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Ria. Episode 51 to 53

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Ria. Episode 54 to 56
Ria. Episode 48 to 50

♠ RIA ♠
RIA POV ????
“Miss Ria -”
Loretta called ma as I looked up from the clothes rack I was checking out.
“Yes Mrs Loretta”
“Elise told me that you haven’t eaten anything since last night”
“I’m not hungry”
She moved closer
“You look pale”
“I’m fine. Thanks”
“No -”
“Can you help me check out the clothes on that rack?” I pointed to a rack at the far end of the room. I wasn’t in the mood to talk to her or anyone. Somehow Elise told Loretta everything when she noticed Ian didn’t come around for coffee Mornings or to drop me off at school or home. Ethan has been the one driving me home and to school and he ensured that my door and windows are closed before leaving for his place. I hired a nanny who will look after of the kids while I’m at the store. She leaves whenever I get back home.
Three days now and I haven’t heard from Ian. I called him but he didn’t pick up his calls and I also sent him an apology text but he didn’t reply. I called Mr Griffin to check on Ian the day before but he said Ian was out of the country on a business trip. I’d no idea where he’d gone cause Mr Griffin didn’t tell me the country he travelled to or how to reach him or how long it would take him to realise his phone was ringing and When he would stop avoiding me?
I never expected this to unfold between us naturally.
“Yeah..sure” Loretta answered
“Thanks” I replied with a half smile before she walked off.
“Ria -”
A voice called my name few minutes later and I thought I was imagining Ian’s voice in my head again.
I turned slightly to the sound again and Ian was there. Slowly I dropped the clothes back on the rack.
“Ria..can we talk?”
He was there..his hair mussed as if raked by worried fingers.
Ian eyes watching me.
“Yes” my voice was a mere rasp
I didn’t wait for him to say anything when we walked into my office
“Ian -”
“I talked to Ethan” he said cutting off my intended statement
I closed my eyes
“He told me everything -”
His voice trailed and I opened my eyes
His eyes held pain,no anger.
We lapsed Into silence
Ethan told him everything? When?
I didn’t expect Ethan to go to Ian and talk to him. But I should have suspected it that he wanted to tell Ian after he dropped by at the store this morning. He wasn’t happy that I refused to eat and talk freely with him. He got mad at me for turning down the food he bought at the fast food close to the store. He knew I wasn’t happy that Ian was away from me and Ethan left when I admitted to him that I was in love with Ian. He didn’t say a word after that.. He just left.
And with what Ian just said it was possible that Ethan went straight to Ian’s office.
I felt weak beyond words. Tears starting to sting my eyes.
“Ian..I tried to tell you – i tried” I said
“I know” he exhaled as he ran a hand roughly over his face
“It wasn’t true..I swear”
He came closer
“I know..Ria I know”
He stared at me
“But I was scared. I didn’t want you to hate or leave me if you knew what I was to Lucas. I couldn’t bear that on top of everything else” I tried to stop the tears but I couldn’t.
“You thought I was going to leave you because of that ?” He asked
“Yes but still..I should have told you everything”
Ian was close,bending over me,touching me,his hands on my cheeks wiping my tears.
“Ria -”
I looked up at him,his image blurred slightly by the tears
“I’m so sorry” I said to him
“Don’t be please.. It all my fault”
He was starting to blame himself. It shouldn’t be! I was my fault! I kept my past from him!
I didn’t want him to get caught in the mess but I was wrong!
I didn’t realize that Ian could be of help to me. Or maybe I didn’t want to add to his burden. I couldn’t bear the thought of him making some big sacrifice for my sake again. I thought I was capable of dealing with Frederick but I totally forgot that Ian was already in my life ready to anything for me that I had grown to having him in my life.
“You couldn’t tell me because I didn’t prove to you that I could be someone you could trust and be a shoulder you can cry on. I was just concerned about making your dreams come true. But I’ve always wanted to know why you had fears..that fear of being touched by a man – and I saw that the day I met you again at the hospital but I didn’t ask you all this time because I thought that sooner or later we would get pass that business level and you would trust me enough to tell me everything”
He paused
“I trust you Ian and I’m glad that you are concerned about me”
I studied his expression
He shook his head impatiently,his tone was still when he said
“It not just concern.. Or me caring for you Ria -” he paused
His fingertips brushed away the tears on my cheeks
“I think I fell in love with you the first time I met you and it didn’t mater to me if you were blind”
My mind was spinning. Ian was in love with me!
