August 4, 2021

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K Pop maid. Chapter 33

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????????K-POP MAID ???? ????

????BY LICIA TIFE ????

???? ON GOD ????

(short and not edited)
I put on a blue floral dress and stood in front of the mirror looking at myself

I looked different

I look pretty

For the first time in my life i actually look very pretty

I felt a big strong hand wrapped around my waist and i knew it was Jin-Hyuk for some reason a ball of tears rolled down my cheek as i inhaled deeply closing my eye

He gently turned me around making me face him and he cleaned the tears off my face with his thumb

‘i really hope am not the reason for your tears’ he said

I let out a faint smile as i looked into his eyes

No boyfriend can be more perfect than this guy

His beautiful face is something i will love to stare at all day.

I wonder why he chose me of all girls when he can have the world hottest model for himself

All of this reason gat me insecure because my boyfriend was even more beautiful than I am

‘jina am sorry i didn’t know you a….’ he couldn’t finish what he was about to say.

‘am a what, Virgin’ i said as i smiled ‘there is a first time for everything’ i said like it was nthn

‘jina’ he held my hand ‘am sorry, you were not in your right mind but i was and i shouldn’t have done such a thing’ he said

‘Jin-Hyuk do not embarrass me by apologising please’ i said as i wrapped my hand around his waist and placed my head on his chest

‘i love you so much jina’ he said

I I sighed and said ‘i love you too Jin-Hyuk’..

That was my first time saying that word to him

It was like the guys planned this holiday for us cas i couldn’t find any of them anywhere

I decided to change my hair from that fringe style to a curly hair style

I applied a little makeup on my face and put on a round earing

I looked really attractive

I think being intimate with a beautiful person actually adds to your original beauty

I noticed Jin-Hyuk couldn’t take his eyes off me

We had a stroll on the beach holding each other’s hand

And as usual fans interrupted and he had to sign few autographs

We sat down on a rock and he decided to sing a little song for me on his guitar while i just listen to his voice..

????When your legs don’t work like they used to before????
????And I can’t sweep you off of your feet????
????Will your mouth still remember the taste of my love????
????Will your eyes still smile from your cheeks????

????And darling I will be loving you ’til we’re 70????
????And baby my heart could still fall as hard at 23????
????And I’m thinking ’bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways????
????Maybe just the touch of a hand????
????Oh me I fall in love with you every single day????
????And I just wanna tell you I am????

????So honey now????
????Take me into your loving arms????
????Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars????
????Place your head on my beating heart????
????I’m thinking out loud????
????Maybe we found love right where we are????

I just smiled as he sang to me

That music really passed a lot of messenges..

It was like he is telling me he will always love me till his last breath

‘that was nice’ i said with a smile

‘glad you liked it’ he said

‘i do not like it, i loved it’ i replied

He smiled at me as i stood on my feet and he also stood on his and hugged me

I do not know why but we are behaving like this is our last time together

Later in the evening oppa carried me on his back in piggyback style

‘jina’ he said

‘yes’ I replied

‘what if you wake up tomorrow and am not there anymore’ he said

I wrapped my hand around his neck like i was going to murder him

‘hey are you gonna kill me’ he asked

‘dont ever leave me, i won’t lie, i don’t think i will be myself without you’ i said as i placed my head on his back..

‘and you think i will be myself without you’ he asked

‘i don’t know, you Jin-Hyuk, you can always have all the girls in the world to yourself’ i said

‘out of thousand of stars ✨ you will still be the one i see jina’ he said ‘and i am never going anywhere, not without you’ he said


‘i promise’ he said ‘you know sometimes it last in love but sometimes it hurts instead, but i will make sure ours last long no matter what it takes

I smiled

No matter what happens am never letting her go

I have fallen too deep to backout now

I was told to give jina and Jin-Hyuk some space to make their relationship stronger

I sat down on the bench in a park and started playing my guitar again

‘your voice still as beautiful as ever’ Mansoo said as he sat down next to me

‘thanks’ i said as i smiled

‘come on, play a song on it’ he said

‘ummmm okay’ i pulled a string of my guitar and played a romantic song on it

‘your voice is as beautiful as you are’ he said

‘me beautiful’ i said

‘yea, very beautiful’ he said

I blushed and tucked my hair behind my ear

Oppa and i stared in each other eyes

This is another version of extreme beauty

But whys are this boys so good looking.

So handsome

I almost died when oppa moved close to me and his lips met mine

I closed my eyes as we returned the kiss and he slowly cupped my face has we kissed each other passionately

He slowly bit my lower lips and our tongue caressed each other

I wrapped my hand around his neck as i enjoyed the kiss

Jin-Hyuk and i slept on the bed as i rest my head on his chest while his hand was on my waist

‘Jin-Hyuk’ i called his name

‘yea’ he replied

‘let go back to Seoul tomorrow’ i said

‘why he’ asked

‘i have a bad feeling about this place’ i said

‘jina nothing bad will happen as long as am with you’ he said

‘ummmm’ i sighed



‘no matter what happens will you stop Loving me’ he asked

‘stop loving you, am not crazy enough to stop loving you’ i said jokingly

He smiles as he slowly carcasses my head which makes me fall asleep with my head on his chest

She is asleep already

I smiled

Anyway tomorrow is another day

I also went to sleep that night and i love the feeling of having the only girl i have ever had any romantic feelings for

The next day i woke up and rubbed my eyes

I looked to my side and Jin-Hyuk was not there

‘Jin-Hyuk’ i called his name but there was no reply

I checked the bathroom and i couldn’t find him

‘that strange, where did he go to so early in the morning’ i said as i walked out of the room

‘jina Goodmorning’ i greeted

‘Goodmorning jina’ she said with a big smile on her face ‘we have alot to talk about’

‘yea yea, have you seen Jin-Hyuk this morning’ i asked

‘Jin-Hyuk, no i haven’t’ i said

‘well i haven’t seen him this morning either’ i saw his friends ‘Mansoo, have you seen Jin-Hyuk’ i asked

He just looked at me with a sad face

‘what with that look Mansoo’ i asked

‘jina we have to go back to Seoul’ he said

‘why, but what about Jin-Hyuk’ i asked

‘jina, you have to go back to Seoul’ Nam-il added

‘guys what going on and where the hell is Jin-Hyuk’ i shouted

‘jina calm down we will tell you everything once we get to Seoul’ Nam-il said

‘will you guys just tell us what going on and where is Jin-Hyuk’ fatty said

‘yeah come on tell me where Jin-Hyuk is’ i said

‘well Jin-Hyuk’ Nam-il said

‘Jin-Hyuk travelled to London ‘ Nam-il said

‘London’ i said ‘but why didn’t he tell me, when is he coming back’ i asked but the boys kept quiet

‘well answer me when is he coming back’ i yelled cas their silence was pissing me off

‘he is never coming back’ Mansoo said

‘what’ fatty said

‘never coming Back’ i said

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