August 2, 2021

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Venessar High School. Episode 73

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Venessar High School

Episode 73

(White powdery substance )

Kimberly’s POV

Following day!

Stephen had parked his car outside waiting for me. I had finished dressing too so I just walked up to his car and he drove us to Bertha mountain.

People are very scanty there and everywhere was so beautiful and magnificent.

He took me round many places and was describing them for me. It was so much fun. We finally went to the top of the mountain and we sat before each other.

“As a good brother to Sean , I had to try all my possible best to ensure that you are happy while the cops are still on look for him.

” True ,but can we stop talking about Sean and just have fun” I said

“It will be very hard for me to just forget about my brother easily like that…anyways! We need to have fun here first as you have said. ” He said

“Thanks for bringing me here ”

“Oh! It’s nothing. Anything for my sister. You know I had to start seeing you as my sister since the issue of girlfriend won’t work. And of course , seeing that you are in friendship or I say relationship with Sean” He said.

“But Sean is gone now, do you think you will be falling in love with anyone so soon?” He asked.

“Love! Love! I do not think so. I will need so much time to just be alone ”

“That’s just fine by me. I know of a surety that if fate had destined us to be together , we will definitely be together ” He said and I shot him a surprising look.

“Oh! Don’t be surprise at what I said considering the fact that you are my sister ” He said and kissed the back of my palm.

“You have a very beautiful lips , Kim” He said and I smiled at him

“Thanks” I replied.

“Do you think it’s an abomination for a brother and a sister to kiss? ”

“Sorry! I mean…kiss…between a brother and a sister. I do not think that is right” I said.

“Everything is actually right , the mentality of men made it wrong. What’s the big deal ,though? More so , no one is here and it’s just a kiss ” He said smiling

“Oh no! Are you trying to say we should kiss?” I asked.

“Of course ” he replied and moved close to me.

“Kimberly , even as a brother , I still love you ” He said softly while bringing his head close to my face.

I stood all of a sudden ” No! This is wrong. I guess we aren’t here to kiss but to catch some fun”

“Yeah…sure. Don’t be annoyed ” He said and stood also.

“I’m not feeling comfortable here again , maybe we should leave ”

“You do not have to be angry , take it easy dear ” He said holding my hand while I looked away.

“I won’t request to kiss you again then, is that alright?” He asked while I still kept forming anger.

I refused to reply and just looked away.

He came to the direction I was facing and his face was down and sad , I saw the face of someone that loved me so much but wasn’t retorting his love.

The innocence in his face made me feel pity for him but the desperation of his act to get me so far can not make me trust him.

“Kimberly, I can’t stop loving you” He said softly as tears streamed down his face

I raised my hand to his face and helped him clean the tears on his face.

I hugged him and he received the hug. I could feel the pain he was feeling. I once felt it also. The pain of loving someone that never loves you.

We disengaged and after a while , he held my hand and we both stepped down the mountain.

We entered his car ready to drive home. We weren’t saying any more word to each other. I know he’s hurt but I can’t help him. It’s Sean that I love.

I hope he finds someone that loves him someday

He stretch a parcel to me and I received it

“Don’t open it, tell Autumn to open it for you when you get home ,It’s a surprise ” He said and I nodded.

He drove me to the house that Autumn and I stay. He bade me goodbye and I did the same.

I walked inside happily and anxiously to know what could be inside the parcel.

“Autumn!” I called and after a while , she came with a short boxer , an oversized green singlet with gloves in her two hands.

She’s in gym training again!

“Hey Autumn , the place was fun” I didn’t wait for her to ask before I told her how the place was.

“Glad. What is that in your hand?” She asked and went to sit.

I went to where she sat and handed over the parcel to her.

“Stephen said you should open it for me ” I said and she furrowed her brow

“Really?”she asked and I nodded.

She gently open the parcel and a white powdery substance blew to Autumn’s face.

Her hand shook while still holding the parcel , she slump to the bed all of a sudden.

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