June 20, 2021

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Celine and hoffman. Season 2 Chapter 49

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????chapter ✏49✏
Celine???? and the ???? Hoffman’s
(Season 2)
????????????drunk in love????????????????
By chidinma Jerry . m.????


keila arranged her cloths in her room and all she could think about was Ryan, Ryan, Ryan

The guy she met at the mall

She sat on her bed and kept remembering everything about him she really wanted to see him again.


Celine had been searching for Mr Hoffman’s ring all morning .she already grew tired .
She got to the back yard and there Ethan sat he ran towards her.

” what is it I will help you find it?
” a rin
” ok lets search together

They kept searching

CEline got to the spot where Mr hoffman normally parked his car she stood on the right hand where the car front door should be according to her imagination then she searched the area straight up just then she saw something sparkling in the floor it was the ring celine smiled she tried pulling it out but it was stuck

” Ethan!!!

Ethan came and he successfully pulled out the ring and gave it to celine

” thank you, finally am so happy
” me too am happy
Gretel had been call with keila for a long period.

” I can’t believe Sims birthday is so close
” I don’t even know what to buy.
” maybe a watch or a tea shirt.
Gretel smiled.
” I will call u k.

She dropped the call .


Anna just dropped the call with her friend.

” so simeon is finally dating gretel , he couldn’t even tell me.is that why he avoided me recently.
Gretel can keep the award but simeon is mine.
He didn’t even remember to invite me to his party…
I have the perfect present.

She played a video on her phone she watched it smiling.

Miranda called her goons on phone
” what’s taking so long in killing a girl a single girl
” well she never comes out of the mansion unless there is a way you can bring her out then we will do the rest

Miranda angrily dropped the call.


Gretel sat on keilas living room.

” I can’t believe this chemistry test is out again “, keila said.
” where Is Angela she promise to tutor us .
” she says she will bring someone who Is better than her .
” so I hope so .

Just then angela walked into the living room with Ryan her brother

Leila turned in shock.it was the same guy at the mall.

Keila smiled widely gelai welcome

” i brought a little guest i really forced him before he came he’s the one who is teaching me chemistry,my brother Ryan.

” hey Ryan”, keila said
” hy, its the girl from the mall.
” meet my best friend gretel
” wow Gretel hoffman its a pleasure
” the pleasure is all mine

GREtel signaled KeilA
*Sooo cute*

” which part of chemistry do you guys not understand
” you “, keila said looking at him with desire.
Gretel smiled and tapped her.
” uhmm everything
angela smiled
” that’s really lacking behind”, Ryan said

The headed for the table and Ryan brought his books but Gretel noticed KeilA was rather looking at him not the book she whispered to keila

” he’s gonna find out you are crushung if you keep staring like that
Keila smiled
Ryan thought them and hours later they were done

KeilA ran into the kitchen for cold Drinks.
She showed up with the drinks they all took their cups
Then gretel dragged gelato out.

Ryan sat with keila .
” am glad u agreed to follow gelai chemistry has been really hard for i and Gretel.
” actually KeilA I wanted to come here
” what
” gelai didn’t beg me to come I begged her to bring me so maybe I can see her cute friend .
KeilA smiled
” that’s ridiculous, how did you know I was her frnd.

” I really begged her, you know ever since the mall I never stopped thinking about you I can’t ask you out or anything because I know obviously I am below you I should be your cleaner or your gateman or even your driver I can’t possibly be your boyfriend I know it’s impossible but….

KeilA instantly kissed Ryan
Gretel smiled as she peeped from the door

” but…… what ?”, keila asked him ” but it’s not Impossible”, Ryan said .
KeilA smiled and Ryan kissed her again
” so is that a yes?
” no its an I Will think about it “,keila said
” ok I expect my anwser soon.
KeilA smiled

Minutes later they all left.


celine walked about in the maids room when philomena walked in

” good day
” I am leaving early
” ok madam
” Celine I already told Mrs hoffman so don’t look for me and inform others too
” ok madam

8pm maids room.

” thats wierd Mr hoffman didn’t ask for his tea today “, emily said
” maybe today is his day out remember day in day out”,mary said
” that’s wierd I counted the days, today is Thursday it should be in”,celine said
” you counted from Sunday Celine I think he counts from Monday”, Emily said
” that’s possible or maybe he forgot”, celine said
” lets just ignore him before we serve him on the wrong day and lose our job”, mary said

” Celine you might be right just serve him”, Abigail said
‘ ignore Abigail “, emimy said

” but he’s tea is really important right, according to the doctors prescription he shouldnt miss it so he’s sugar doesn’t over rise or over reduce”, celine said

” he always asks for it when he comes back if he didn’t ask today then today is out simple were you counting the days with him?”, mary said
” I will make it its better he rejects it and I lose my job than endangering his health “;Celine said .
” this girl is really crazy do you know how much the tea ingredients cost it can’t be wasted “, emily shouted.

” celine is right today is in just do it “, Abigail said

I can’t wait for you to get fired she said in her mind .

CElINE ran into the kitchen and started brewing the tea she missed it exactly the way philomena thought her

Omg this is so bitter, wait what if Emily is right and today is his day out I might just loose my job just like that

Just then she remembered philomenas words
If he didn’t ask for it don’t make it so you won’t waste his tea and get fired

Well am already making it let the worst happen I really think he forgot.

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