My mouth twisted wryly as I studied his face
“I didn’t mean to blurt it out that way. And I understand why you look stunned. You told me just Business partners and nothing more but then I was already in love with you and I wanted a life long commitment. I never expected it to happen to me but there it is Ria”
“Ian –
” now I’ve scared you off, haven’t I ?”
He shook his head
“I can’t seem to do anything right where you’re concerned. Falling in love with you at first sight despite being blind and also wanting to help you in every way..this is all new to me”
“I’m sorry Ian..it’s all new to me too. You have no idea -”
I murmured
And something in my tone seemed to give Ian a renewed hope.
“Are you saying you have feelings for me too?”
He asked and I sighed
I couldn’t lie when asked a direct question.
“I’m crazy about you Ian”
I added quickly
Ian eyes closed as he drew in a deep breathe. I touched his face and felt reality under my fingertips
“I’m in love with you too”
I whispered
His eyes opened. He stared at me for few seconds.
Then he slowly brought his lips on mine. A fine tremor ran through my body at the contact. He kissed me slowly and then deeper. His rhythm was purposeful, full of intent and I met him back eagerly.
He nibbled on my bottom lip and I gasped for air in between kisses.
“I’m addicted to you” he said
My heart raced as adrenaline ran a Marathon through my body. His tongue slid back into my mouth apparently not expecting a response from me. I hesitated trying to get most important words past the lump in my throat.
He suddenly slowed his motion and pulled back to look at me
“Ian -” a whimper slipped through my lips
He grinned at me as his hands dropped down to my waist and then he turned serious.
“Ria about being Lucas’s sex machine -” he paused
“Really none of that matter to me because it wasn’t your fault. You were a victim and I won’t hate you or leave for that..I only desire you. I only love you”
I stared at him with wide eyes as his words washed over me and I breathe
“You love me?”
He smoothened a strand of hair from my face and said.
“Very much.. I didn’t expect it but I know i can’t live without you. Ria if you want me In your life not just as a business partner but something more than that..then I am yours”
I thought I might burst from happiness.
I want him too!
“Like I said -” my voice trailed when he placed a finger on my lips.
There was a new glint of determination in his eyes.
“We don’t have to make any hasty decision now Ria”
He said still looking at me rather anxiously.
“I understand that you are still trying to get over what Lucas did to you and even Frederick Robert. So while we work on putting Frederick in jail..I will also work on courting you properly” he added with an endearing smile
“To convince you that we belong together. Ria no pressure at all but if you don’t want us to be together then be ready for me. I will wage an all out campaign to win your heart”
I believed him!
I took comfort in his words!
He was assuring me that he wasn’t rushing me,that there was plenty of time for our relationship to progress before any big change as to be made.
What big change?
“Ian it means the world to me that you’re always willing to do anything for me”
“Ria I’m happy with the choice I’ve made -”
He caught my hands in his now.
“And I’m certain of my feelings for you and nothing is going to change my mind” he squeezed my hands tightly but gently.
Yes we still have time!
I reminded myself
We don’t have to make the big decisions right now.
“We have a lot of talking to do now that the cards are on the table”
He pulled me into his arms to hold me tightly
“And the first of the cards is how to make Frederick pay for his crimes”
I clung to him
Then Ian kissed me and I returned the kiss with a renewed surge of hope.
No doubts and uncertainties!
“I’m not going anywhere. I’m not going to leave or hate you”
He told me when he finally lifted his head
“Unless you send me away”
“I don’t think i have the courage or strength to send you away”
I confessed
I can’t live without him!
“I love you”
He said
It was the first time hearing those words.
The first time a man confessed to me.
The first time I had a true kiss..without being forced.
The first time I was desperate to taste someone.
The first time a man was assuring me that he wouldn’t leave me.
The first time I accepted to be in love.
“I love you too” I said
The words was strange and new on my lips but somehow right.
The first I was saying those words.
And Ian seemed to be my first in everything except with my body.
It was the best feeling – that feeling to love and be loved back.
“You mean to tell me that I can love you whenever I want
I can tell you that I love you when you me too
No more waiting forever on love..”
???? Tears of Joy!
Oh I almost burst of happiness while writing this episode. ????

