July 24, 2021

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Celine and hoffman. Season 2 Chapter 44

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????chapter ✏44✏
Celine???? and the ???? Hoffman’s
(Season 2)
????????????drunk in love????????????????
By chidinma Jerry . m.????


Celine ran towards Danny

she ran as fast as she could till she got closer to danny conflicting thoughts ran through her head

Should I hug danny
Hes still My boss
Hes Mirandas boyfriend
Miranda said I should stay away
Who am I to hug Danny

She still ran further and when Celine got close enough she stopped and instead of hugging Danny she stood there and smiled

Danny took a step forward and hugged Celine as though he had no plans of letting her go he whispered to her
” why did you stand me up that day
” well sir my father had an accident so I couldn’t make it
” ok

He Still held her tight and crazy thoughts flew through celines mind
Is Danny hugging me
Omg Danny is hugging me
Why is Danny hugging me
What to do, he’s making me lose control
Could Danny like me
No no that’s not possible he’s with Miranda
I guess he’s hugging me like he hugs his fans,

She held him tight.

Few minutes later Danny finally let go of celine and she covered her face as she shyly ran into the back yard Danny smiled

” where are you running too?
” Ahhh just let me be

Celines heart was on fire and seeing Danny increased the flames she placed her hands on her heart am busy dying for Mirandas boyfriend so awesome Abigail was right stay away from Danny

With this Celine rushed out to the living room she saw Danny sitting down she covered her face with both hands as she ran into the bedroom she sat on the bed

No no he might come in here she said to herself as she picked her phone and ran into the bathroom

Danny walked to the door of the bathroom

“hey commoner are you crazy ?
” yes
“what did I do to you
“nothing sir am just meditating
” Ok am leaving

Danny acted as though he walked out then he sneaked back and stood by the door

CELINe was browsing through her phone so She spoke out loud

“Why did Danny hoffman hug me?

Danny smiled this girl is so weird he said to himself

” could it be love?”, she knocked herself “no no thats not possible he loves miranda :,..

” What who ever said that, why would i love Miranda “,Danny said to himself

” Let’s see the next option Celine said as she scrolled down her phone

” Could it be “warmth” does Danny have eternal heat no no that’s not it”,.

Danny smiled I don’t have eternal heat this girl is really crazy he said to himself

” pity could it be pity ahhh am I pitiful No I don’t think so it’s not pity”,.

Of course it’s not pity its love Danny said within himself

Just then celine smiled finally I know why

” It took you long enough “,Danny said to himself

” gratefulNess that’s it the proud peacock must have been grateful for the tea I bought that’s why he hugged me

” No no its not gratefulness this is really annoying “, Danny said to himself as he hit his hand on his head

Danny noticed her unlocking the door so he instantly sat on the bed crossing his leg
Celine walked out of the bathroom she looked at Danny who sat on the bed and bowed slightly as she ran into the living room

Danny was so frustrated
ahhh how could she think it was gratefulness can’t she recognize love when she sees it ,am so shy, how I do I tell her I like her… she’s so scary she scares me .

Celine walked down to the fridge she was so hungry she opened the door and squated down as she brought out all the junk in it

Ahh what rubbish no good food is here that proud peacock is not really humam eating all this weird stuff. I am going to get ulcer i cant eat this i better die of hunger .
She instantly locked the fridge just to find Danny squatting there

Celine screamed and Danny covered her mouth
” Hey commoner .

Celine instantly closed her eye
my heart is beating fast again she said to herself
Danny shouted
” hey!!!!
CElINE opened her eye and Danny removed his hands from her mouth
” are you hungry,
Celine nodded

” well i want to tell you something very important so listen .

Celine stared closer into his eye

” well what i wanted to say …….ahh forget it, you made me forget what i wanted to say I will be back soon stay here and wait for me don’t go anywhere

” yes sir
” if Sandra calls tell her to cancel all my schedule
” yes sir
” bye
” better come back sir
Danny walked away.

