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Ria. Episode 60 to 62

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Ria. Epilogue
Ria. Episode 57 to 59

♠ RIA ♠
•°°° Two Weeks Later °°°•
RIA POV ????‍♀
Chicago High Court of Justice was full of reporters,jurymen and spectators attracted by the sensational nature of the case. Today is the day Frederick Robert would receive his punishment for every crimes he had committed. He was charged for so many things with Six others.
His son Drake Robert is doing fine now after being shot by his own father. Mrs Vivian Robert could hardly believe that her husband shot his own son.
And I never knew Drake was going to be a father until his baby mama Bay Sanders showed up at the hospital with her mom Serena. They came to the hospital with Vivian the day after the incident. Vivian wouldn’t stop apologizing on her husband’s behalf. She was innocent.. Same with Drake.
Though she was present at my parents funeral but she never knew Frederick killed them to take over the $10 million Inheritance.
And while in police custody, Frederick requested to see me. Ian was against it but I pleaded with him to let me go to him. He agreed on the condition that a cop would be around to watch us.
I went to Frederick and all he did was ask for forgiveness.
I told him I had forgiven him since the day he shot Drake.
And he admitted that his hatred and anger towards my dad made him do everything he did.
And to be honest, it wasn’t Frederick’s fault.. His late mom should be blamed. He said that his mom told him that he won’t gain anything if My dad was close to his father. She poisoned his mind against my father. But it so sad that she isn’t here to witness everything.
I felt pity for Frederick and wished that there was something I could do.
Ava said his sentence would either be death penalty or life imprisonment.
I don’t want a death penalty for him.
Ava said if the judge gives him a death penalty,then we will file in a appeal immediately.. And for them to reduce his sentence. But the chances of them accepting the appeal is low.
Amidst clamour and heated discussion going on in Court,the judge enters.
“Order! Court!” The usher said
Everybody rises and remains standing until the judge takes her seat.
“Call the case” she said
A registrar rises up
“Case of State Versus Frederick Robert and Six others”
The case is no longer mine cause speedy and two deaths are involved.
The six other accused are…The prison warder,the nurse,Biggy, The Commission of Police who used to be Derrick’s boss and the two men that set Lint Factory on fire.
Three cops lead the five accused persons in and make them sit in front of the Jury.
Frederick was asked to remain standing
The Registrar reads the charge
“That you Frederick Robert, on 13th of April 2013 ordered the killings of Nathan and Madison Robert and their only child.
That you Frederick Robert, illegally manipulated the evidence, by paying a law official,threatened a witness and killed two suspected killers,an act which is contrary to the law.
That you Frederick Robert, recruited the commissioner of Police, a prison warder,a bodyguard and a Nurse and conspired to kill Dane Kelly. You also recruited two thugs to set Lint Factory on Fire. And attempted murder on Ria Robert and your own son Drake Robert. Guilty or Not Guilty?”
Counsel of Defense,a tall young man on wig stands up.
“Not guilty”
Counsel of Prosecution Ava,rises and bows to the Judge.
“What are the facts?”
“Your Lordship and members of the Jury,the facts are these: Mr Frederick Robert paid the late MML gang to get his brother to sign the transfer of Inheritance papers and killed him after signing it. And it was discovered that indeed Mr Frederick effectively covered up the case with the late Gang and commissioner of police who was supposed to be the custodian of Law. A situation which has made it impossible for the law to take it normal course on this Man and his accomplices. But now the law finally catches up with them”
She stated other facts
“My Lord with your permission I shall now call a witness to confirm these facts: I call the first witness,Detective Derrick”
“Detective Derrick!”
The usher said loudly.
He goes into the witness box. The court clerk comes to the front of the box. He asked for his religion and Derrick answered. The Court clerk handed a Bible over to him. He took the Bible, in his right hand and repeated after the clerk”
“I swear by almighty God that the evidence I shall give shall be the truth,the whole truth and nothing but the truth”
“What is your name?” Ava asked
“Derrick Thompson”
“A Detective in the Criminal Investigative Department of Chicago Police force”
Derrick replied
“Look at that man can you justifiably say that you know him?”
She pointed to the commissioner
“What was your relationship with him?”
“He was my boss when I worked as a Detective Inspector in the Criminal Investigative Department of the Idaho Police Force”
“Mr Derrick during that time,did anybody make a report to you at any given time or date against Frederick Robert?”
