July 31, 2021

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Celine and hoffman. Season 2. Chapter 47

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????chapter ✏47✏
Celine???? and the ???? Hoffman’s
(Season 2)
????????????drunk in love????????????????
By chidinma Jerry . m.????

Hoffmans house.

Gretel was about running into the compound when a red car drove in a girl walked out she was pretty beyond description she had very long natural curly black hair and a hot skin she was slim and tall she was nicely statured like hell and her skin glitered she had a baby face with red lips and a pointed nose she just looked like indians she wore a gold nose ring a gold anklet and a gold bracelets she wore like 3 ear rings on each ear she walked with pride and grace she wore a very short bom shot and a jacket with her half cut exposing her silver waist bead and her slim waist she smiled and waved when she saw Gretel , gretel jumped up shouting mum, dad, its emma

She ran towards emmanuella and hugged her emmanuella pecked Gretel

” hey you look grown up gret
” am a big girl, Emma you are so beautiful
” thanks gret

Just then all the maids ran out both the old maids in the 5th building waved at Emma smiling she waved back at all of them

Mr and Mrs hoffman walked out emmanuella saw them and ran towards them hugging them both

” mother, father “, she pecked them
” you have grown big”, Mrs Hoffman said
” really?
” not in the Fat way in the grown up way “, Mrs Hoffman said
” I got scared”, Emma replied .

” how are you dear its been long how is your parents”, Mr Hoffman said
” they are fine they are back home”, emma said.

” am glad you visited
” thank you
” oh I missed you after you left no one sneaked into my house with her box and stayed for weeks without my knowledge “, mrs hoffman said.

Emma laughed

” she really disturbed us right”, Mr Hoffman asked .

Mrs hoffman hugged emmanuella again
” am glad am here

” you are welcome

Emily and Mary carried her bag inside

” its been so long you need to gist me”, mrs hoffman said
” me too”, Gretel said .

Emma looked around

” wait someone is missing where is that curly hair cutie “, emma asked
” his hair is longer now “,gretel said
” he must be so cute now”, emma said
” cute and troublesome “, mrs hoffman said .
” but where is he ?”, emma asked

” he went to his girlfriends family fun night that’s what he said “, mrs hoffman said .

Emmanuella smiled As she whispered to Gretel

” that’s a lie”, emma said
” a big one”, gretel said .

They both laughed Emma was Gretels favourite

” wow home sweet home”, emma said
” its all yours”, mr Hoffman said
” I know “, emma said.

********** hours later
Christina couldn’t reach Mrs hoffman so she sent her a text

My dear friend I delivered the jewels to your son Danny instead of the maid I wonder why he came to take it because the Maid picked up the call, unless of course you know what am thinking ….

Mrs hoffman was outside working out on her her fitness when her message tune beeped

” Gretel that’s my message tune get me my phone in the parlour

Gretel watched t.v.
” of course mum

Before she sluggishly told up Emma already picked up the phone she turned to Gretel

” enjoy your movie gret
” that’s why I love you

Emma walked out with the phone towards Mrs hoffman

Emma walked out with the phone towards Mrs hoffman

Just then the phone blinked she saw the text message

Arrgh Christinas gossip would never seize she said as she instantly replied the message

I know, my friend I sent them together thanks for your concern

She sent the message and deleted everything then she gave Mrs hoffman her phone

” here mum
” thanks

Mrs hoffman looked at her phone she saw nothing so she continued her exercise

Miranda walked about in her room
Danny wanted to hit me because of that maid fine the only way I can have danny is with her gone

She placed a call

” hello
” how may I help
” I was the one John told you about you will recieve your pay directly from me just make sure to kill the girl
” the girl in the picture
” yes her name is Celine she’s a maid in the Hoffman’s house
” count it as done but that’s if she leaves the house because nothing can happen inside that house the security is too tight

” okay but if she is with danny hoffman stay clear he is out of bounds if a hair on his head goes missing I won’t take it lightly

” ok no harm will come to the pretty boy all we have to do is kill Celine .
” yes that’s it

She dropped the call and drank from her wine

Celine lay quietly on Danny’s body facing upward on the bed.

She lay between his legs and she placed his hands on her chest where he held his phone.

He placed his head on the pillow and her head was on his chest

” Danny I need to go.
” now.
“Yes your mum might fire me.
” ok …
Danny let her stand up from him.

She picked her gown .
” Danny close your eye.
” Danny placed the pillow on his face .
Celine removed the sleeping gown and wore another cloth.

She rose on top of him and removed the pillow from his face then she kissed his lips
Danny smiled.

He stood up and picked his t- shirt.

” let’s go I will walk you to the car.
Celine looked at his waist.
” Danny did you sag your Jean.
Danny chuckled.
” no I didn’t.
” I think you did.
” no I really didn’t , its because I was lying down.
Celine looked at his diamond stonned belt she wondered why everything about him was just so expensive.

She instantly pulled the trouser up Danny laughed.

Both of them rushed out when they got outside the driver was already waiting .

Celine hugged Danny one last time and Kissed him. Then she ran to the car.
Danny walked back inside

They enterred the car and took minutes later celine arrived .she walked into the compound she headed to the living room and gave Mrs hoffman the box as she turned and tried walking away mrs hoffman called her back

” madam ?.

Mrs hoffman looked at her from her to toe
This girl is really pretty and Danny likes pretty things could they have been together, I mean after the family fun night where did Danny stay till now , did she spend time with my son..her looks are killing she can seduce just anyman.

” you were with danny at the penthouse right

CElINE was confused, thoughts ran through her head

“Is she aware that I stayed with” danny

“Is this a trick question”

“Did miss christina tell her Danny” took the jewel

” I am really scared”

” speak up celine did you stay with my son up until now

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