July 31, 2021

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Together Forever. Episode 5

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???? Together Forever????

Episode 5

” ????????????”Richards expression

“Yeah you heard me right..I wonder what poor lazy bitches like you are always looking for in big companies”lia said

That stabbed Linda in the heart

She’s being accused of something she knows nothing of and the only person who could defend heris just standing there looking like a confused tree

She was about to defend herself then give Lia a sound warning of her life

When Richard just quickly jumped to their middle

“Actually…she was talking about this morning when you were so nosy and poured hot coffee on my suit”Richard said ,giving linda a signal That she should please play along

“Oh…I apologized mr Richard and you didn’t reply”Linda replied hurt…she got Richards signal

So Richard isn’t just only harsh ,he also toys with his workers feelings

That’s absolutely bad

“Oh..well I don’t take that as an apology..I even dislike you merely seeing you…Head maid please fire her”Lia said,walking out arrogantly

“What???”Linda was shocked

She thought she had finally gotten to her last bustop with a comfortable pay

Who was Richard and his so called girlfriend to spoil all this

Where does he want her to start

“Fire me???”linda asked rhetorically

Lia came back in on hearing Linda’s questioning her authority

“You are questioning me??”she asked Linda, annoyed

“Well..miss you didn’t employ me..so I’m sorry to tell you that I’m going no where”linda said boldly

“Richard you heard that..now tell her she’s fired”Lia said,shouting

Richard just stood like a log of wood..he can’t just destroy someone’s else life

He just kept mute

“Richard???”lia shouted

“I’m sorry..I can’t..”Richard said and walked out

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