“Yes..But at first My Ex boss told me to investigate the case properly..so along the line I met Ethan Dantes a close friend to the deceased at that time. He told about Mr Nathan inheritance…”
He stated his own facts to the jury. Everything he and Ethan did and his he got fired at work after turning in Evidence. The box containing Evidence he gathered six years ago was presented in court.
Though the Defence Counsel tried to object his words but the Judge ordered him not to question Derrick that everything he gathered wasn’t illegal.
“My Lord I have finished with the Detective,he may step down”
Derrick stepped down
“My Lord may i call in the next witness,Matthew Alley”
“Matthew Alley”
The usher said loudly
He goes into the witness box. The Court clerk came to him and he repeated what he did with Derrick. An oath to say the truth ”
“What is your name?”
“Matthew Alley”
“Look at that man and all of the people with him. Can you justifiably say you know him or them?”
“I don’t know him -”
He said referring to Frederick
“I know the prison Warder and the Nurse. They came to the ward the day before Speedy died”
“Please tell us what happened that very day”
The Defence Counsel stands up
“My Lord,objection my learned colleague is going beyond the case in hand -”
“Objection overruled.. Please go on”
“Thank You My Lord,now young man please go on”
“My late friend was stabbed by another inmate but before that day he told me about Frederick..not too much just that he used to work for him when he was with his gang. And that Frederick promised to get him out of jail and fly him out of the country. Mr Frederick came to the prison that day and speedy thought he was there to take him out. At that time I didn’t know what they talked about but when he was in the infirmary he told me that someone wanted him dead”
“Did he tell you who that person was?”
“Yes. He said Mr Frederick Robert. And he also gave some stuffs to deliver them as soon as I get out of prison”
He related the story to Derrick’s own.
“My Lord permit me to play the recording to shed more light to what he just said”
She played speedy tape to the Jury.
The Defence Counsel stood up and objected the tape
“My Lord this is an arranged statement to frame my client. There is no true evidence that the deceased recorded it”
“My Lord,certainly that is a very cruel thing to say by my learned colleague. The deceased knew who Frederick was and he was aware that sooner or later Frederick would come after him to cover up the truth. He recorded the tape as an evidence and wrote a note to Miss Ria Robert”
She tendered the note
Ava did the necessary things by submitting all evidence to Prove Frederick guilty.
The Defence Counsel called Frederick into the box. He tries to defend him.
Then the prosecution counsel stood up gently with grace. She bows to the Judge and then to the Jury.
“My Lord,gentlemen of the Jury,I commend my learned Friend for cleverly weaving the evidence of the prosecution to confuse this court. I shall not waste time by going over the evidence because the issues are clear and raise no doubt. If the accused had not committed the crime as alleged,why should the deceased produce a tape,why did Mr Derrick gets fired at work, why did he set Lint Factory on fire,why did he try to stage an abduction? The issue is clear and needs no further debate. Again,when the accused were questioned, they each confessed that Mr Frederick ordered them to commit those crimes alleged. My Lord what other evidence does this court need again to convict these dangerous people. The issue before the Court are quite clear,the accused and cohort must suffer the due penalties of the law” she bows and sits down.
“Gentlemen,the holy book of God tells us that the Wages Of Sin is death. Members of the Jury remember that Justice comes first. You have heard the evidence of the prosecution and that of the accused. The defence counsel claimed that the evidence was fabricated. If you have no doubt in your mind that the accused did commit the offence for which they are being charged here today then you find them guilty but if the accusation is false and fabricated then you find them not guilty. Again do not let their status or sympathy get to you just reach your verdict”
The judge paused
“You may retire”
She said to the counsels
She stands up and makes to leave.
•°°°°• ONE HOUR LATER •°°°•
The usher screams when the Judge enters. Everybody rises up and remains standing as the Judge enter until she takes her seat.
Registrar stands up with paper in hands
“Members of the Jury,you are agreed on your verdict?”
“We are agreed”
“Is it guilty or not guilty?”
He addresses the accused persons.
