August 1, 2021

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Let me Love you. Episode 6

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Let me love you. Episode 5

LET ME LOVE YOU ????????????6


Jason :What!!! Valerie there’s nothing like spell maybe you have been reading too much novels about witches and spells valentine looks fine to me.
Valerie :you have to believe me I believe me Val is not in his right senses now his under a spell.
Jason :spells doesn’t exist rie just forget about it i think your love for valentine is causing all this.
Valerie :sighs) okay fine maybe i was wrong.
Jason :yes sis bye am going to the company.(goes out).

Valerie pov.
Jason does not believe me but am sure of what I saw, I’ll have to do it myself.

Next day in school.
Valerie’s pov.
I walked into the class i saw Jeremy (my classmate) reading a book with the title mysteries of witches and how to cast and undo a spell. I quickly went over to his table.
Valerie :good morning Jeremy.
Jeremy :looking surprised.. Morning how may i help you i hope you have not come here to bully me or calling me names because i believe spell do exist and witches are real.
Jeremy the nerd as we call him in class, he always talks about witches, goddess which makes everyone afraid of him and bullies him.
Valerie :am really sorry Jeremy but I’ve not come here to bully you i came to ask you for help.
Jeremy :huh what is it.?
Valerie :if someone is under a spell how do you know?
Jeremy :the person eyes changes color and his or her character changes too.
Valerie :can you help me confirm my suspicion on valentine, i think he is under a spell.
Jeremy :okay I will but you will have to promise me that you will protect me from being bullied from now on.
Valerie :i promise. Deal?
Jeremy :deal!.
I smiles and felt relieved.

Let me love you. Episode 5

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