♠ RIA ♠
°°°°° One Week Later °°°°°
AUTHOR POV ????????
Derrick looked back for the fifth time but he didn’t see anyone behind him. He had noticed the brown haired guy following him from the mini mart where he went to get a loaf of bread and coffee. He made a sharp corner just to get away from whoever was following him but to his surprise the brown haired guy appeared by his side and pinned him to the wall quickly causing the stuffs in his hands to fall to the ground. No one was passing by so Chad thought he could use this chance. He was a bit stronger than Derrick so it was easy to cage him to the wall.
“Who are you?”
Derrick asked as he tried to fight him off. Chad ignored his question.
“Are you Detective Derrick?” He asked
“What do you want from me?”
He managed to push Chad away
“Are you detective Derrick?” He asked again
“No” Derrick replied
He picked up his bread and left the empty coffee container and he started walking away.
“Hey…” Chad caught up with him and brought out his ID card
“I’m Detective Chad Efron from Chicago” he said in a low tone.
Derrick didn’t stop or respond to Chad
He was simply mad at Chad for attacking him unexpectedly and for spilling his coffee.
And at the same time he wondered why a Chicago Detective was in Idaho.
“I’m sorry for attacking you like that.. You know I asked of you from the people around here and most of them told me that you’re quite a stubborn man and you won’t talk to me. That was why I attacked to gain your attention”
Derrick walked on without responding and Chad followed him.
“A friend of mine told me that you were the detective kmy charge of a case six years ago ”
Derrick stopped on track
“His name is Ethan Dantes. The case was about a family that was murdered in one night,husband and wife, a missing child who was later found in the woods..dead”
Derrick turned to face Chad
He stepped closer to Chad and whispered
“Why are you in Idaho?”
Chad covered the gap between them and bend over to whisper into his ears.
“A secret Detective reinvestigating the case. That child is alive and she demands for Justice. And I’m -”
“Come with me” Derrick cuts him off his intended sentence. And he led him to his house.
RIA POV ????‍♀
I looked down at my phone when it beeped. A message from Ethan. I picked up my phone and clicked on the screen to read the message.
“Chad found Derrick and he’s going to his place to talk to him”
“Okay I’ll inform Ian about it” I sent it back to him.
I heard a knock on the door
“Come in” I said
My phone buzzed again
“How are you doing?” I asked Ethan
“I’m fine..and is Ian there with you?”
He asked
“Chatting with someone?”
I looked up and Ian was there.
“Good morning” I said
Ian was holding the 2in1 coffee pack. I stood up and went to him.
“Good morning Hun”
He said
I placed kisses on his cheeks.
He frowned immediately
“What’s wrong?” I asked
“I’m not satisfied with kisses on the cheeks” he wrapped his arms around my waist and i hit his chest gently”
“Don’t be -”
He pressed his lips on mine cutting off my words. And I opened my mouth to his welcoming invasion,desperate to taste him. My body trembled as he kissed me slowly and then deeper. He slowed his motion and pulled back pressing kisses on my cheeks and then forehead.
“Now that better” He said
I smiled back at him.
“Let’s have coffee”
He held my hand and led us to the couch. He sat on the couch and motioned to me to sit on his laps.
I hesitated
“What is it?”
I shook my head
“Okay.. You can sit on the couch if you don’t want to” he said with a half smile.
“But no coffee for you” he blurted
“That not fair -” I pouted
“Of course it fair” he pulled me and I sat on his laps.
“Now tell me what’s going on with you?”
He handed me a coffee
“Nothing? You were smiling at your phone when I came in”
“No I wasn’t smiling like that -”
I countered when he opened all his teeth to show me how I was smiling.
“Of course!” He rolled his eyes
“Okay if that’s it then it not called smiling -”
“You showing off your teeth”
He laughed
“Well I was kidding..now tell me what I need to know”
Tell me what I need to know – I’m used to those words now. The day after we confessed to each other,Ian always ask me what he needs to know. No more secrets. I had promised myself.
“I was chatting with Ethan before you came in”
He stared at him
“You were chatting with Ethan” he repeated and I nodded
Was that jealousy in his tone?
“Come on Ian..don’t get too jealous”
“I’m not jealous”
“Really?” I asked and he avoided my gaze.
Then we lapsed into silence.