“Suspects at the bar,you stand convicted of Murder,bribery,abuse of public office,thuggery etc etc. Has any of you have anything to say for yourselves why the court should not give you judgement according to law”
“Yes..please be lenient with me and tamper justice with mercy! Show Mercy My Lord” The Nurse Cried
“For the atrocities which you stand convicted,I find you Frederick Robert guilty as charged and therefore sentence you to Life Imprisonment with Hard Labour. In addition,you are to refund the sum of $10 Million Dollars to the deceased child Ria Robert. As for you Commissioner of Police all I can say is that you are a disgrace to our noble profession,Greed and love of money blinded you against the demands of the profession. You are sentenced to 25 years imprisonment with hard labour. To the Nurse, according to your noble profession you are to save Lives but you have committed a grievous crime with the warder to kill Dane Kelly,you are both sentenced to 35 years imprisonment with hard labour. The rest of the accused persons you have also committed a grievous crime which convicts you. I therefore sentence you to 20 years imprisonment with Hard labour. I commend Detective Derrick for trying to expose a crime,I am strongly of the opinion that this country must be protected against unscrupulous public officers,who abuse their positions and betraying the confidence reposed in them”
Looking sternly at the accused persons
“And I condemn you for others to learn”

♠ RIA ♠
•°°°°° IDAHO °°°°°•
RIA POV ????‍♀
A week after Frederick was sentenced.
Ian and I travelled down to Idaho to visit my parents graves on the actual date of their common birthdays and anniversary. That date fell on the same day. My parents shared the same birthday dates and they even got married on that same date.
I had a blanket of flowers made for the occasion. Ian and I picked it up at the florist before driving to the cemetery far on the outskirts of the town.
I have seen their faces in the pictures Ethan gave me. And I look like my mom. I made a big frame of us in my home.
“Careful -” Ian said as we made our way to the graves.
I stared at the headstone for a while as if it an intercom connecting me to my lost parents. I didn’t speak,I just reminisced about some things I remembered when there were alive. Those things we did as a family.
I touched the marble stone and decorated each Graves.
I was grateful to Frederick for one thing – He gave them proper funerals and laid them in a good place.
“Mom..dad -” I said as I decorated the graves.
“Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary”
Tears. They fell down my cheeks
“It so sad that you both are not alive today..and Your deaths pains me but what can I do? Nothing you are both gone for good”
I wiped my tears with my fingertips and placed it on the graves.
“Justice Prevailed in the end. Frederick was sentenced and he is really sorry for everything he did to us. He asked for your forgiveness. Dad I have a lot to say but I can’t put them in words. But Mom I want you to know that I did it…your dreams..our dreams, I’m now a clothe designer,pretty famous In USA now. It was what you wanted for me right? I know.. dad I know you must be really proud of me now too. I miss you..I really do and if I was given a chance to make a wish then it would be – Turning the hands of time just to see your faces and be with you till the very end”
I stood up and held Ian’s hands
“I want you both to meet the man of my dreams..His name is Ian Bryant. He made my dreams come true that why I call him ‘ the man of my dreams ‘ ”
I smiled at him
“I achieved a lot with his help and words can’t describe how much I love him” I stopped
Ian spoke up
“Mr Nathan and Mrs Madison Robert, Ria told me a lot about you..Good stuffs and I must admit that you have the best daughter in the world. She has a good heart…a heart of Gold”
He squeezed my hand gently
“No gift or money in the world is enough to buy her cause your daughter is priceless. And I promise to take care of her -” he paused
And continued after a monetary pause.
“And also love her Forever till death do us apart”
I looked up at him
Tears blurring my vision
“Forever?” I repeated
He placed his hand on my shoulder and drew me closer to himself.
“Forever” He muttered
IAN POV ????
“Well Thank God i didn’t have to rush out of my office this time around”
I said jokingly when Lorna walked in
“Come on” she giggled
“How are you?”
“I’m fine..thanks”
She settled on the couch
I stood up from my desk and went to her
“So what’s with you?”
“Good vibes”
We laughed
Then she opened her bag and I noticed a ring on her finger.
“Lorna are you married?”
She smiled
Her fingers danced in the air
“No…I’m engaged” she replied
“Huh? Where did I drop it?”
She searched her bag
“Found it!”
Then she brought out an invitation card
“You’re invited”
I collected it from her
“Lorna weds ???? Mason”
It was boldly written on the card.
“You are getting married to Mason in a month time”
“Good.. I mean congratulations Lorna”
I stood up and went to my desk
“Don’t worry I will be there”
“I’m getting my wedding dress from RRC”
She said
I turned to face her
“The woman you love own that place right?”
