July 26, 2021

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He and her V. Episode 69

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He and her V

Episode 69

(He took my flower)

Flashback Continues

Grace’s POV

We both relaxed to the bed and enjoyed it , we took our flowers and we were not guilty about it.

“I’ll never leave you” Tucker said to me and I blushed.

“Same here!” I replied smiling.

He drew my lips close and planted a soft k!ss on it.

Three weeks later , Tucker sent me a text that his mom is sick and needs some treatment and that his sister and he would follow their mom to California , he wrote in the letter that he did not know when he will be coming back.

I felt so sad on receiving the message , does that imply that I would not be seeing Tucker again?

My days! I loved him so much already and I so loathe long distance relationship

All we have to do is talk on phone ; that’s all. No seeing face to face ,no physical touch. There is practically no way to have intimacy ;

I hope he comes back here soon ,though or I will just tell my dad to let me go to that state to meet Tucker.

I put a call through to him and we both exchanged some deep emotional words. I told him not to worry and that his mom will be fine soon.

Three days letter , I got a text from Mira ;

“Hi Grace , I guess you are Tucker’s girlfriend. I’m sorry to announce to you that after we landed in the airport and took a car to the house we wanted to lodge in here, the car had a terrible accident ; thanks goodness mom and I wasn’t injured but it’ saddening that Tucker is but he didn’t die.

We found out three hours ago by the doctor that Is fine now. we were glad on hearing the news but our happiness soon converted converted into sadness when the doctor informed us that Tucker had loss of memory. I write to you so you would not be surprised if Tucker did not remember anything about you again forever. I suggest you try and forget about my brother too and move on with your life…
Cheers…from Mira”

I read the letter and began to sob so hard , I fell to the bed and began to cry like a baby.

“Tucker had a loss of memory!” I cried the more and days went by without me eating.

I soon get over it after few months but I promise myself that I will never make love with any man again except fate brings Tucker and I together because he was the one that took my v@-gI-nity and even if he has had any girlfriend before fate brings us together. I’ll fight by every means to get him back.

Hum, now that you know this’ my beautiful readers. Whom did you think deserve Tucker?

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