He gets jealous each time he sees me with Ethan,anytime I’m on phone with Ethan and whenever I’m chatting with Ethan. And that pisses Ethan. Two days ago he blurted that Ian was being possessive. And Ian grounded that it was none of his Business and he should stay away from me. And Ethan told him to be a good boyfriend not a possessive Boyfriend. Those two won’t stop fighting at every chance they get!
To be honest Ian is always the one bringing up fights. He can’t seem to control his anger and jealousy anytime he sees me with Ethan. He still thinks Ethan will try to win my heart.
And I’ve told Ian several times that my heart belongs to one man.. Ian Bryant.
I sighed and Drank my coffee.
“Ethan sent a message that Chad found Derrick” I said
“And I told him that I was going to inform you about it”
Ian knows everything now and he’s determined to make Frederick pay for his crimes.
“So what about the Attorney?”
“We spoke last night and she already filed in for Reinvestigation. So she’s currently in the plane to Idaho to tender it”
Attorney Ava Powell is the best Attorney in the state and she happens to be Ian family’s lawyer. I met her few days ago and explained my case to her and she agreed to take it on.
“Will she be fine alone?.. I mean Frederick will find out that someone wants to reinvestigate the case.. He might go after her”
“You don’t have to worry about Ava. Two armed bodyguards accompanied her to Idaho and she will meet Chad too. And I think three armed men is enough protection for her. Moreover she won’t be there for too long. A day or two if Derrick agrees to work with us”
Ethan said Derrick has the evidences to the case.
And I hope that Derrick’s agrees to work with us now.
“I gave Ava some money to give to Derrick in case he refuses to help”
“Ian do you think Derrick will accept the money?”
“Well Money is the language we all understand. He won’t decline it. And if he doesn’t want to work on the case then we wont pressure him”
“Thank You” I said to him
“Ria don’t thank me. I’m doing what I have to do to make sure that Frederick pays for what he did to you. And as matter of fact I hired two bodyguards for you too”
“To protect you from Frederick. That bastard can show up anytime. He might come after you. The bodyguards will be here anytime I’m not around to watch you”
“Perhaps will they move into my house too?”
“Relax Ria..not the male bodyguards. A female bodyguard will move into your home to watch you at night”
“It for you own good Ria”
I stood up from his laps
“I don’t want any bodyguard”
He stood up too
“Can you stand Frederick anytime he comes?”
He asked
I was silent
He leaned close and his hands cupped my face
“I just don’t want any bodyguard moving into my home to watch me at night”
“What about during the day?”
“Okay” I said reluctantly
The truth was I don’t want anyone risking their lives for me or anyone getting hurt for my sake.
“Can I get a gun?” I asked
Ian eyes widened
“A gun? For what?”
“For protection during the night”
“Can you fire a gun?”
“Then you don’t need one”
“But I can learn to pull the trigger”
Ian rolled his eyes
“You don’t have a licence to own a gun”
“Well I can get the license.. Ava can help”
He shook his head impatiently
“It not that easy to get such license Ria. And you don’t need a gun your bodyguards are fully armed”
He placed his forehead on mine
“Ria I don’t want you to get hurt. I need you to be alive even after putting Frederick behind bars”
He placed a kiss on my forehead.
“That’s reminds me -”
He stepped backward
“I stopped partnering with Limos Company”
“I don’t want to be associated with them after what Frederick did to you”
“But…what about your current deal with Drake? The one you signed”
“I cancelled the deal”
Ian told me about the deal with Drake and the note he asked him to sign just to make him stay away from me.
“Ian,Drake will be mad at you – he might come for me again… and I don’t want to see him”
“Don’t be concerned About Drake. He called me to ask why i cancelled the deal and I told him to ask his father”
“What if he sues you for breach of agreement, contract or deal?”
“I’m ready for him..and I’m sure he won’t go to court after he finds out what his dad did to you”
“Ian this is business. And I don’t want you getting into trouble with Drake. Ian you can go on with the deal -”
“My company is yet to ship the goods to Idaho. If Drake wants to go to court for it,the least they will ask of me is to give him 50% payment of the deal”
“Ian that’s a lot of money”
“I can handle it”
He hugged me
♦ ••••• IDAHO ••••• ♦
AUTHOR POV ????????
“Son..what’s wrong?”
Vivian asked Drake when he walked into the house.
