July 29, 2021

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Adventure Of a bad pastor’s son. Part 16

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I was already getting angry and i stopped banging my leg. Just then, one of their people came and stod in front of the door and
b@nged his leg so loud you could mistaken it for banger(knockout) and said “Sir! Permission to fall in sir!”
“Granted! Fall in” the oga replied from inside. when he got inside he shouted “Sir! Moorrriinng sir!”
“Moring! where’s what I sent you?”
“Sir! I couldn’t get it sir!” the junior officer replied with fear
“Go and pin your head outside!” the senior officer said.
The guy came outside and pinned his head.
The senior officer came out to check him and adjusted him well. He turned to me and said “you! you stubborn abi? you no fit bang leg abi? oya pin your head!”
lemme explain this ‘pin your head’ punishment: you put your head on the floor, with your legs spread out and your hands behind your back.
I was like You say?
“I say pin your head”
I thought the punishment was easy so i was like WTF lemme just do it and Zap outta here.
I positioned myself and started doing the punishment. People were just passing and looking at us. I was embarassed but i wanted to try the punishment. before 2minutes, my head started painning me, coupled with yabatech ground that is like tarred express road. The gravel was really paining my head.

I started sweating and soaked my boxer and started sweating through my trousers.
The other guy wasn’t even sweating I guess he’s used to it already I nearly cried but kept being a strong man.
I adjusted myself severally to reduce the pain on my leg and head and shoulder.
Truely pride goes before a fall.
I didn’t know when I lost my pride and started begging my fellow man “please sir… abeg, please I’ll bang my leg please, I’ll do anything you say please” the pain was just too much to bear.
“Stand up and bang your leg” he barked at me like he was talking to his 2year old brother.
I swallowed my pride ooo… I b@nged like that was the last thing I was gonna do before i die.
The loudness of my leg even suprised me.
I was ordered to leave there. I ran like a child that was freed by bullies.
When i told my friend what happened, they laughed at me and said “na because of your small stature nau… chop beans you no go chop, rice indomie everytime… na so them go dey bully you for this school. Abi shey him go see person like me wey tall, get body like this bully?
him no dey fear chest?”
I didn’t find it funny though.
The cadet was out now. Redcross was the next in line.

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