we can play a game,’
‘Which game?’
‘I love swimming. The water cools me down,’
‘I will cheer you up. I have phobia for water,’
He led the way towards the swimming pool. I sat by the pool and dipped my legs in the water. I had a lot in my mind. I was staring on the empty space when he poured some water on my face.
‘Are you okay? I have been calling your name,’
‘Yeah, I just remembered something,’
‘Come and swim,’
He didn’t even wait for my reply he pulled me inside the water.
‘I can’t swim,’ I shouted as I started to drown.
Allen’s POV
I pulled her inside the water. I didn’t know she doesn’t know how to swim I thought she just feared the water. I swam towards her and got hold of her. She was already unconscious. I placed her out of the water. She looked beautiful, I wonder why I didn’t see this. I did first aid on her and she slowly blinked her eyes.
‘Am sorry I didn’t know you can’t swim,’
‘It’s okay,’ she muttered.
She is so understanding. I took her hand and pulled her up.
Kendra’s POV
He pulled me up and I hit on his bare chest. I don’t know why am feeling weird. I felt helpless, I didnt have control over myself. I can’t tell if I was the one moving or him but he was so close. I could feel his breath which was making me go crazy. I stopped breathing when he planted his lips on mine. My mind wanted to step back but my heart couldn’t. I don’t know what is really wrong with me but I reciprocated. I pinched myself and stepped back. I felt embarrassed and couldn’t face him again.
‘I’m sorry,’ I said and ran to my room.
I touched my lips and felt really good. I wished it could last long. I just hope am not falling for him.
‘The kiss was just a mistake,’ I assured myself and laid on the bed.
‘Just a kiss nothing more,’ I kept repeating to myself until I dozed off.

Last Love. Chapter 18 and 19
Last Love. Episode 14 and 15

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