He ignored her and made his way to the study. His mom followed him. He didn’t bother knocking before going into the study.
Frederick sat in his old chair,lost in deep thought. He had just received a call that an Attorney from Chicago showed up at the station with a Reinvestigation Letter and she requested for the files of the case from six years ago.
It wasn’t hard for Frederick to figure who sent that Attorney.
Ria Robert! She wants to reinvestigate her parents case!
And he had been thinking of how to end Ria’s life since the past one week. Trying to devise a way to get rid of her finally and silently without the cops finding out he did it.
Things will get tough and rough now that she want to reinvestigate the Case..and even hiring the best Attorney in Chicago. He realized that after he searched Attorney Ava Powell on his system.
She meant business!
He knew that proper investigation will expose his secrets. So since Ava was in Idaho the options was to either eliminate her or do a background check on her..someone like her must have secrets. He thought
“Dad now tell me what the hell is going on between you and Ian Bryant?!”
Frederick looked up at his son
“Ian?” He muttered
“Yes..Ian Bryant!”
“Son calm down” Vivian said
“Stay out of this mom!”
“What is it?”
He asked in a low tone
“Ian canceled the Five millions dollar deal”
“What?! Why?!”
“I don’t know..and I should be asking you.. that’s why I’m here so you can tell me!”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about”
“Ian said I should ask you. He said you clearly know the reason why he canceled the deal!”
Drake was furious.
He wondered why Ian canceled after making it clear that he won’t go near Ria Robert.
Frederick was lost in thought again, trying to figure out what Ian meant by what he told Drake.
Then realisation hit him when he recalled the recording he sent to Ian.
Questions flooded his already disturbed mind.
Could it be that Ian found out he sent the tape?
He was perturbed.
And his overdeveloped sense told him that Ria could have explained everything to Ian. And now he wants to get back at him.
“Drake don’t worry I will talk to him” he said shakily
“No I need you to tell me what’s going on?!”
Drake uttered profanity before storming out of the study. Vivian followed him.
She was confused and still mad at her husband for not letting her travel to Chicago.
Frederick picked his phone and searched through his contact list for Ian’s number. He used to have it when he was still running the company right before Drake became the CEO. He found it and dialed it.
Ian loecked on the first ring
“Hello?” Ian said
“Hello it me Frederick Robert” he said calmly
“Well it been -”
“What is it?” Ian asked sternly
Frederick clenched his fist but he managed to calm down
“Drake told me that you canceled the deal you signed”
“Yes I did”
“You sent that false recording Right?”
Frederick Heart beats rapidly
“I know you sent it to make me stay away from Ria. And i know some other things too Frederick. Six years ago you committed a crime and covered It up. But for How long will you keep it covered?. I’m sure your spies must have called to inform you about the Attorney that came around. Well we are investigating the case. And don’t you dare try to get rid of that Attorney or even think iyf coming near Ria..if you do – I swear I’ll be the one to end you miserable life Mr Frederick Robert” the line dropped
Anger and fury crashed over him. He threw his phone across the room.
Ian was solidly behind Ria!
He didn’t stay away from her!
suddenly fear gripped him. Fear of being summoned by the police! He won’t wait for them to come knocking at his door!
He would get rid of them..all of them working on the case before they catch him.
He stood up and rushed to his room.
He packed some clothes into a bag.
“Where are you off to?”
Vivian asked when she saw the bag with him
“I’m going on a vacation”
“What vacation? And why the sudden -”
He went to her and kissed her possessively silencing her in the process.
He stepped back and looked at her with a serious face.
“Don’t go to Chicago” he warned
“Go to the sanders place right now,take care of our unborn grandchild. You can stay there still I return home”
It was a lie!
He knew that he won’t be coming back to Idaho anytime soon!
Vivian was confused. She couldn’t utter a word as she watch Frederick walked out of the house
It would be a great battle!
Someone must surrender to the other!
Someone must die in the process!
Frederick promised himself that he won’t be the one to surrender or die!


♠ RIA ♠
°°°°°°Two Days Later°°°°°°
AUTHOR POV ????????
A soft knock sounded on the door.
“Come in” Ria answered
Elise walked in with Chad behind her with a box in his hands.
Ria sat beside Ian
Ethan sat beside Attorney Ava.
“Mrs Elise please join us”
Ria said when Elise was about leaving the room.
She didn’t want Elise to feel left out in the plan.