CELINe peeped around the whole environment and made sure it was secure then she took off her cloths and tied the white towel it was short just below her hip…celine ran into the shower she even washed her hair at once she didn’t feel like coming out

Minutes later Celine was done she dried herself She wore her black pant and bra which she packed and looked at herself in the mirror with her hands on her waist ” I think I lost weight”,. she noticed her waist bead had become loose it fell to her pant line it wasn’t between her waist anymore

she tried wearing her gown but she saw the gate opening so she tied back the towel just then the person walked in and celine couldnt see the person but she believed it would be Danny so she tied the towel well just then Sandra called Danny Celine picked the call

” Hey
” danny said you should cancel all his……. Miranda?

Just then Miranda walked in and Celine held the phone in her hands
” cancel all his what…. excuse me….

Miranda looked at Celine from hair to toe she was so annoyed her two guards followed her

” what are doing here?
” its really not what you think
“I warned you to stay away from Danny !!!”, miranda shouted

” I know that’s why I…….

Miranda slapped CElINE and pushed her down…. before her guards caught her

celine fell back on the floor and hit her back on the bed holder the area bruised and bled out Celine touched the blood she was in pain but she pulled herself up

” its not really you think madam I don’t have anything to do with danny
” what are you doing here
Miranda shouted as she angrily
pushed down everything on Danny’s table

” I can’t believe Danny “,she shouted as she ran out and drove away

Ceine sat back on the floor
Is Danny going to be mad at me, I just got his girlfriend angry
she wiped her tears ” why does being in love with you pain more and more

Celine stood up and started arranging things Miranda ruined.

she planned on leaving the penthouse but she heard distant gun shots which made her change her mind about leaving.

she slowly organised everything Miranda spoilt
Mrs hoffman browsed through the net she shouted

” Gretel!
Gretel ran out
” check this out
Gretel took her mum’s phone and jumped up shouting
” awwwww Emmanuella is coming home
” after 4years
” danny is gonna be so happy
” I wonder were she is gonna spend the holiday
” she always spent in here this is so cool

Gretel ran into her room .

Mary returned the glass she took from Mrs Hoffman’s table and ran into the maids room

” when will celine be back i miss the fifth building
” who’s emmanuella
” emmanuella jekerns?
” Gretel was so happy
” is she coming home
” I guess
” maybe Danny’s girlfriend
” no she’s his best friend
” they were 4 Danny, Tony, emmanuella, Clara till Danny fell for Clara
” after the accident emmanuella ran away to the state’s she was never heard from again
” what about Tony
” he’s a Muscician now but he’s not based here
” emmanuellas father is the owner of c.R golds
” filthy rich
” emmanuella is a part time model and full time lawyer.

Danny arrived when Celine was organising the room.she was a most done.
She didn’t notice him as he was checking out her seductive set of legs.her long hair that fell freely….
Finally Danny walked in.

Celine looked at him and gently bowed
She dragging down the tiwel it was really short she got shy.

” this place looks like a war zone”danny said
” welcome sir.

Danny looked at her face was so bruised and her eye were teary he moved closer to her

” are you ok?
” yes am fine

Danny noticed that Celine didn’t want to turn back and when he tried moving towards her back she turned around

” what are you hiding
” its nothing am not hiding anything
” better hold still or I will take back my towel “, danny said

CEline held still and Danny walked behind her he moved her hair over her shoulders Danny felt like he was the one who got brushed

” how did you get hurt like this
” well I slipped and fell after bathing
” why are you so careless
” am fine
She smiled
” come here
” what

He took her by the hand he dropped the bag he held on the table then they got to the bed

DAnny arranged the pillow
” lie down
” stop looking at me like that and lie down already
” wait I should get dressed first.

She tried running away but Danny caught her

” lie
” ok

celine lay facing the pillow he went to his cupboard and brought out a kit
Celine stayed in that position and suddenly felt sleepy … she wasnt comfortable because her thigh was showing…

Just then she felt Danny drag down her towel from chest, he covered her hip down well but her back was open.

She took a deep breath , then she felt him unhook her bra .

