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Celine and hoffman. Season 2 Chapter 48

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????chapter ✏48✏
Celine???? and the ???? Hoffman’s
(Season 2)
????????????drunk in love????????????????
By chidinma Jerry . m.????


” well , the thing is

Just then celine noticed someone at the door waving at her giving her signals to say no

” no madam I have not even seen your son for weeks.

The person gave her a thumbs up
Celine smiled

” then we’re could Danny be, ok you may go in now

Celine walked into the maids room she didn’t see the person who helped her she wondered if she was a ghost .

” welcome Celine”, emily said
“how was it? “,Mary asked
Celine smiled
” it was the best two days of my life .

Just then Mary locked the door
” abigail hid the tea.
” what
” abigail knew the truth all this while avoid Abigail
” i wonder she did all this to me
” jealousy”, Emily said

” you saw Emma already right?”, mary asked
” who’s that?
” the girl who have you signals
” and I thought it was a ghost
” no it wasn’t it was Danny’s friend
” she’s really pretty “, celine said.

Just then the line rang it was dannys room

” but he’s room is empty”,celine said
” no its not .
” really ,who’s there?.
” pick up and find out “, mary said

Celine picked
” hello
” can I get pizza thanks.
” a woman , why .”,celine said frowning
She ran into the kitchen and came out then she knocked on Danny’s door.
” good day”, emma Said
Celine recognized her
” thank you for helping me get past mrs hoffman.
” so where you with danny all the while ..
“Well ….
” place it on the table
” ok
“what’s your name?
” Celine ma
” call me emma am just 22,by might be older than me .
Celine smiled and walked out if the room.

Hours later.

Mr hoffman and his wife with Emma and gretel sat outside that cool evening by the pool.

The maids stood behind them .

” so Emma do you have a boyfriend?
” honey!!!
” no mum am so single.
” better so do you like danny
” ciara!!!
” mum don’t match make them
Emma smiled
” Danny is too cute for me to manage anyway .
Everyone laughed
” so true the cute ones can’t be faithful
“Gretel what do you know about cute guys ?”, her mum asked

” nothing mum “,gretel replied .
Every body laughed

Just then the gateman opened the gate and Danny drove in

” the pretty boy is back “, gretel said

Emily touched celines hands and
CElINE smiled happily
Danny walked out of the car and looked up to where his parents sat he looked at Celine and instantly texted her

“????I love you ????”
Celine looked at her phone and smiled .
He texted again
“✉Won’t you reply????”
CEline replied
✉”Your parents are waiting for you come here ????”

He waved at his family as he walked further one maid from the fifth building took his bag and locked his car

Danny walked further that was when he noticed Emma
Emma stood up and walked down towards him Danny was so surprised

” oh my Godz!!!, emmanuella jekerns
” Danny Hoffman
” I missed you sweet heart
“Come here my love .

Danny hugged Emmanuella and carried her up Emma hit him and he brought her down

” you lost weight
Emma placed her hands on her waist
” am a model now
Danny smiled as he hugged her again and dragged her by the hands
” get ready to gist me
Emma smiled

They walked towards his parents

The got to his parents Danny was still holding Emma

” hey mom, dad, gret
” welcome honey how was the family fun night
” which family….
Emma pinched him
” oh it was fine, totally awesome
” welcome back son”, mr Hoffman said
” welcome my son”, gretel said
” crazy girl

Danny looked up at Celine then he dragged Emma and walked out
Danny and Emma went into his room and Emma sat on the bed while Danny sat on a chair facing her he just looked at her in silence

” I am trying to fill up the time I spent without you
” better bath “, emma said.