“Okay” she bow her head slightly before settling down beside Chad.
Ethan cleared his throat and performed the introduction. He introduced Chad to Ian and Elise.
Chad hasn’t met them.
“So let’s get down to business” Chad said as he opened the box he brought in.
“This box contains all the evidences and files which Derrick gathered six years ago”
“So what about Derrick?” Ian asked
“He is not coming” Chad answered
“Yes Derrick doesn’t want to work on the case. And he also rejected the money you sent him” Ava added
“I’ll will just tell everything he told me” Chad said

“So you work as a Detective in Chicago?” Derrick asked chad when they stepped into his house.
Chad glanced around the small apartment.
“Don’t mind the condition of my apartment”
Derrick sniffed and sat on the couch
“Tell me everything that happened right after you turned in the information you gathered”
Chad said
“I lost everything..my job, my wife,my home, marriage..everything”
“Who fired you at work?”
“My boss. He asked me to work on the case but he fired me after I told him the suspect and tendered the information”
“Who was the suspect?”
“Frederick Robert”
“Oh well it was possible that Frederick ordered your boss to fire you”
“Exactly. He was the brain behind the case. He manipulated everything, Fake body, false witness,false killers -”
“And the cops allowed it?”
“You don’t know Frederick Robert” Derrick chuckled
“He is ruling here and he’s highly connected”
“How did you know Frederick Manipulated everything?”
“I worked on the case secretly after I got fired at work. A colleague of mine provided me with information I needed. I even talked to the witness and she admitted that she saw them that day.. I mean the MML Gang. She saw them when she came out to tend to her dog that won’t stop barking. And even before that it wasn’t hard to figure the killers. I knew it was the MML gang cause I’ve worked on several cases which involved them. Frederick claimed the inheritance after they closed the case and then I found the Truth”
“Tell me about it”
“Frederick sent the gang to get his brother to sign the transfer of inheritance paper and get rid of him too”
“So what did you do after finding the truth?”
“There was nothing I could so since the case was closed and my life was already miserable by then… when my wife left me”
Chad shook his head
“I’m sorry about that -”
Derrick snorted
“Don’t feel sorry”
“Ethan told me everything”
“Yeah he worked with me secretly. He was the one that gave me the idea of the inheritance. He hired you to reinvestigate the case?”
Chad nodded
“Is really she alive?” Derrick asked
He wanted to be 100% sure
He had gone to the cyber cafe that night Matthew came around. He searched for Ria Robert on Google and he found her among the list of top Clothe Designers in USA. He found everything!
He recognized her with the pictures he had taken from their home six years ago.
She was older now.
It was hard for him to believe that she was alive. And he wondered how she had survived!
“Yes and she want Justice”
Derrick stood up and carried the box. He gave it to Chad
He opened it and saw stack of papers,a white envelope and a small black recording device.
“A guy came around and gave me that device and envelope” Derrick said
“Who is he?”
“Matthew Alley, An ex convict and a friend to an Ex member of MML Gang”
“Yes..about the MML Gang I’ve been trying to find information about them”
“They are all dead”
Chad looked up at him
“The five of them?” He asked
“Well only one survived six years ago. He was in jail for Six years but he died too a couple of weeks ago”
“He is dead?”
His forehead creased
“Yes. His name is Dane Kelly but usually called Speedy. And he did that recording and wrote that note before his death”
Chad checked the writing on the envelope. It was directed to “RIA ROBERT”. And it was sealed.
“tell me all I need to know”
Chad said
Derrick sighed
“Matthew said that Frederick visited speedy few days before he died. He didn’t know what they talked about..but he suspected that there was a deep secret between them. And Days later speedy had a fight with an inmate and was stabbed”
“Perhaps was there a grudge between speedy and that inmate?”
“Yes scorpion used to be the Lord of the Prison before speedy took away that title. He survived and at the infirmary speedy told Matthew that he needed him to find someone as soon as he leaves prison”
“Hold up..” Chad raised a finger
“Speedy asked Matthew to find someone when he gets out of jail”
“Yes. And he said that someone wanted him dead. He told him the place to find the note and device and asked him to find me and deliver it to me”
“And who wants him dead?”
“Who else?”
Chad raised an eyebrow
“Frederick Robert” he replied
“Yes. Matthew went back to the infirmary the next day during lunch but was told that Speedy passed out during the night”
“But..why did Frederick killed Speedy?”
