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Celine and hoffman. Season 2 Chapter 43

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????chapter ✏43✏
Celine???? and the ???? Hoffman’s
(Season 2)
????????????drunk in love????????????????
By chidinma Jerry . m.????

Celine and the driver arrived at Danny’s penthouse .

” wow this place Is awesome”, celine said
“this should be Danny’s penthouse.
” yeA it is .
” maybe Danny’s is not around.
” maybe
” I hope you packed some stuffs because Mrs christinas today is always tomorow

Celine lifted her bag to show him
Josh smiled
” okay cool

Celine walked around the penthouse it was so romantic everywhere was beautiful the pool had two colours the white part and blue part she wondered how come there was a stair inside the pool , this stair demarcated the blue side from white side she and Josh walked into the living room Josh sat on the chair and celine walks into the bedroom it was very big and had only one bed she looked around and saw Danny’s favourite hair band on the table she picked it up and smiled as she kept it on the table and hieved a sigh

She wondered how she was gonna stay here with josh all night since the place had only one bedroom just then Josh ran into the room

” lina can you stay alone
“well this is my area I was wondering if I could hang out with my friends and family you know.
” oh ok cool good bye
” you can stay alone right.
” sure
” ok cool I might come back before night
” have fun
” can I take the car
” of course
Josh took the car and drove away

Just then celine felt scared as it was a very lonely that afternoon which looked like evening at the penthouse so she stood by the pool.


KeilA drove to the mall she was in such a hurry she didn’t even wait for the person cleaning the entry to give her way and as she tried running by him She slipped and almost fell but he cought her

” hey are you okay
” oh am fine, sorry I am kind of in a hurry am realy sorry
She ran off again and Ryan smiled as he looked at her

KeilA picked everything her mom wrote in a haste and ran out she got close to the entry this time she waited for Ryan to give her space to pass Ryan dropped the sweeping broom and took one bag from KeilA.

” hey its all right
” no its not.
” its really all right
” I just want to help you

She left the bag for him
” are you not working anymore?
” my shift is over

He walked in front and kept the bag in keilas car
Omg this guy is really handsome Gretel u just missed this

” are you not entering
” oh of course

She ran into her car and took off Ryan stood by the road just then KeilA drove back to him

” If you don’t mind I can help you that’s if you don’t mind.

” of course I don’t mind I was going to walk the remaining distance any way the money I have here won’t do
” KeilA smiled as she unlocked the door
Ryan entered and they took off
” so which school
” prestigious high
” wow are you the presidents daughter
” am close
” that’s a school for the rich you know
” what about you
” am out
” well am in senior high
” Mmmm not bad
” sure not
” stop stop
” here
She looked around
” I will find my way from here
” ok cool are you sure
” yes
She stopped the car and Ryan ran out he ran further then he came back to the car

” I forgot to say thank you
” your welcome
” what’s your name.
” KeilA but you can call me k
” my name Is Ryan but only you can call me sweet heart

KeilA smiled

Ryan walked further and she drove home

GREtel sat in her room she took off her cloths and sat on her bed wearing her pink pant and her bra she read her diary just then danny arrived home he already searched the 5th building there was no sign of Celine

Ahhh where could she be he said to himself just then he remembered lina

” lina is celine, he put his hands on his head ” how could I have been so stupid the signs were there same name, same character, same feeling

He ran to the maids room

” welcome sir
” were is Celine?
” Mrs hoffman sent her out

He rushed out

” oh this is so cool danny found out about celine”, mary said

” that tea really made a difference Danny sleeps well nowadays”, emily added
” he must be very gratefull to Celine”, mary said

” thank God you guys looked under the bed it would have still been missing”, abigail said
” so true

Abigail stood up And walked out

” oh my God, oh my God
“are you thinking what am thinking
” how did Abigail know it was under the bed
” she was in Danny’s room that day
” this means she was the one that kept it there
” this also means
” Abigail knew that Danny was Celines proud peacock all this while
” that’s why she always separated them
” omg
” I can’t wait to tell Celine


