June 8, 2021

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Doctor Vs Nurse Vs Patient. Part 18

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I got home, la!d down on my bed and was

just thinking to myself….
What did I do wrong? Does my breath stink??
Do I have body odor?? Was it something I
Then suddenly, my phone rang…..
It was that married registrar from O&G….
“Hello ma”
“Hello Dr lagusta, I just got a call from the
defense headquarters that my husband died
in the war”
“Oh my God, oh no, I’m so sorry ma, oh….”
It’s okay, I have travelled down to Lagos for
the burial and other arrangements, thanks for
all your love and care”
And she hanged up…
My mood was now worse than before, I was
literally shedding tears when I heard another
knock on the door….
And it was Dr ola again….
“I’m so sorry I did that, I just thought it was a
bit sudden, and I don’t want you to take me
as one cheap Sluut”
Then she saw my face…..
“Hey, what’s wrong, was it me??”
And I explained everything to her (apart from
the Sekxual areas)

“Aaaawww, m so sorry dear”
And she pulled me to her side…..
I relaxed on her shoulder, and noticed the
scent of her perfume….
It drew me closer to her neck, and I was
sniffing like a hungry wolf….
I pulled her closer, she obliged….
And l worked my lips from her neck down to
her soft lips, and she kissed me back….
But she stopped again…..
“I’m sorry” I muttered….
“Yeah, me too” she sputtered….
And we laughed together
I kissed her again, this time with passion…
She made way for my J0yst!ck, which was
bulging like a giant sugar-cane…
But when she unzipped my jeans and
brought it out and started massaging it, I
knew she was ready for action….
So I pulled her top up and pulled her bra
down, revealing her small b0s0m but large
And I started sU-Cking on them seriously….
Then the ring tones started ringing in….
“Hmmmm, ooooh yeah, pleasesee don’t
stooooop, yyyeeeeaaaahhhh”
She made me sit down and she pulled down
her leggings and p@anties all down…..
And she barked…. “Lick it”

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