She lay on the bed Danny took of his shirt And lay on the bed beside Emma , he wrapped his arms round her. Emma pinched his waist

” go and bath
” am lazy
Emma pushed him out of the bed Danny picked the pillow and threw at her
” don’t look for my trouble
” Emma
” yes
” you look prettier now
” thank you
Danny stood up and walked into the shower Then he shouted

” order juice for me please
” sure

Celine sat quietly in the maids room
Mary peeped for Abigail and then locked the door

” hey why do you look quiet “, mary asked
” isn’t it obvious am jealous already “,celine said
” that’s not needed I mean why would you be jealous of emma they have been roommates for close to one year…. sleeping ,eating,bathing, doing everything together in the same room still dey didn’t fall for each other. They are just close friends.

” well miranda said Danny is a playboy and I just keep imagining him and Emma doing stuffs

” don’t mind Miranda Danny has changed .”, emily said .

” yea before he came home every night with a different girl , each time you go to his room to serve him you must see a sexy naked girl on his bed.Mary said .

” and when his dad complained he bought that penthouse “, Emily said .

” but nowadays Danny is really different, he changed…I hardly see him with girls”, mary said.

” I was surprised he broke up with Jennifer because she cheated cos I know Danny cheated on her too but she saw it as nothing…”, Emily said

” wow “,celine added.
” but Danny has really changed alot ….

Just then the line rang celine rushed it

” hello
” juice please

She took the juice and knocked on the door

“come in”.
Celine walked in
” place it on the table its Danny’s order “, emma said
“danny again ?

Just then danny shouted
” emma I forgot my towel “,…

Both Emma and celine went for the towel at the same time just then celine got herself and gave it to Emma but Emma gave it to her
” here give it to him
” oh ok
She passed it Danny’s hand..

” emma you wont believe what happened with that estate manager after u left “, Danny said this as he walked out of the door of his dressing room with
He wore a white short topless ..he’s hair fell freely , ..

He was was about jumping to the bed when he saw Celine…

He picked the juice on the table.
Celine took the juice from danny

” I told you take cofee and avoid juice you take too much sugar , and you need your tea so you can sleep well.
Danny turned to Emma.
” Emma fight for my right.
Emma smiled.
” arrrgh but my body needs juice right now.
Celine gulped down the juice till the cup was empty
Emma laughed
Danny sat on his bed beside Emma and looked up at celine .

” what should I take now?
” insomnia tea
” hey commoner ,that’s not fair.
” I love you “, celine said and walked out.
Danny lay flat on the pillow.
Emma placed her own pillow on his tummy and placed her head there

” Emma won’t you change
” no
Danny smiled.
” so do you love her.
” yes I do.
” really really love her , not just for fun.

” i love her emma , so much .
” so how’s she in bed.
” Emma change.
Emma laughed.
” I like her too but lawyer instincts she’s still a virgin , right?.
” wow your lawyer instincts are great.
Emma smiled .
” I am going to sleep .

She tried standing up but Danny dragged her back.
” Emma you are sleeping here.
” Danny am grown now we are not teens anymore .
” and
” and am pretty seductive we might do the unplanned .
Danny knocked her head.
” Emma you are a spoilt bitch.
” no am not.

Emma rolled over him and tool the land line she dialed the maids room

” hello
” send lina over.

She dropped the call and wore her slipper.

” Danny am off to gretels spare room .
” ok .

Emma opened the door and celine walked in almost instantly..

Emma opened the door for her and walked past her…

Celine walked towards Danny on his bed.
Danny smiled.

” missed you.
Celine smiled as she bent down and kissed his lips.
” me too.

Danny dragged her over to the bed and wrapped the bed cover around both of them.

” Danny I can’t sleep here they will catch us.
” Danny wrapped his arms around her bad kissed her lips.
” shhhhhhh.
Celine smiled.

She closed her eye as she felt him kiss her face deliciously under the blanket

He kissed both her closed her eye , then her nose , then her ear, they under her jaw and finally he locked his lips to hers.

Celine smiled against his lips.

He gently kissed her neck and held her tight

He finally closed his eye quietly.

Celine uncovered herself and just looked at his face.

She kissed his lips and gently placed her head in his chest…

After a while she covered him well and ran out of his room.

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