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Celine and hoffman. Chapter 41

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Chapter ????41❤
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.

(Star queen)


Danny carefully opened the mask and held it in his hands just then Gretel knocked on the door and Celine instantly opened the door because she faced it, Gretel dragged celines hands
Gretel : come on lets go KeilA is taking care of the guard outside

Gretel dragged celine out of the room and and Danny locked his door Gretel instantly removed her mask with which she covered celines face

” come on before my mum wakes up

Danny sat on his bed
Ahh I could have at least seen her face too bad he said to himself

He lay back on the bed

Gretel and Celine ran into the car and waited for KeilA who came in and they drove awAy

KeilA went home and with the help of Emily Celine went inside unseen and so did Gretel both of them hieved a sigh of relieve celine was so tired so she removed the cloths and slept away

Next morning .

Danny walked out of the room and Sandra walked up to him

” hey did you sleep out here

” no I came early to meet you
” ok let’s go home

Just them he remembered the whole kissing incident with Celine

” ahhh I would just go to my penth house
” sir I just came to inform you that the continuation of that movie will start soon
” which
” the one with Jennifer” I choose you “
” finally I already grew tired of waiting , I will try and be there or i will just drop out

” ok sir .

She ran away and Danny smiled at her as he walked out and saw his two guards still standing outside

” holy heavens did you people sleep here
” no sir
” lets go sir
they opened the door and he walked in then they drove away

Mirandas house.
Miranda was on phone.

” how is the investigation going
” we need time
” find out who that Girl is at all cost
” we will do so soon enough
” do so please without delay
” trust me we followed them to Gretels house and my guys are watching the house closely no one has left
” what, that means she lives there
” exactly, don’t worry Miranda its under control.

Gretels room

Gretel was scrolling through Danny’s internet pictures she looked at the whole party pictures just then she saw saw the picture of danny hugging the commoner she scrolled past it then she came back to it again

Omg this commoner Danny hugged sure looks like Celine wow how is this possible

She instantly dialed the maids room and Celine came minutes later

” hey CEline do you hAve a twin
” no why?
Gretel gave her the phone
” she looks like you , the commoner Danny hugged …

” looked at the picture in awe for minutes she looked around and recognised the dirty water, even the watch on the floor

” no no
” what’s wrong

CEline ran out of the room she opened her bag and brought out the exact gown she wore that day she fell on the bed and placed the gown on her leg then she recalled in the past when the proud peacock told her he would take her to meet Danny hoffman she hit herself
Omg why am I so stupid
So that proud peacock was Danny hoffman

Emily tapped her

” what’s wrong Celine why do you look so dull
” the proud peacock is Danny hoffman
” what the guy you said you liked
” yes , he’s really danny hoffman
” how is that possible
” how did you find out?”, abigail asked
” this means you didn’t love two men at the same time celine

” this means you are indeed in love with danny hoffman

” I am indeed in love with danny hoffman I stupidly fell for him

” there’s nothing to feel
bad about Celine am sure Danny might like you too

” that’s impossible stop pouring water on rock Mary do you need glasses ?”, abigail said

” liking the proud peacock was enough for me but him being Danny hoffman is like a dream who am I to fall for danny am I mad ?

” that’s true because someone like Danny can never love you back?”, abigail said

” you need to tell him Celine who knows he might have been looking for you “, mary said

” that’s impossible he can’t be looking for her better stay away from him so you don’t fall more and more in love with him”, abigail said
” Abigail is right
” I don’t agree, you have to tell Danny Celine”, mary said

” tell him what, what if he doesn’t remember her she is just going to get hurt because this love one sided “, abigail said

Celine suddenly shed tears as she hugged Mary

Why did I have to fall for you You are so high up you can’t be mine I am in so much pain I can’t handle this pain anymore
She said to herself

Abigail walked out on the errand Mrs Hoffman sent her. when she got outside the gate she saw two men outside trying to peep into the compound

” hello lady
” yes
” Danny’s girlfriend has she not left
” that’s insane Danny’s girlfriend doesn’t stay here

Investigator brought out some money and handed to Abigail

” for what
” for you time
” ok

She tried walking but he drew her back

” we were just wondering the lady on the red gown who was with gretel through out yesterday who is she

” you mean Celine, she is just a maid, a nobody, Gretel just took her out
” oh is she not dating Danny
” that’s silly Danny can never touch a commoner, not to talk of dating
” thank you
Abigail walked out

Mirandas house .

Mrs hoffman called Miranda on phone.

” hello mrs hoffman
” oh Miranda why the delay
” I am really sorry but I will speak to Vera
” I need the main design of the finale gown you modeled for my anniversary and with your connection I should be with it by now
” dont worry i will speak to vera and my maid will send it to your house
” thanks honey

Miranda dropped the call just then the investigator called her

” yes
” that Girl is not Danny’s girlfriend
” what?
” she’s just a maid I believe Danny’s manager paid her to pose as Danny’s girlfriend because of the press
” and Danny must have believed she was a hired model
” yes after all it was a mask party
” thank you You will recieve the rest of your pay soon

Miranda smiled as she sipped her drink
Just a maid this means Danny is still mine “,She said to herself .

Gretels room.
Gretel walked out of the shower when her phone rang .

was Stanley simeons best friend

“hey stan
“hey gret
“how you
“am fine but simeon is not
“what ?
” simeon is sick He is really sick better come over he is at home
” of course am on my way ….

Gretel arrived , she rushed into simeons house she didn’t see stanely so she ran into simeons room she placed her bag on the floor and sat beside simeon who lay on the bed

” hey
SIMEON opened his eye and sat up
” missed you
” so you aren’t sick
” I am
Gretel smiled
” I can’t believe you tricked me
” what can I do I can’t live without you I was really dying inside
Gretel smiled
” Gretel will you continue hurting me ?
” what
” when will you give me me a reply its been ages and you know I can’t stay without you I want to be with you every hour, second, minute, every 24 hours I am madly in love with you gret
” well

” Gretel you know I can’t hurt you its gonna be on your terms I promise pls just say yes
” simeon am sorry but

Simeon instantly started coughing as though he wanted to die

” I think the sickness started again
GREtel smiled
” I know you are kidding
” no am not I can’t breath anymore ….
” ok fine I will be your girlfriend.

SIMEON sat up laughing

” the prank really worked Gretel ” it did right
” I will never ever hurt you gret
” you better not
They both smiled as simeon hugged her .

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