June 18, 2021

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Kiss. Season 2. Chapter 32

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????❤KISS 2????❤
????(Do I know her )????

.????ON GOD ????

.????LICIA TIFE????

????LICIA’S LIBRARY 22????

I stood on my feet and put on something else

I went back to the bed wearing a red robe

I rested my head on Cheng chest and went to sleep listening to his heart beat

I will never let go of him this time around

No more jisoo to disturb us and this time I will not fucking hesitate to get rid of that Devil daughter named Devika

Chneg is mine

And am going to be extra possessive this time

????CHENG’S POV ????
I slowly opened my eyes the next morning and started at the ceiling with a big chandelier at the middle

I wanted to sit up but I felt something on my chest

I slowly looked down to see who it was

‘Lady R ‘ I muttered

I looked at her extremely beautiful sleeping face and my heart was beating very fast again

I feel.connected to this woman

I really do not know what am doing in her room and why she is sleeping so close to me

But I still do not want her to move away from me

I have no problem having her this close to me at all

She slowly opened her beautiful eyes and stared at me

She sat down on her bed and looked away as she tucked her hair behind her ear

I sat down on the bed and felt a sharp pain in my head

I held my head and groaned in pain

Must have been the effect of the drink I drank yesterday

‘Are you okay’ she asked as she placed her hand on my shoulder with a concerned look

‘It nothing…my head hurts like sometimes ‘ I said and she sighed

‘Just relax okay …come down ‘ she said as she placed her hand on my head she placed it back on my shoulder and have me a very concerned look

‘Don’t worry am fine ‘ I said and she took her hand off me

‘So tell me what am I doing here?’ I asked

‘Well you came in here drunk yesterday ..I am sure you must have mistaken my room for yours, you know the nine outside keeps forming six ‘ She said and I sighed

‘Am sorry i do not drink alcohol ‘

‘I know you don’t, I know alot about you’she said as she cut in


‘You wouldn’t understand …do not try too hard to know it all’ she said and I was confused

‘That night you jumped on me …you know after the award show ,why did you do that?’ I asked

She smiled lightly and looked away

She then looked at me again and said ‘ cause you remind me of the person I love the most ‘

I must say was kinda disappointed

I can’t believe there is someone she loves the most

I do not know why I was disappointed

I think I have feelings for this woman

Despite the fact that I hardly know her

She stood on her feet and walked out of the room through the back door leading to a mini pool

She sat down at the edge of the pool and dipped her legs in the water

I walked towards her and sat down next to her as I also dipped my legs in the pool

‘ so why do i remind you of that special person ‘ I asked and she looked at me again and then looked away

‘You smile like him ,you look like him ,you act like him, the only difference between the both of you is the hair color ‘she said and I smiled lightly

‘If you do not mind if I ask this question where is he ?’ I asked

She looked at me and said ‘ am staring at him’


‘Am just joking what with the serious face ‘ she said while laughing

For a moment or two there I really wish it was me she was talking about

The sound of her beautiful laughter made me smile

We looked at each for awhile before we both started laughing for no specific reason

Maybe this is the sound of another beautiful friendship

Nope not maybe

This is the start of another beautiful friendship

????HAIZE POV????
I woke up the next morning and sat down on the bed

I held my head in pains

‘Hangover ‘ a voice said and I looked up to see who it was

‘You ‘ I said

‘ calm down…no need to kill me yet,just have this it will help with the hangover ‘ he said giving me a cup of tea

I glared at him and collected the tea from him

‘How am I sure you not gonna try to drug me ‘ I said and he smiled

‘And why will I do that?’

I looked away as I took a sip of the tea

Just the way I like it

Am sure he was the one who made this tea

He knows alot about me

‘Thanks ‘ I said as I dropped the tea on the table after drinking it a little

He sat Down next to me on the bed and stared at me

My heart was beating again

I was geting lost in his handsome face again

Even if I try to deny i still love him alot

But I can’t easily forget what he did to me in the past

I can’t just do that

‘Haize I want to talk to you’ he said

‘What do you want to say…you want to say am sorry I shouldn’t have done what I did back then right ‘ I said

‘But haize..
If you just give me the chance to explain and apologize properly I will be so grateful…’

‘There are things mere apology can not fix’ I said

‘But at least let me explain ‘ he said and I got tired of the talk as I stood on my feet

It was then I realized I was only wearing a shirt

It was an oversized shirt that was exposing all my thighs

‘What the hell,where are my clothes, and my ….jeez ..what happened to my underwears’ I said while touching my body

‘Well yesterday you fell into mud ,and I had no choice ‘


‘Please calm down haize’

‘Did you ..did you do anything ‘

‘No I swear I did nothing ‘ he said and I sighed

‘Where are my clothes ?’ I asked

‘ I threw them away ‘ he said

‘Then what am I suppose to wear?’ I asked

‘I bought another one for you…but forgive me when I say am not giving it to you until you hear me out’ he said

‘Fine no problem…I will go home like this ‘ I said as I wanted to leave but then he grabbed me by the wrist
‘ LEAVE ME’I shouted as I struggled with him and then we both fell on the bed

He fell while I fell on him

We stared at each other before tears rolls down my eyes and fell on his chest

He cleaned the tears on my face

‘Haize please ‘

‘No…do not say a word ‘ I said

Part of me wants to forgive him for my son

But the other parts can’t forget the pains I felt

I ran my hand through his curly hair while he also ran his hand though his hair

From the look on his eyes I can say he has been longing for me as much as I have been longing for him

I closed my eyes as our lips slowly met each other

Am I the stupidest girl on earth for doing this

This is not right at all

His hand slowly went up my smooth thighs and my tummy tingled as he bites my lower lips softly

Now am stuck

Should I follow my stupid gullible heart and forgive him

Or should I follow my mind that tells me not  to cute ????

Kiss. Season 2. Chapter 33
Kiss. Season 2. Chapter 31

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