August 2, 2021

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Venessar High School. Episode 72

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Vanessar High school.

Episode 72

(Hug your brother)

Kimberly’s POV

“Not like we are going to kill anybody as soon as we get there. But you have to learn to use gun” Autumn said at the field of the house where we both stood with two guns

I have never used gun in my life and the sound of it alone makes me scared

“You have to be strong ” Autumn said and I nodded.

For the sake of Sean, I know I need to grow out of the silly shell of feminism.

She began to train me how to shoot in the right direction for several hours and I was getting it easily because I was very eager.

After several hours , I collapsed to the floor tiredly , I had being so tired.

Autumn squatted before me and smirked as he tapped my shoulder. This girl never gets tired. I wonder how and where a fat girl like her learnt all those cops skill.

“You have to be strong Kimberly. Now the plan is this ; as soon as we get there ” She turned all of a sudden and hurriedly hide her gun and collected mine and threw it inside the flowers.

I stood and turned to see who drove in and it was Stephen

He walked towards us and noticed many sweats streaming from my head.

“Kimberly , why are you sweating this way?” He asked

“Just training ” I replied.

“Training!” he repeated and chuckled.

“Anyways , go and take a shower ,let’s have some talk” He said and I exhaled.

The truth is I just wanna shower and sleep because I’ve being so tired but I do not want to be rude to him so I just nodded and told him to wait for me at the living room.

Autumn had excused us already.


Stephen and I sat at the living room.

“Sorry once again for the sudden loss of Sean ” He said and I nodded with a very sad and pathetic face.

“Have you guys got a clue of where he could be?” He asked.

“Yes, we have. We were able to trace the location yesterday ” I said in my heart. My mouth was opened ajar but words wasn’t coming out.

“Is anything wrong?” He asked.

“I’m sorry ,I’ve being so stressed. No! We haven’t be able to get a clue of where he is ” I replied.

He rested his head on the chair like someone in pain. I looked at him and feel so pathetic for him.

He really missed his brother.

After few minutes of silence , he spoke up. “Kimberly , I will like us to go out together tomorrow…to Bertha mountain ” He said.

My days! That’s one of the most expensive place anyone would ever go to. In fact , it had always being my dream but I had hope that my lover and I would go there someday.

“Really?” I asked without even knowing when that word came from my mouth and he nodded.

“Tomorrow….” I said and thought for a while

“Be right back” I excused myself and went to meet Autumn in her room but I didn’t see her there.

Oops! This girl never rest. I know where else to find her. I went straight to the gym and I saw her there exercising again , with all these exercises that she subjects herself too every now and then. She is suppose to be slimmer than me but instead , she’s still fat but fit.

“Hi Autumn, Stephen request for…” she didn’t wait for me to complete my words before she spoke up.

“Tell him yes ” She said still exercising , I stood surprised wondering how she knew , then she turned at me

” I would have spanked your butt and get really angry with you if you had told Stephen that we have got a clue of where Sean is” She said and pulled off her gloves.

“We need him not to suspect anything , so. Yeah! follow him to wherever he wants to take you to, I get you covered. Cover your heart , though ” She said and walked away from the gym room while I just stood there so surprised.

I shouldn’t wait here too long so Stephen won’t be made to think anything out of bound is happening

I walked swiftly to the sitting room and told him ” Yes, I will be following you”

“Awesome ” He said as he stood

“I need to leave now , come and and give your brother a hug before I leave ” He said and I would have rejected but he just referred to himself as my brother so I just hugged him anyways and he left.

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