July 30, 2021

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Angel Of Success. Chapter 8. Final episode

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Angel Of Success. Episode 6 and 7

Austin shouts???? her name, “Joyce”. Joyce was so happy to see him. Austin callled his mechanic???? to come check whats wrong with the car. Joyce followed Austin to his house????. When they got there. After a while. Austin woo Joyce again that he wants her back. Joyce opened up to him that ever since Austin had sex with her that she no longer think of anyother man than him
Joyce: I still love you Austin❤, you are the kind of man i asked for from God
Austin: I love you Joyce ryt from time i brought you home from the hospital????
They both kissed for few minutes then after 7 months of dating they introduce each other to each other’s parent. They got married and have 4 kids together. Austine is a lucky guy to marry such an Angel????.

Plss always value what you have. If you find true love❤. Plsss hold it tight and don’t abuse it. THE END

Angel Of Success. Episode 6 and 7

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