“So are you still together?”
“Always” I replied
We can never be apart.
“Ian don’t you wanna get married?” She blurted
“I want to ”
“So what’s stopping you? You love her right?”
I nodded
“Then why don’t you propose to her?”
I was silent
I would have proposed to Ria a long time ago but I have this feeling it would scare her away. And I am not sure if Ria is ready for a big change..like getting married and becoming a mother. She is too busy with her studies and work at the store.
“Lorna its complicated”
“We are both working on some important stuffs right now”
She stood up
“Well that shouldn’t stop you guys -”
She stopped
“Or are you having problem on how to propose to her? I can help if that’s the case”
“No problem”
“Then get married”
Now that sounds like my dad. They’ve been pressuring me to get married. Most especially Josie, actually she was mad at me for not introducing Ria to her first. Lauren got to meet Ria first,so Josie was mad about it and She took it out on Ria at the hospital. She meant no harm to Ria,she was just jealous of Lauren’s relationship with Ria. But Everything’s fine now.
“Okay” I replied
“I will see you some other time”
“Bye” I waved
I should propose to Ria or talk to her about it?
I thought deeply
A voice screamed in my head
Yes! That’s it! It worth the risk!
And If she rejects me –
No I can’t take that!

RIA POV ????‍♀
“Excuse me -”
I turned to the soft voice
Lorna was there!
I recognized her even though I only saw her once.
“Hi” I greeted
“Lorna Simmons” I shook hands with her
“Ria Robert” I replied
“It nice to see you again. Do You remember me?”
She asked
“Yes I saw you at Mrs Perla store months ago”
“Guess You never forget a face”
She said with a bright smile
Now she was different from the lady I met the other day. That Lorna looked at me disgustingly but now she was smiling at me.
“I’m getting married in month time so I need a beautiful wedding gown”
“Oh congratulations”
“Thank you”
“Please come with me”
I led her to the wedding gown section
“Wow! So lovely!” She gasped
“I love this in particular!”
She pointed to an off shouldered gown
“Can I try it out?”
“Sure” I called at the ladies in charge to help Lorna with the dress.
She went into the changing room and came out.
“You look beautiful” I complimented
“You think so?”
“Me or the dress?”
She giggled
Lorna stepped on the pedestal and whirled to see the dress properly. The white fabric flaring out of her waist to extend to a long train.
“It looks perfect” she said
I moved closer to her
“Perhaps did Ian tell you about us?”
I cocked my brows
“Our relationship -”
She said
She was Ian’s Ex
I frowned immediately
Ian didn’t mention it that Lorna was his Ex.
“No don’t get me wrong. I’m not his Ex..but we were supposed to get married”
“Ian…Ahmm..he didn’t tell me anything”
“It wasn’t important. You know how rich parents do..they want their kids to end up with their business partners offspring just to strengthen the relationship. Oh! Did i scare you?!”
I flashed her a half smile
Actually it a Yes!
She scared me!
I thought she was going to say she was getting married to Ian!
“Don’t mind me..we were just friends and he wasn’t interested In Me”
I nodded slowly
“And he told me that..he loves you”
Ian told her about us?!
“Ria can I ask you question?”
Our eyes met in the large mirror when she stepped down from the pedestal.
I nodded
“Will you say yes if Ian proposes to?”
She turned to me with a serious face.
“I know it none of my business but I’m just concerned about my friend. It Seems Ian is doubting if you will say yes or not”
And I’ve been waiting for his Proposal.
I thought Ian wasn’t ready for the big change in our relationship. He is always busy with work.
“You love him right?”
“Yes I do”
“And you are ready to start a family?..like settle down”
She nodded
“Please can you help me out of the dress?”
I zipped down the dress and she went back into the changing room.
“I’m taking it” she said
“But can I take a picture of it first and send it to my Mom?”
I placed it back on the mannequin
She snapped it
“I will come around tomorrow so we can talk about the bridesmaids dresses. You can help me with that right?”
She checked the price tag
She smiled
“Please give me your Number?”
She gave me her phone and I punched in my number
“Thank you Ria”
“You’re welcome”
I followed her to the entrance of the store

My phone beeped and I looked down. It was Lorna.
“Hey Ian..I just came out of RRC” Lorna said
“So did you meet Ria?”
“Yes and why didn’t you tell her about us?”
