June 12, 2021

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Doctor Vs Nurse Vs Patient. Part 20

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She turned around to kiss me…
“That was the best S£x I have ever had in my
entire life”
I felt like a spartan war hero when she said
She went to clean herself and wore only her
And we both slept on the bed….
The next day, I woke up and I didn’t see her
beside me, I heard noises in the kitchen. I
saw her cooking a scintillating meal of jollof
“Wooow, what’s cooking babe…” I asked
“Breakfast dear, jollof rice with catfish sauce”
“Mmm, lovely” as I cuddled her from behind,
kissing her neck as I was playing with one
She responded quickly, as she turned around
to kiss me passionately as I slid my fingers
under her p@anties to play with her vûlvà….
But she stopped me..
“Do u want us to burn the food”
And we both laughed over it…..
We ate on the same plate and watched a
nollywood movie together…..
“Dear, do you know I’m beginning to have
this strong feelings for you??” She said
“Hmm, hope they aren’t feelings of lust” I
“Nah, I don’t think so, I believe I’m beginning
to love you”
And I remembered that other lady that
wanted to use love to hook me down….
“Eerrrr, I think you’re beginning to rush
“No, I’m sure of it, I love you”
I was just shaking my head in my mind,
wandering why the hearts of ladies are so
soft and twistable….
“Do you love me back” she asked while
looking at me…
I was speechless for sometime and my mind
was saying *nothing concern me with love
ooo, me na to slam and dunk, then use close-
up clean mouth*
“Babe, I love you the same way I love
“No, I’m not talking about that, do you love
me toghe point that you’d want to spend the
rest of your life with me”
Now I was getting bewildered….
“Sweetie it has been confirmed that you’re
beginning to rush things, please take it slow
and easy. We just met, and had some bit of
fun, we haven’t even studied each other yet,
what if we aren’t really compatible in the long
run?? So please, just take it slow….”
“Oh, yeah, I’m gonna take it slow now…..”
And I felt her fingers running under my
shorts, as she brought the merchandise out
and put it into her mouth…..

This time, she did it slowly and used her
tongue to sU-Ck it dry…..
And I was seriously enjoying it, because
before I knew what’s up, I started playing
with her Tips,….
But she kept on doing it well, like a
professional, and I was seriously feeling the
Then she stopped, removed her p@anties
herself and mentioned it again….
“Please I want u to sU-Ck me pleaseee..”
What do ladies enjoy in this sU-Cking of a
thing sef….
I obliged for the sole reason that she begged
I inspected the vûlvâ first, to see if it smells
funny or discharges some murky fluid. Once I
certified that it was clean, I made sure I licked
only the cl!toris, but my tongue was
stimulating that cl!t as she was screaming
hard and moving around on the chair…
“Ooooh, aaaahh, yyewah baby, oooh, yeah,
ooooh, oooh my God!!!!”
But I didn’t stop, because I was enjoying the
ring-back tunes she was playing on Dolby
digital 5.1….
“Oh doc, please don’t stop, baby please don’t
And I quickly removed my face before she
squirts on my head…
My prick wa very angry, charging like a bull
with madcow disease….
I made her sit, opened her legs wide and sky-
high, and b@nged her seriously hard…

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