July 26, 2021

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He and her V. Episode 67

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He and her V.

Episode 67

(Dangerous grace)

Tucker’s POV

Following morning!

(Day of wedding)

I was commanded to bath , the bathroom was shown to me and where I could dress up.

I did and after a while , some costume men came to me and help me dressed well as groom that I am.

Today is suppose to be the most beautiful day of my life ,I’m scared that it may be worst day of my life.

How in the world will Camila feel. Today is gonna be horrible but If I’m still alive ; I believe there is still a hope of getting to explain everything to Camila.

This is definitely the handwork of Grace.

I was escorted into a very beautiful car and we drove off.
I noticed we arrived at a church , after a while the service commenced and I still haven’t seen Camila.

I can’t even think straight. I was so sad. I do not know what Grace want to gain my making me give her the ring , it would never stop the love between Camila and I ; Never!

I hope she understands that soon and I hope she reaps all this evil she’s doing.

We walked inside the church , a man that I have no idea whom he is was the one that acted as my best man.

On getting to the alter , we were directed to where to sit.

After few minutes later , the priest invited the bride over and I watched as two gorgeous lady enter. I recognize Camila immediately even though her face were covered with the bride’s veil.

A bit of happiness spread through my heart but it immediately got replaced with sadness when I remembered that I will be giving the ring to Grace instead.

Grace is even threatening me with death? Is it that serious?

Maybe , I should not have requested help from her anyways.

Programmes went on and on and then Camilla and I were invited to the alter , the best man and the best woman which was Grace were standing behind the two of us.

After series of talk by the priest,”please give the ring to your wife”

I sighed and brought out the ring , I noticed that the crowds of people set their attention on us closely anticipating for the beautiful moment.

I looked into Camila’s face while she looked into my face too. I could see through the veil and I noticed that she’s so sad.

She’s not happy ; that can only imply that something had being wrong somewhere with her

Hope it’s not the handwork of Grace. I need to be wise here ; I winked at Camila and tried to speak with my face but I do not know if she get what I meant.

I turned at Grace and gave her the ring instead. She walked close to me and hugged me while Camila just watched without saying a word.

The people were obviously confused but they were later made to believe that Grace is the real wife and she was only playing a prank prior.

After a while , the choir began to sing as we walked out of the church

I was forced to enter a car and I got driven away.

“I thought we were suppose to go the reception ” I said

“Yes , there are two receptions here. Someone impersonating you will be acting as Camila’s husband at the reception , he is going to follow her home and have s3x with her and have her as wife forever.

While you now are being taken to a reception of you and Grace. And you have to behave like you are happy else you will be shot death.

Oh my days! Someone is impersonating me already? I need to fight this but If I act foolishly , this people might just kill me.

I hope Camila will be smart enough to know that the man impersonating me is not me and I pray that nothing like s3x will ever occur between them.

Camila is still flowered and I want to be the one to break the stuff.

But why in the world is Grace playing this terrible game , is she that dangerous?

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