“Yes that we were supposed to get married”
“What?! Did you tell Ria?”
“Calm down..yes I did but don’t worry I explained things her. Ian you better don’t waste time anymore. It seems Ria is waiting for your proposal”
“How do you know?”
“Well I asked some questions about saying yes and starting a family”
“What did she say?”
“She said Yes..so my dear friend propose to your girl and take her to the altar. I wanna see you get married in two months time. Bye”
She hang up
How did she get Ria to flow with her like that?
Oh! Lorna is an actress..so she must have put up an act.
No more Fears Ian!
Propose to Ria.
And I need to come up with the best way to propose!
I waited for you my whole life,you don’t know what you mean to me
If you ask me to be your wife and I will turn around and say..
You mean to tell me that I can love you whenever I want!

♠ RIA ♠
°°°°°° Ian’s Mansion °°°°°°
RIA POV ????‍♀
I drove down to Ian’s house in a rush. Mr Griffin called me and said that Ian slipped and fell in the bathroom.
“Good Evening Miss Ria” A maid greeted me
“Where is Mr Griffin?”
“He just stepped out just now”
“What about Ian?”
“Sir Ian is in his room” she replied
She didn’t act like anything was wrong.
I rushed up the stairs leading to Ian’s room. I knocked but no one responded
“Ian -” I called
No responds
I twisted the knob and opened the door
“Ian?” I said softly when I entered. The room was dark.
Where did he go?
Why is the room so dark?
I walked in
Suddenly I felt something snaking around my waist and I jumped in Fear.
“Easy Hun -”
“You startled me!” I relaxed when i heard Ian’s voice.
“What were you doing behind the door? And why is your room dark?”
I expected him to be in bed
“Close your eyes” he whispered
“What?” His hands left my waist and he stood in front of me
“Close your eyes”
“No questions.. Just do as I say”
“Okay” I replied reluctantly
“Yes Eyes closed Mister”
I felt him behind me again.
And his hands wrapped around me.
“Don’t opened it” he ordered
I hummed a response with my eyes closed
I heard a soft beeping sound but it ended abruptly.
“Now open your eyes”
He whispered into my ear. I opened my eyes slowly,the light was on.
“What do you see?”
He pointed to the King sized bed
I gasped in Shock.
My heartbeats rapidly.
It was formed with Rose petals on the big bed.
He put up a shinning diamond Ring right in front of my eyes.
“Ian.. you didn’t slip in the bathroom right?”
He stood in front of me again and flashed me a bright smile.
“I wanted to propose”
He said
“Ian -”
He placed his finger on my Lips to silence me.
“Ria since the day I saw you at the park,and when I met you again I knew it was fate telling me something. I feel like a god whenever you are with me. Ria you make me no longer Lonely. You make me complete, you are my perfection -” A tear slid down my cheekbone
He went down on one knee.
“I can’t live without you. Ria I want it all. I want to spend the rest of my Life with you. So please Ria give me the honor of becoming my wife”
He was grinning again
“Its the first time I’m asking anyone to be my wife..and to be in my future”
I shifted and moved closer
“I want it all too,I want you and Marriage. I want a Future -”
He seemed satisfied with my response. Ian smiled brilliantly
“Will you marry me?” He asked
“Yes Ian!” I exclaimed
He slid the ring into my finger. He stood up
His voice grew lower and a bit unsteady
“I love you and I promise that I’ll love you for the rest of my Life” He said
“I will hold you to that promise” I replied
The kiss was instant and binding,deep and compelling.
He kissed me slowly and then deeper. My heart raced when he pulled back to look at me
“Ian -” a needy whimper slipped through my lips as I slid my hands up to the back of his neck. I wanted to be close to him
“Oh Ria..I never wanted someone so much like I want you but -”
A sense of desperation filled me
“Ian i want you -”
I whispered
He never said a thing before I found his lips and he opened his mouth to welcoming my invasion. His hands tangled in my hair, each breath he took seemed to draw my breathe out and mingled with mine.
I wasn’t sure if I was ready for love making but it was a risk I was willing to take. He wrapped his arms around me,I yearned towards him,I felt that need I’d feel every time he got close. Desperate to make the contact I tucked at his shirt and he moved back to strip off his shirt. The he touched me and pulled my top over my head and tossed it somewhere. I faced him,the lace of my bra was the only barrier left. He slowly moved the bra strap off my shoulder. I held my breathe, trembling when his hands moved to my back and undid the fastener. His grazed dropped to my breasts and without touching me my nipples responded,hardening the nubs and the ache grew heavier.
