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Venessar High School. Episode 70

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Venessar High School

Episode 70

(I now have a girlfriend of my own )

Sean’s POV

I have no idea where this people are taking me too, I knew I spent a while in an empty hall before they came to pick me again.

I noticed I was taken to a airport , I was made to enter an aeroplane and the plane took off after a while.

We stepped down from the plane after many hours of the journey

“Welcome Sean ” I heard a man say who was leaning by a big Lamborghini.

I have no idea where I am or what had made them brought me here.

The door to the Lamborghini got opened and I entered , then alighted at a very beautiful house after few minutes.

I was escorted to a room

“Sean , you will be living here henceforth ,I’m sad to tell you that you should just forget about Kimberly ,you will never get to meet again. There are many ladies here…pick as many as you want. You could gbola anyone any day. Just select” The man said and walked away leaving me standing

I looked around the room and it was so beautiful. I sunk to the bed tiredly…I had thought they were kidnapping me to probably kill me.

Well, this place should be nice. I had always known Kimberly and I may not end up together at the end of the day. Everything and everyone is just against us.

Either of us we surely die if we want to force the relationship to continue.

I should find the peace I needed here.

I lay to the bed and my mind on it’s own drifted to Kimberly…I do not know what state she would be now.

I picked up my diary and wrote;

“Dear , diary. Remember this day and bless it.
Kimberly and I love each other but the enemies are way too much.
Thanks to Autumn that tried all her best to save us.
Tell Kimberly I miss her so much and I will always do
But it seems fate didn’t want the two of us together.
So I just had to let go
Tell Kimberly to be fine and move on with her life too.
If fate wants , we will see in the future
Otherwise , we see in the other world. ”

Kimberly’s POV

After we had reported the cops , we all went to 6S band mansion , we were sitting with the other 6S band at the living room.

All of us were in horrible silence and sad of where Sean could be.

“Men are terrible. I can’t believe professor Lucas , the owner of this great record label is at the prison because of his silly acts , yet he won’t stop. His thugs took it upon themselves to still kidnap Sean” Santiago said and we all gave our sad expressions.

Santiago used his hanky to clean the tears almost streaming down his eyes.

“Tears won’t solve anything here ,let’s find a solution ” Silas said and I just rested my head on the chair imagining where Sean could be presently.

“What can we do. We have no idea where he could be , the cops had instructed us not to take any silly move and just be patient with them ” Stephen said.

Autumn just buried her face in her palm , I’m so sad and so is everyone.

“Let’s leave, Kimberly ” Autumn said to me and I was stunned at the way she suddenly stood.

Has she perhaps thought of a clue that could lead us to where Sean is.

I stood sullenly and she held my wrist and we both walked out.

We entered the car and I saw Stephen came running from the house to where our car is but Autumn refused to care about him , instead she drove away

“What’s that for?” I asked Autumn as soon as we got home.

“I do not feel right among them ,something makes me feel that there are betrayals among them ”

“Really? But it’s just a mere feeling. You do not have to make us behave rudely by walking out of them just like that…we know this people are idols and very notable people , we should just give them the respect they deserve.” I said and Autumn chuckled sarcastically.

“I do have a right instinct. I may not be able to figure out whom the betrayal is but a betrayal is surely among them. One of them knows about the kidnap of Sean” Autumn said pacing around

Sevrn days later

Sean’s POV

I heard a knock by my door and I went to open it

“You have few chances to speak to those in the outside world , one of which is this. I’ll dial Kimberly’s digit while you speak with her ” The man said

“Thanks ” I said coldly even though I really didn’t want to speak to Kim, I want her to forget about me, I know it may hurt but I’m sure that she will be healed in time.

The digit was dialed and given to me

“Hi Kimberly ” I greeted.

“Huh! …Is this…No! ” She was murttering many confusing words but I helped her solved her puzzle by answering ” It’s Sean”

“OMG! Sean…where have you being? Where are you? Are you alright? Are you fine? Can I come and pick you….please just tell me where you are?” She kept asking all sort of numerous question without waiting for me to speak

“Kimberly, I wanna tell you this once and for all. I love you so much and I know you love me too, but it seems fate didn’t want us to be together. I do not have the strength to keep fighting all sort of battles. I’m weak , yes , I know. I’ve given up already. Move on with your life while I had already done so here , I now have a girlfriend of my own , please find a perfect somebody for you and forget about me to…tally” I said and hung up.

My eyes became red , the phone fell from my hand because my whole body suddenly became weak , my hands and legs were literally shivering.

I can’t believe I just said those words to the love of my life. I even lied that I now have a girlfriend. I still love her but fate is wicked enough to separate us.

I fell to my knee and began to sob…Kimberly! Kim….

I feel so much pain pinching my heart , piercing my soul into pieces and shattering my emotions

My head was aching me seriously as I cried really hard.

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