“You will find the answer in that recording” Derrick itched the bridge of his nose
“Everything you need to put Frederick in jail is in that box”
They lapsed into silence
Chad was busy checking out the papers In the box. He saw pictures. Two pictures of Ria and her parents.
“I advice you don’t deal with Frederick here in Idaho. And also get the best Attorney to help you on this case”
“Yes Derrick the best Attorney will be in town soon to request for the files”
“Good one Chad.. But I hope they don’t tell her that the files are missing”
“They won’t do anything silly. Attorney Ava isn’t an ordinary Attorney..she’s got connections”
“Then tell her to request for a transfer of case to Chicago. That will render Frederick powerless”
“Frederick is powerless in this case. Ria Robert is not the hopeless Blind girl people around here know her to be..she’s rich now. And she’s got Rich and powerful people helping her on this case. You know Ian Bryant?”
“Ian Bryant?”
“Yes..He’s a Mogul”
Derrick nodded
“I haven’t met him but I’ve heard of his family history..pretty famous”
“Third richest family in USA. He is Ria Robert partner. And he’s determined to put Frederick in jail. And I can assure you that he won’t get away this time”
“You can’t be sure Detective. Frederick is smart. And as a matter of fact his spies at the station will call to him inform that An attorney tendered a reinvestigation note. Let’s see -”
He paused
“Frederick Robert will leave town” he completed
“We will arrange for his arrest before he leaves town”
Chad replied
Derrick shot him a confused look
“Yes..me and you. Derrick you are a detective”
“No I’m not a detective anymore and I don’t want to work on the Case”
“Ria Robert Will be happy see you”
“I’m not interested” he spat
“I can get you a job in Chicago. I’m sure my team will be happy to have a detective like you on our team”
He was silent
Chad dropped his number on the table.
He stood up and carried the box with him and walked out of the house.
He sent Derrick’s address to Ava.
Ava went to Derrick the next day she arrived at Chicago. She gave him the money Ian asked her to give him but he refused it .
Ava tried to convince him to join them to work in the case.
She dropped her card and told him that she awaits his response.
He had a second thought..it was a chance to start his life again. To live a normal life and forget about his wife that left him..and forget the miserable life he lived in Idaho.

“So have you listened to the tape?”
Ethan asked Chad
“Yes..” He took out the envelope and gave it to Ria. Ian collected it and handed it to her.
“Speedy sent this to you”
Chad said
“Can we listen to the tape first?”
Ria asked
Chad took out the device and pressed the button.
Speedy: My name is Dane Kelly but my gang called me speedy. I used to be a member of the MML Gang. I made this recording as an evidence to be used against Frederick Robert in court cause I know nemesis will catch up with him soon. He is a bad man. Frederick used us for dirty jobs. He ordered us to kill people.. Mostly anyone who tried to get in his way. Six years ago,Frederick came to my Boss Lucas and told him to get rid of his step brother Nathan Robert. He gave us paper works which contained the transfer of inheritance. He told Lucas to get Nathan to sign those papers and we should kill him and his family. The inheritance was a lot of money..$10 million dollars and Frederick offered to give Lucas part of the money aside the payment of the job. We killed Nathan and his wife but Lucas took Ria away cause he couldn’t control his sexual urge after seeing her”
Ian held Ria’s hands
“Lucas took her to our den but lied to Frederick that he had fun with her in his car and she died and he threw her body off a cliff.
Frederick believed him and left that day. He thought it was over until they declared Ria missing. He came back to the den and yelled at Lucas for not killing her in their home. Then he devised a plan.. The perfect plan to make everyone believe that Ria was dead. Frederick paid the commisioner of police to fire the detective in charge of the case and some cops who will present the false body of Ria Robert. It wasn’t human but a toy in form of human. It was made by the toy industry in Idaho. They designed it to look Real…like Ria…that was why back then there wasn’t much cops at the place they found Ria’s so-called body. It was just the cops the commissioner assigned to the woods. And when a witness showed up and said she saw us that night and everyone suspected us. Then Lucas sent Kelly.. The only female in our gang. He asked her to go to the witness. She was a single mother of two and so Kelly threatened to kill her sons. And she ordered her to change her words whenever the press came around. And she complied and admitted that the men they found are ones she saw that night. The truth was Frederick paid two thugs to act as the killers giving them the assurance that he would fly them out of the country after the case was closed. And they confessed that they killed Nathan and his wife because he refused to pay the money he borrowed from them. And they killed Ria in the woods. It was a lie. Actually, we killed those men after they closed the case. Lucas was willing to protect Ria from her uncle because he was in love with her but my boss couldn’t tell her.
