July 31, 2021

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Last Love. Chapter 18 and 19

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  Chapter 18
               Allen’s POV
I can’t explain what came over me though I don’t regret what I did. Her lips are soft and sweet. She left me standing there and ran away after apologising for I don’t know what. I went to my room but felt uncomfortable. I checked on her but her door was locked. I took a spare key and opened the door and there she was sleeping peacefully. She is really beautiful and her hair is the same colour as that of Julie. I don’t think she is the one. I covered her and slept beside her, she is too peaceful and I want to feel the same way.
            Kendra’s POV
I turned to face the other side when I felt someone’s presence. I recall locking the door. Fear had started taking over me. I was scared of opening my eyes. I stretched my hand and used it to check. I was sure someone was there but who it was, I didn’t have an idea. Slowly I opened my eyes and got the greatest shock of my life.
     ‘What is he doing here? How did he get in?’
I had all questions but no one to ask. I tapped him and he woke up.
     ‘How did you get in?’
Instead of answering my damn question he hugged me. Saying he is crazy is an understatement. I wanted to pull away but I felt warm and comfortable, its like I had gotten the peace I was looking for. I couldn’t hold the tears as I recalled my dad. The last time I was hugged by a man was three years ago before I got separated from my dad.
     ‘Why are you crying?’ He asked softly.
     ‘Nothing important, What are you doing here?’
    ‘I came to check on you after you ran away, so the door was open and you were sleeping. I decided to join you,’
     ‘Okay, has your mom arrived?’
    ‘She isn’t coming today,’
I stepped down from the bed but he got hold of my hand before I could stand up.
              Allen’s POV
I knew she wanted to leave and I didn’t want her to leave. Her work is to only cook for me and mom and since mom isn’t home its only me, so there is no need for the hurry. I got hold of her hand and in her eyes I could see fear. I didn’t want to do anything to her but her lips are tempting.
    ‘Just kiss her, she can’t ran away the door is locked,’ my only companion said.
The inner man has always been suggesting to me what to do and this time it’s a good advice.
     ‘Where are you going?’
     ‘To prepare dinner,’
     ‘My mom isn’t around, why the hurry?’
                Kendra’s POV
So after all the English that I learnt in one of the best schools I can’t comprehend a simple sentence just because of a simple stare. His eyes are something else its like he is looking for something in my eyes.

Chapter 19
                 Kendra’s POV cont
    I tried to continue staring at him but the little courage I had remained with left. I looked at the away only to realize that even the dress had betrayed me. All my thighs were exposed. I sat properly and covered myself up to the waist with the duvet and he chuckled.
    ‘I had already seen,’
I stared at him since I couldn’t talk. I just wish he could stop tormenting me.
           Allen’s POV
She covered herself but I had seen. She is the cause of all this, I didn’t tell her to put her legs down. I had really tried to control myself and since I couldn’t anymore I kissed her.
              Kendra’s POV
As he planted his lips on mine, my heart beat stopped. I tried my best not to touch him but I couldn’t even take control over myself again. I wrapped my hands around his shoulders. We were half lying half seated. I could feel his hand move around my stomach and the other one wrapped around my waist. My heart was playing drums and my breath was faster. He pulled back after sometime and rested his forehead on mine. I had started feeling pain on my back due to the sitting position.
                Ivy’s POV
I was seated on the balcony when dad drove in. He stepped down looking really drank. First he didn’t sleep at home and now he looks miserable. I ran downstairs to welcome him back but he yelled at me. I ran back to my room and locked the door. I used to think getting rid of his real family will make him love me but no, things are getting out of hand. My mom, the only person who loved me is no more. She taught me to fight for what I want but things are getting out of hand.  Even in death Zirah still wins over me. All this will end if only I get Allen to be mine. First thing tomorrow morning am going to his place. He must love me. I cried myself to sleep. I woke up after some time due to the cold on the floor. I dragged myself to bed and met a photo of zirah and her mom on the floor.
     ‘How the hell did it get here?’ I asked the empty room.
      ‘Why are you tormenting me?’ I shouted and threw the picture.  The glass broke into pieces and the photo remained. They were smiling, but to me it was like they were mocking me.
      ‘Why me? Why do I have to put up with everything?’ I cried my eyes out.

Last Love. Chapter 20 and 21
Last love. Episode 16 and 17

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