Danny rushed to gretels room he opened the door without knocking he instantly picked the white towel by the bed and threw to gretel she covered herself then he sat on her bed Gretel dropped the diary on the bed
” hey honey
” better learn to knock Daniel this is a big girls room
” sorry madam though I didn’t see anything
” so what did you buy for me Danny I forgot but don’t worry i will make it up
” GREtek : ok
” are you all right you seem different
” oh its just school stress

” so do you know where lina is?
” no I don’t do you like her
” come on
” just ask mum
” that’s really wierd
” ok I will ask her on your behalf
” thanks
” close your eye

Just then Danny took up the diary gretel was reading

Ahhh Danny stop looking at peoples diary such a bad habit I have he said to himself as He
turned to to the page Gretel covered and smiled as he read out
Virginity pact with Besty 19 or 20 years .

” What She’s 18 and she already thought of sex…ahhhhh..what a world.

He read the note under
“Am not sure anymore …

He smiled as he flipped to the previous page

I have a boyfriend now the feeling is kinda new but exciting I really like simeon
Ooooh Danny is gonna kill me????????????????????”, She drew up a crying face this made Danny laugh.

” I can’t kill you silly , you are free to date any guy you like”, danny said as be closed the book

Just then Gretel rushed in she looked at the diary and suddenly got scared she knew Danny liked peeking through stuffs

“what did mum say?
Gretel took the diary into her hands
” well mum, she said, she uhhhm said ….
” Gretel I didn’t read your diary.
” she sent her to get her jewel from miss Christina she’s at your penth house she went with Josh

” but Christina is never straightforward her today might be tomorow.
” its cool at least lina is free from the work load in this house

” why did she send her with a man ahhh I dont like the idea she could have sent her with a woman, thats a bad idea it’s really bad, its bad , ahhh so bad danny scaratched his hair

” hey Danny hoffman y do you look so jealous
” jealous who jealous, Me? no!!!, i don’t look jealous “, he took Gretels hand mirror and looked at his face I look cute not jealous .

This made Gretel laugh
” see you later
” where too
” penthouse
” what

Danny ran out into his room
Gretel picked the diary
Thank God Danny he didn’t read my diary she hieved a sigh of relieve

Danny took his shower he wore a white polo with black shots then he Carried is his black school bag he unpacked his hair as he rushed into the living room he arranged his watch , he met his mom

” son
” hey mum
” where to
” my pen…. girlfriends house
” oh the lovely girl I saw online
” today is the family’s fun night and only a stupid boyfriend will miss that
” but it is stil early this is 3:50
” ah for preparation
” ok honey
” bye mum

Miranda sat in her bed she missed Danny so much that all she wanted to do was meet Danny she placed a call to Sandra
Sandra was eating with her sisters when her phone rang

” oh my oh my its Miranda Millbert
” put it on speaker
” I love Miranda
Sandra wiped her mouth and put the phone on speaker

” hello
” this is Miranda Millbert

Her two sisters instantly shouted hitting the table up and down

” We love you Miranda, ah so cool so cool, we love you, we love you

Miranda smiled

Sandra ran into her room

” Sandra where is Danny
” I think he should be at the penthouse or home no penthouse ” I want to meet him
” that’s cool I mean he’s alone there its the best time to talk with danny and spend time together
” I think you are right
” I am
” thanks for your time
” the pleasure is all mine

Sandra dropped the call just to find her whole family peeping through the door

” ah am so embarrassed

Celine walked about the pool holding her phone waiting for Christinas call she stood still looking up high she took out her hair band and instantly packed up her hair

Danny parked outside and walked into the penthouse he watched Celine from a distance while smiling

You where always here with me but I still looked for you am so stupid he said to himself

Just then danny shouted

” hey commoner!!!!
CEline turned she looked at Danny as he stood smiling, his hair flying freely in the breeze as he waved at her

Celine looked at Danny with so much satisfaction she smiled and suddenly tears fell out again all her fears just dissapeared as she looked at Danny waving at her

I want to hug you and hold you for a very long time she said within herself.

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