August 6, 2021

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Celine and hoffman. Season 2 Chapter 46

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????chapter ✏46✏
Celine???? and the ???? Hoffman’s
(Season 2)
????????????drunk in love????????????????
By chidinma Jerry . m.????


As Celine moved from the mirror
Miranda walked in
Celine turned looked at Miranda in surprise

CELINe sat down on her chair and crossed her leg

” oh its the boyfriend dragger, welcome Miranda I missed you

” what

” are you looking for Josh the driver, because am sure both I and my boyfriend are not ecpecting you

Miranda laughed

” oh the Maid looks happy

” what should i do, I am in my boyfriend’s house right

” oh wow she can now talk back

CElINE stood up and walked in front of her

” I respected you miranda till I found out that you were a cheap whore
Miranda laughed
” wow so finally you are out to drag a man with me, the maid wants to drag a man

” I can’t drag what belongs to me Miranda , its simple theory ” thought you were smart ”

” do you think Danny loves you, you don’t know Danny

” I don’t need your lies Miranda

” Danny is a play boy he doesn’t date a girl for more than 9 months you think he loves you don’t worry very soon he is gonna dump you for the next sexy girl

” I don’t believe you

” oh you are still in the dark the first day I met Danny I mean the first day he saw me
That was the day we had sex he couldnt resist me he cant rezist beautiful things and thats y hes after you too

” you are a liar

” the way he held me with so much love i felt like i was in heaven should I tell you more about how he kissed me passionately or how I felt him inside me , everything was so real I thought I meant something more to him

” get out Miranda

” after the sex he didnt want to see me around him anymore do you know why that’s because danny is just a play boy never take a playboy serious Celine he is going to dump you, have you given it to him yet , well I guess you haven’t that’s why he is still sticking around …Just give him sex he will leave you too….thats what he is waiting for.

” Miranda you are so pathetic, I pity you you know, I don’t care what you had with danny in the past but he’s mine now and mine alone he doesn’t joke with me because he loves me

” so you think Celine.
” get out Mira , leave before call Danny.

” its useless am leaving already.

Miranda walked out.

Celine sat back down and all Miranda said came back to her.

Was Danny really a play boy … did he really have sex with Miranda like that…was he really only interested In her body …

She started having crazy thoughts.she remembered the pool ….she remembered how he desired her body …she wondered if Miranda was really right.

She got scared.

Just then Danny’s red car pulled over ….

He walked out of the car.

He already wore a black Jean and plain white t-shirt ….he wore a flat slipper which was designed with pure gold chain …… he packed his hair with a black band and wore a two silver earrings.

Celine quietly checked him out…he’s amazing height and figure drove her crazy….

Danny catwalked down to her he held the jewel box in his hands.

He replied a text quickly and waved his hands at her with his phone in it.

Celine smiled he noticed her awkward silence.

He dropped the jewel case on her lap.

” thanks
” are you okay Celine.
” yes am fine.
” ok

He dragged her up from the chair and both of them walked into the house.

Celine dropped the Jewel on the table.
She watched Danny remove his hair band and his t -shirt…

He remove his slipper and sat beside her on the bed Celine was still quiet.

He moved her hair and tried kissing her lips Celine gently moved away.

Danny dropped his phone.
” talk about it.
” Danny did you sleep with Miranda .
Danny smiled and tucked his hair behind his ear.
” why are you asking that now , what does it have to do with the present…
” I just want to know.
” ok fine yes.
” you were not dating her so why did you sleep with her just like that .

” Celine it was nothing,
” what about me , what am i ?.

” how should i prove that I love you celine , I never loved Miranda it was just for fun and I swear it was just one night and I really regret not playing with you Celine I really love you.

” but why , am not up to your standard, so why do you love me , why will you love me ?.

“celine I love you and that’s all that matters , I can never take you for granted and am not after your body Celine I swear , I know I was like that before but i am really changing , am trying to become better don’t cause me Pain by not trusting me please….

Celine smiled and kissed him .

” am sorry I was just confused.
Danny hugged her tight.

He stood up and picked her gown he from the cupboard.

He dragged her up and slipped both her hands into it…

Celine smiled.

” remove your undies they are wet.
” sure.

Danny walked out and she removed her pant as well as her bra .

She ran down to Danny in the living room he drank a glass a wine quietly.

Celine rushed out towards him and sat beside him then she slipped herself into his arms amd hugged him …

Danny kissed her fire head.

” I want to drink too.
Danny tried pouring her a glass she dint agree.
Danny gave her his own cup and she smiled as she sipped a little Danny smiled.

” owwww its hot “, Celine said.
Danny kissed her lips ..

She hugged him tight again.

” I love you
” I love you too.

” I need to go and return this jewel to your mum today.

” later not now.
” ok.

She placed her face on his chest and danny ran his fingers down her thigh playfully.

Celine chuckled as he played with her gown ….

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