Danny noticed Celine suddenly stopped breathing …

” hey are you breathing
” how are my suppose to breath when you are touching me like that, she said with an innocent face
Danny withdrew
“Sorry I just wanted to apply treatment .
Celine smiled
Danny chuckled
” ahhh you are too spoilt for a virgin
Celine smiled
Danny gently moved her hair over her shoulders
Celine got hundred butterflies in her stomach the fireworks couldn’t stop, she felt beautiful when Danny touched her
“control yourself She said to herself
” hold still I need to clean the wound .
he cleaned then he applied some treatment on the wound
” done !.
” can I get dressed now ?
” no stay like this its not Dried yet
” we committed a sin , this is against my tradition, a man should not see my naked body, my mom will kill me “, she said and folded her hands around the pillow
Danny chuckled.
” i didnt see anything, she cant kill you.better stay like that .

Danny walked to the kitchen

CEline stayed like that till she slept off Danny was trying to cook he was cutting some vegetables when Sandra called so he put the phone on speaker

” did Celine give you my message
” no she didn’t
” ok cancel my plans for tommorow
” ok
” bye
” is Celine ok
” what
” am sure Miranda pushed her
“what Miranda came here
” yes she even slapped her

Danny was so angry he cut himself it was very deep he bled out
” why didn’t she tell me or better still why didn’t she fight back

” women fight for what’s theirs how can she fight for something that’s not hers ,I will cancel your schedule sir

Danny dropoed the knife and ran back to the room and celine was already sleeping

He moved her hair from her face and looked at her for a while
he kissed her neck and covered her well then he returned to the kitchen in few minutes Danny was done cooking he kept the food on the table near Celine and ran into the compound he took his car and drove off
Celine opened her eye she saw the food but she did not see Danny she ran into the kitchen he was nowhere to be found just then she heard another gun shot she was so scared she didn’t eat the food anymore rather she sat down on the floor with her legs folded and started crying she didnt even bother getting dressed

Celine cried out loud she was really scared that something might have happened to Danny the sound of her cry could wake an entire village as Celine heard the gun shots she cried more

Meanwhile Danny arrived at Mirandas house he walked straight into her room and dragged her out

” danny let go you are hurting me
Danny ignored her till the got outside beside the pool

Danny shouted at her
” what’s wrong with you

” what did I do I just fought for what’s mine that slut got what she deserves
Danny raised his hands to slap Miranda but he slowly withdrew

” go ahead and hit me if that will remove this hatred in your eye

” Miranda leave me alone
” but I love
” but I don’t love you
” we shared a moment Danny
” it was just sex Miranda why are you acting like you were a virgin
” danny please look at me I can’t live without you
” better learn to do so because the little love I felt for you as a friend has dried up
” danny am sorry
” if you hit me maybe I would have forgiven you but you hit the wrong person Miranda you hurt the wrong person ..
” a maid, do you love that commoner
” yes I love her, I love her as a maid, i love her as a commoner, I love her anyway she is, as long shes not you
Miranda started crying as she knelt down
” stay away from me and most importantly stay away from CElINE if you hurt her I don’t know what i will do to you

” danny am sorry
” i regret the day I lay my hands on you .

He walked into his car and drove off Miranda fell to the floor crying her assistant ran to her

” madam are you okay

” I won’t back down without a fight its okay that I won’t have danny but celine won’t have him too am going to kill her I swear i will kill her

Danny walked into the penthouse just to find Celine crying on the floor Danny smilled

” hey cry baby
Celine looked at him and cried more and more
Danny felt like laughing he had not met a girl like this in his life

He rushed to where she sat and drew her up then he hugged her

” you were really crying that’s funny
Celine didn’t talk she just held him tight and kept crying
” celine stop crying am okay I just went to see a friend

CEline withdrew and took Danny’s hands she saw the blood and cried more and more
” no no its just a knife cut I was cooking thats it

Just then danny heard the gun shots he smiled
” oh now I know why you cried
He wiped her tears with both hands
” am okay
” are you sure ?”,She wiped her tears with both hands
” as long as am with you, am okay.
” what
” you were wondering why I hugged you right well i didn’t hug you out of pity or warmth I didnt hug you out of gratitude or because I see you as my fan, rather I hugged you celine because I love you and I missed u.

” yes, this almighty Danny Hoffman is in love with you celine I love you

Celine suddenly shed tears …
” am yours celine
” you are mine …
Danny kissed her lips and she closed her eye…Danny deepened the kiss and Celine wrapped her arms over his neck…..
Danny finally unlocked his lips and pecked her lips softly again.

” I love you.

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