And in a long run,we went for an operation in a bank but someone called the cops on us. They killed Lucas and two other members. I was apprehended and the last member that was shot didn’t make it. Python died the next day leaving just me to face the wrath. Frederick couldn’t get me out of cell. I was sentenced to Life Imprisonment but that bastard promised to get me out of jail when i threatened to expose his secrets. Six years passed now he didn’t do anything. He came to jail weeks back and asked me to tell him the truth about Ria. He claimed that she was Alive and I told him the truth after seeing the pictures he gave to me. Then I told him to turn himself in to the police before he left that day. I knew Frederick won’t spare me for saying that to him. He was so confident that Ria won’t do anything to him. And i sensed that my end was near and I was glad. It was better to die than stay in jail for life. I’m recording this just in case Frederick orders someone to get rid of me just to conceal the Truth. I don’t want Frederick to get away with his crimes. And I’m the only evidence Ria has to put him in jail. Detective Derrick I’m sure you’re listening to me,you are the only one I can trust with this cause I saw how determined you were back then to find the killers. Mr Derrick find Ria,she’s in Chicago, now a famous clothe designer. Find her and help her get Justice on her Parents death”
Then it beeped
“That’s all”
Chad said in a low tone.
“We can arrest Frederick with these evidences”
He said
“Yes and the transfer of case is in Process” Ava added
“Mr Chad do the necessary things” Ian gritted
“Sure I will turn in the evidences to my boss today and make a report. Attorney Ava please I will like you to come with me to the station to talk to my boss”
They both stood up
“Please kindly drop by at the station to make a statement”
He said to Ria
“Should I bring the letter along?” Ria asked
“No it yours..whatever is in there is personal”
Ava and chad left
“I think I’ll take my leave too”
Ethan said and walked out
Elise went to Ria
“Don’t worry everything will be fine. Mr Ian I will leave her with you”
She said
Ian nodded as she blink back tears.
Elise exited the room.
“Ria -” he called as he squeezed her hands gently
“I promise you that he won’t get away”
She nodded and picked the letter
“Ria..you know you can read the letter some other time”
“No..I will read now”
“Are you sure about it?”
“Yes Ian”
And he read it to her
Dear Ria,
I’m glad to hear that you are alive and also doing fine in Chicago. I heard that you are now a famous Clothe designer – it Good. To be sincere Ria, You deserve the Best after everything you went through in Lucas den. I’m so sorry for What I tried to do to you. Find a place In your heart to forgive me for trying to force myself on you. I’m using this medium to ask for your forgiveness for getting you into trouble with Lucas. I felt guilt for what Lucas and his men did to you. I wish we could meet again so i can apologize properly…but I know I’m the last person you wanna see. I know I deserve death and I will gladly accept it.
Please Ria,once again forgive me and the MML gang oer killing your parents and for causing you pain. It’s only your forgiveness that can make us rest in peace.
Please Forgive us.
Thanks in Advance!
And I wish you all the best in life Ria Robert.
From Dane Kelly (Speedy).
Tears dropped down Ria’s cheeks.
“He knew he was going to die” she stood up and Walked to her desk.
Ian went to her and pulled her into his arms tightly.
She lasted two minutes in tears. She couldn’t stop them.
“And even after everything.. he shouldn’t have died” she sobbed
She was heartbroken
She felt bad that he was dead.
“Ria that’s enough”
Ian whispered
“Everyone deserve a second chance..you know no one deserves to die. He was bad though, but he thought of doing something that would help me. Now I feel bad that he died because of me. And if he hadn’t confessed the truth then he would still be alive -”
“No Ria don’t blame yourself” he shushed her
“I forgive him..I forgive them” She muttered
That was the best thing she could do to repay speedy for preparing that evidence.
Forgiveness was the only option left to take away the guilt she was feeling. And she promised that she would do everything in her power to make sure that Frederick pays for all his crimes.
“Please forgive me
Cause I don’t know what to do…”

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