June 14, 2021

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Venessar High School. Episode 71

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Vanessa High School

Episode 71

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Kimberly’s POV

I couldn’t believe my eyes , it was like I was dreaming. The words of Sean pierced my world and shattered my heart. I felt so horrible and collapsed to the the chair with tears streaming heavily from my face.

I can’t believe Sean just said this! Where could he be? Has he suddenly stopped loving me? Just like that…he has another girlfriend already.

I buried my face in my palm and cried the more. I can’t take this heart break. No! It’s so much. Sean should have being strong and let us fight this battle together.

He does not have to be weak or…was he forced to say those words?

But why? Allie is still around which implies that the girlfriend he said he has is not even Professor Lucas daughter. This can only give us a clue that professor Lucas is not the one responsible for Sean’s kidnap

Whom could it be then? I must find my Sean and claim him back , that is if he hasn’t gone deep in relationship with the new girl.

I love Sean so much and I do not think I can ever stop loving him.

Autumn entered and noticed I was crying.

“Is it about Sean?” She asked.

“Sean put a call through to me just now ” I said and narrated what Sean told me.

“That’s a lie….it’s too early for him to have another girlfriend ”

“Really? ”

“Yes. He was only made to say those words out so you can give up on him but don’t. Stay strong , we will find him” Autumn said and I feel lightened up on the inside.

I became hopeful again as I reasoned with what Autumn just said.

“What is the net step now?” I asked Autumn because to me ,I’n stuck of ideas already.

“We can track the location Sean called from” She said and I furrowed my brow in excitement.

‘Really? Then let’s go to the cops now so they can help us track it ” I said wanting to stand up.

“No! We can’t fully trust the cops with all the information we have. I know how to track” She said and walked inside.

“Really!” I exclaimed with so much excitement as I followed Autumn inside.

Autumn is a life saver , now I have a hope of getting Sean back.

We both walked inside his room and she booted her laptop , she opened the GPS tracker app and connected the wifi of my phone , she pressed in the digit that called , the duration and some other details and clicked on ‘find location’

After few seconds , it loads and says “Error java encrypted”

My happiness faded away immediately on seeing the information but Autumn smiled instead.

“They are smart enough to cover their tracks , the sim had being broken immediately ” She explained what happened and I became sad again.

“But there is a way out. She opened another software on the computer and did some settings that I was totally naive of. She was copying and pasting codes and that took her close to an hour.

After a while , she clicked on ‘ Search precise location ‘ on the second app and it immediately brought the exact address with house number.

I jumped up happily on seeing that. Autumn screenshots it and gave me a wink.

I’m so happy that we know where Sean is now. The next task is to get him back

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