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Celine and hoffman. Chapter 42

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Chapter ????42❤
Celine and the Hoffman’s.
Chidinma Jerry. m.

(Star queen)


Danny arrived home after the long day it was already evening. Today’s shoot really ate up his time and they still had to complete it tomorrow. he ran up straight into his room .

Hd locked the door behind him , just then he looked at the dolphin on the floor and rememberred CELINe and smiled, the memory of kissing CELINe didn’t want to leave his mind.

It occupied him all through today.

Danny suddenly wanted to see her again so he dialed the land line and ordered for cold milk. He was to tired to hear the voice of the one who picked the call but he hoped it was Celine.this was the only way he could see her.

He heard a knock on the door ,he opened up and it was emily Danny was dissapointed he suddenly missed the cover girl
Emily placed it on the table.

Danny walked to the glass wall and looked out , he was surprised to see Celine.
She stood there quietly… it was so Dim he couldn’t see her face clearly but he knew it was her.

He ran downstairs and walked to where Celine stood the lights where very dim and romantic

CEline saw Danny She wiped her tears.
” its the proud peacock “,she said within herself

Danny was really shy he didn’t know what to say so he just stood beside her

” good evening sir
” oh is someone is here , I didnt know. I just came to look at the water…..
” I better go inside
” no you can Still stay if you want to
” ok
She looked at Danny helplessly and at every stare she took she felt pain more and more
“Why did I have to fall for you “, She asked herself

She smiled and tears fell out again she cleaned them

” hey i think you cry alot
” its nothing, sir the water is so calm and pretty
” it really is, just like you.

” I wish there were some music too it would have made me happier here….

” ok since you acted as my girlfriend and bought me tea I will grant your wish

” how sir

Danny walked down to the garden and picked up the guitar there he started playing and celine smiled

” this song is for the crying cover girl

Another tear fell out of celines eye and Celine wiped it with both hands and Danny smiled.

” cry baby … cry baby … when will you learn to share your pain …

“Your tears …. your pain… is something i can take away.

” smile …keep smiling…. your smile makes me whole

” smile…. keep smiling…your laughter brightens my world.

” you are beautiful …. don’t cry no more.

” you are perfect ….don’t waste those tears

” cry baby….cry baby…when will you learn to share your pain.

He dropped the guitar and Celine cried more and more…

She kept cleaning her tears Danny wondered what was wrong with her..

The tears got embarrassing so she ran away.
Danny sat back and played another tune quietly.

Mrs Hoffman picked her call and it was Miranda .

” hello ciara
” oh yes
” well i will bring the gown to you myself tommorow hope you will be around
” of course where else will I be
” ok.

Next morning
Danny rushed into the compound with his school bag and his hair flying freely he was really late .he tucked his hair behind his ear and dropped his bag in the car then he drove off

Celines house.

Mrs eze picked up her phone, she dialed the number from the card Mr king gave her …Mr king picked up his call

” who am I unto
” its celines mother
” oh madam
” celine is in the Hoffman’s family ” what?
” according to what brigitta wrote here the family has only two children
” yes Danny and Gretel
” correct my dear
” Celine is in a good family
” ok
” thank you, thank you so much

He dropped the call and instantly placed a call to Danny

Pick up pick up Danny the person you are looking for is in your house

Mrs hoffman sat in her parlour taking coffee when Miranda arrived she looked around the compound she then walked into the living room

” Miranda
” ciara your figure won’t stop amazing me
” thanks darling
” where is Danny
” oh him and the penthouse he loves it there.

Miranda handed her the bag

” I never break a promise
” my husband will be glad to see me in this

Miranda sat down as she looked around

Mrs hoffman dialed the land line soon Emily and Celine walked in Emily took Mrs hoffmans empty glass while Celine served Miranda just then Celine recognised her she carefully placed the tray and Miranda instantly recognised her too

” oh such a pretty maid”, Miranda said
” the prettier the better”, Mrs Hoffman replied
” indeed “, miranda said

Celine bowed slightly to Miranda and walked out Miranda smiled
I can’t believe this, Danny really amazes me ,I hate his girl .. I have done what I came to do …I just wanted to see her ….I needed to know who she is.

After a while Miranda left.

Mary informed Celine that Mrs Hoffman called so she walked into the living room

” yes madam
” I will send you on an errand down town
” ok
” I am only sending you because I trust you
” sure madam
” I need you to get my jewel set for my anniversary
my friend in Paris Is designing it she will be coming down but she hasn’t given me any exact time” ok
” so you and the driver will go to the penthouse we have there, she will send it through her assistant once she is ready

” ok
” you won’t come back without, it I don’t need any stories
” ok madam
” pack a little things in case
” ok
Celine walked into the room and started changing

“I feel good about this”, Emily said
” what ?”, abigail asked
” Danny’s penthouse right ?,I was the one who went last year when Christina came back and luckily for Me Danny was in the penthouse all through “, mary Said

“did he talk to you?”, abigail asked
” no”, mary replied
” then shut up”, abigail said

” he might not be there “,celine said.
” if he comes u have to seduce him with your killer looks and get pregnant…you will be his first baby mama”, mary said

” Mary shut up , even if he shows up just ignore him”, abigail said
“yes abigail”,celine replied

Minutes later she left with the driver’s son.

Danny walked out of the shooting setting and took his phone from Sandra and they called Mr king

” hey Danny
” what’s good
” everything
” hmm
” guess what
” tell me
” Celine is in your house
” which Celine
” the commoner
” I don’t understand
” she has been working as a house help in your house for a whike now.
” omg seriously
” yea seriously
” how come I never met her
” you should ask yourself that
Danny dropped the call and smiled widely

He ran into his car and took off.

Watch out for season 2.

Celine and hoffman. Season 2 Chapter 43
Celine and hoffman. Chapter 41

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