July 26, 2021

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He and her V. Episode 66

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He and her V

Episode 66

(Give the ring to Grace)

Camilla’s POV

I was escorted down from the car and escorted inside the house , I met few people there ,they were all strange faces but they were dressing very beautiful.

“Hi welcome…hey! Welcome dear ” They all welcomed me with lovely greetings as if they have known me before or perhaps heard about me.

I just stood stunned , I thought I was kidnapped ,what’s all this for?

The man I was referring to as Tucker approached me and hugged me , common! I have lived too long with Tucker not to know exactly whom Tucker is.

This is not Tucker ,Tucker’s real scent are absolutely different from his or has Tucker changed overnight?

“Friends and families , meet my wife to be; Camila ” He said and everyone cheers

“Your wife to be , and I was made to lay in the booth” I whispered bdy into his ear ”

“It’s all a prank dear , just trying to scare you.” He said looking deeply into my face.

“You know I Love you so much Camila ” He said seductively while I watched. He then planted a gentle kiss on my forehead and everyone cheered us with a clap again.

“Are you Tucker?” I asked and he chucked.

“I do not get your question? You mean , am I me?” He asked sarcastically and giggled.

But nothing is funny actually ,I’m confused here. This is not even the way Tucker laughs but his face looks exactly like that of Tucker.

More so , I do not feel too comfrtable around this man that calls himself Tucker.

The servers came in and served everyone with drink , the came to us lastly and we picked a glass of drink from the tray.

“Our wedding is just tomorrow , aren’t you happy?” He asked me looking intently at my face.

“I would have being happy if I had not being brought here like a victim of kidnap ” I replied refusing to drink.

He smiled “let’s have a toast ”

We toasted and although I placed the drink in my mouth to pretend I was drinking it but the truth is I wasn’t feeling like drinking anything.

My belly is full and I have a lot of unanswered questions….I need someone to explain the puzzle for me.

Where is my real Tucker?
Who is Mr Walter?
And who is this man dressing exactly like Tucker?

The music start to play and everyone start to dance

“Aren’t you feeling sleepy?” The man that calls himself Tucker asked and I shot him a silly look.

“And why should I? I’m not feeling sleepy” I said and he nodded with a smile

“Let’s dance ” He said and I obliged. We began to dance but I so much loathe this man pretending to be Tucker.

How can I not know Tucker when I’m with him? I even know his steps and everything around him. Someone that I had known since three years ago and this stupid man thinks he can deceive me.

I need to find a way of setting myself free from this puzzle and find Tucker before tomorrow.

Tucker’s POV

I find myself in very dark room , I realized I wasn’t putting on any cloth but under wears and handcuffs were in my hand.

Is this a cell or what? I can’t remember committing any offence

The light shone all of a sudden and two men entered. They were both holding a gun , I was scared on seeing them

“Hi Tucker , I guess you are surprised. Tomorrow is your wedding and we need you to do just one thing for us” the man by the right said and I just watched.

“You want to know what that is,It’s quiet simple. Give the ring tomorrow to Grace and not to Camila. If you dare give Camila the ring , we shoot you right there on the spot because our agents will be present on the wedding day. Understood?” The man at the right asked and when he sees that I wasn’t replying. He smirked and walked away with the other man.

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