June 19, 2021

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Together Forever. Episode 6

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Together Forever. Episode 5

????Together Forever????

Episode 6

“I’m sorry,I can’t”Richard said and walked out …lia felt really embarrassed

All other workers were watching..lia didn’t want to feel like a loser..she would deal with Richard later

She walked up to Linda

“Hey..don’t feel so special..I’m coming back for you????”Lia said loudly to Linda

“Screw you????”Linda said,bodly..she was annoyed

Who was Linda to talk to her like she was some piece of thradh

Had she no manners??

Linda wasn’t scared

Even if she Will eventually lose her job..at least she got to to let lia know that she isn’t like every other bitch that she can just talk to anyhow

“You said what??”Lia asked,in rage

No one has ever talked to her like that before

“You heard me right”Linda said and walked out

“aarrrggghh!!!”Lia stormed her legs on the ground and went to meet Richard in his office ..Richard on his own knew that lia wouls surely come to his office..he left

He went to cool off in the veranda of the 11th floor

Unknowingly that was where Linda ran to

Linda came out of the elevator and ran to the veranda

She was unaware that Richard was coming there

She placed her head on her laps and poured out all the sadness in her eyes

“I’ve never been this humiliated….Mom if only you were alive…Some here just doesn’t like me..mom how do I cope????????????..he even just toyed with my feelings..even if he hates me..must he show it so much????”Linda told herself..kissing the cross chain on her neck

It was a birthday gift given to her by her mum

Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulders

“I’m sorry”Richard said

Linda was scared,who could that be

She turned her back..and gasped in fear when she noticed it was Richard.. was she dreaming

“Huh????????”She exclaimed

Together Forever. Episode 5

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