“Oh my God” he whispered
He touched me and I gasped when his hands cupped my breasts.
“Ian -” my legs were weak,my breathing rapid and I swayed toward him. I lifted my face to his and the kiss was immediate and burning. It seared Into my soul and I felt whole for the first time in my Life. Ian lifted me and then together we were on the bed,leg and arms twined.
Ian’s hands were everywhere, touching and caressing and building pleasures in me. My jeans were gone and Ian’s hand was on my stomach, his fingers under the band of my panties. I lifted my hips, letting him slid the material off and he found my center. Then the fear grew but I tried to relax. I wasn’t going to fail Ian this time. I found his lips and kissed him. His Hand pressed against me and I moved against him. Sensation building up,knotting in my middle and threatening to explode. He entered me,one finger and i rose up and back and then two fingers,instinctively pressing Into his touch,needing it more and More.
Then he was gone. I opened my eyes and he was above me. He had his jeans off. I found him and circled him,I heard him groan roughly. Ian was mine. He moved his legs between mine,and i felt his strength against mine. I heard him whisper my name and slowly he entered me until he filled me. I lifted my hips and he gasped, then he initiated the first stroke. Deep then again and again and I matched him.
The sensation grew, higher and higher freeing me in a way I’d never thought. I soared higher and higher,I arched upward willing to let go completely to give everything to Ian and I did. Nothing I held back. The world around me exploded when i heard Ian say my name,when I heard a sob. My sob,my own tears.
Then I was in Ian’s arms,laying with him and I held onto Ian. His arms around me and I closed my eyes tightly.
He pressed a kiss in my hair then I placed my cheeks against his heart.
Trying to make cognizant sense of my overwhelmed thoughts. I breathe hesitantly.
I raised myself on amy elbow to look at him.
“Ian..I have no idea..how to tell you this but..I have to say it. Thank you for Everything”
I hesitated again trying to get the words past the lump in my throat.
“In every way you made me feel treasured and i had worried that my inexperience won’t be enough for you”
He frowned and began to speak. I silenced him with a finger in his lips
He waited and I continued
“But you gave me the confidence to do everything that was new to me..and more than any of that -“. a tear slid down my cheek
“Ian, you have gave me back my long lost happiness and you connected us in a way that I don’t even have words for ”
He captured my lips possessively and pushed me down to himself. Then he whispered in a deep satisfaction
“I will love you forever” I didn’t even try to hold back the tears of happiness as I mumbled
“I will you Love you too forever”
IAN POV ????
Then she was there,she kissed me with an urgency,she touched me,stroked me. I gasped as she circled my desire and arched for the contact. Her kisses on me drawing at my soul. I wanted her,wanted to be in her. I didn’t want her to stop. She shifted to get over me,to straddle my hips. Then as my hands spanned her waist,she eased herself down on me until I filled her. And everything stopped. She was connected to me,each breathe she took echoed my own. Her hands were braced on my shoulder and I had a sense of her totally surrounding me. Then she moved,slowly at first pushing passion that threatened to consume me. Hearing her moan softly with each stroke, only stroked fire in me.
I heard my own voice whispering her name over and over again.
We rolled onto our side still holding each other. She was close and I held her even tighter.
I wanted her Forever!
Finally she was mine!
And I wouldn’t let her go!
Together Forever!
Anywhere in the world
I’ll go with you ????????✈????
I Can be anywhere in the world as long I’m with you ????
No I can’t wait
I can’t wait for you love ????
To be with you Baby
For the rest of my days ????????????????
You gat on one knee
You know I’d say yes ????
Walking down the aisle in my all white dress ????
Going for the honeymoon ✈
We’ve gat love ????
Thank God that I found my one! ????
You mean to tell me that I can love you whenever I want! ????
I can tell you that I love you when you love me too ????
No more waiting forever on love ????
And I’ll wait all over again
Even if I’d get to you
I never be more sure of the unknown
Just wanna show you how far my love goes
You mean to tell me that you feel the same and maybe I’m here to stay. ????
Stay Tuned..Epilogue In Progress ????
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Ria. Epilogue
Ria. Episode 57 to 59

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