August 6, 2021

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He and her V. Episode 68

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He and her V

Episode 68

(We made love)

Ten years ago.

Surprising flashback!


“Tucker , the cutie ” My mom greeted Tucker and he smiled.

“Welcome mom” He replied my mom. My mom walked to where he was , hugged him and walked away.

My mom loved Tucker so much and she had always refer to Tucker as my husband but I always shot her a devilish look.

Tucker and I are just friend and he always come to play in our house, we were just teens going to the same school and we were best of friends.

There was this day that I got home ready to do my assignment when I saw a letter in my bag. I was nervous of who could have written the letter to me.

I picked it anyways and it reads;

“Days keep passing and I never stopped dreaming.
Wanna know what the dream is about ?
Oh! Yeah,it’s about Grace.
Wanna know whom the Grace is?
Oh yeah! You got it right ,it’s you.
Wanna tell you this face to face but I’m scared.
Grace; I love you…” I furrowed my brow on reading that part , my heart was beating fast but I still didn’t know who wrote the letter , I had to keep reading , and then , I found out that it was Tucker.

Really? We were just friend and I haven’t thought of that. I sincerely didn’t know what answer to give him. I like him , but love….I’m not really sure.

I need to be sure before I could tell him yes.

The following day , we met in class but he was trying to avoid me , he would have come to meet me to play with me but I guess he’s scared of what my reply could be or if I’m angry or not.

He can’t really place what my expression would be. After we were done with school activities and everyone was going home.

I ran to meet him as soon as I saw that he had carried his bag and leaving.

“Hey Tucker.” I greeted and he shyly replied with a slight bow of his head.

“I saw your letter ” I said and he raised his head up to me.

“Thanks…but give me some time to be certain” I said and he looked into my face for a while then he said “Okay”

“Why are you trying to avoid me?”


“Yeah,you are even going home without informing me , if it’s because of the letter ,I’m not angry ” I said and he smiled.

“Wait for me” I said and went to pick my bag in the class.

I went to where he stood waiting for him and we both went home together.

After a month , the bond between Tucker and I grew stronger , our love for each other becomes tightened and although , I had not tell him ‘yes’.
I have being falling so deeply in love with him and I had showed him with all my emotions , I do not know if he has seen the green light or not.

I decided to tell him on my birthday. He came around to celebrate with me and I just handed him a letter that I had beautifully designed and in it are three beautiful words ; I, Love and you.

He received the letter and read it then he hugged me so tight. He was so happy.

“That is YES right?” He asked still hugging me.

“Yes…yes…yes ” I replied and he just kept hugging me.

We celebrated with mom, mom took us out and bought a lot of goodies for Tucker and I. As soon as we got home. Tucker gave me all the goodies that mom gave to him and presented his birthday gift to me.

I was stunned when he knelt down and asked “will you marry me?”

Oh my days! We are still young for crying out loud but I saw it as an opportunity, though. Yeah! If I will marry someone in the future, let it be Tucker.

“Yes” I said and stretched my fingers and he r0mantic@lly inserted the ring inside.

He stood and huggd me again.

One thing led to the other in our silly play and Tucker and I made love.

Are you sure you are following me in this story; we going somewhere…grab your popcorn

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